Friday, April 1, 2016

Lifetime Underachievement Award

Used to believe I might be
somebody of note someday

A dream I shared

along with the rest
of anonymous humanity

Of course
life did not work out that way

as I plunged
into the crowded pit
of maddening mediocrity

Cause the achievement light
rarely shines
on those like me
who traverse
the safe and easy path
of the chronically lazy

as we collectively sit
on our spectator asses
and gaze up longingly
at the stars blazing bright
that could have been us


  1. i don't think you are lazy! but the chronic condition may be chronic and resurface!

    1. I guess I need to stop being so self critical

  2. I don't think you're lazy either.. in fact quite active and productive - in terms of writing at least.
    Interesting piece.. I doubt anyone has handled this topic in poetry before.

    Keep on writing