Monday, September 26, 2016

Happy Anniversary

The private man am I
behind my many guises
Hugging shadows out of sight
Hyper allergic to the spotlight

The curse of the chronically shy
which of course is why
displays of public affection
never come easily

but today my heart runs free
on our glorious wedding anniversary
and I am wholly liberated to proclaim
for all who care to hear
my life upgrade that day
twenty three years ago
as we began the dance
of happily ever after
when me became forever we

I hope you will always know
how my love for you grows
even though I struggle so
to freely express
how my life would be a BIG ZERO
without you


I really really REALLY do love you

(Let's keep this between us, OK?)

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Compromising Positions

Our little war

Blasting high volume

Constant conflicts

Big things

Little things

We clash over everything

Can we agree on the reality
that what's true for you
may not always be true for me?

This truth gap
creates uncertainty

Constant anxiety

Grinding insanity

So we need to meet

Proceed as adults

and compromise
away our frictions

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Modern Realism

Ever feel overwhelmed
by the randomness of it all?

Events drifting in and out
on the currents of time
with no apparent reason or rhyme

Humanity always in react mode
collectively theorizing
in a futile attempt to make sense
of  the sporadic nature of chaos

Flying tattered kites
in a raging tornado

Never quite knowing
which way
the wind will be blowing

Destruction is the fate of man

So close your eyes

hold on tight 

and embrace your ignorance

for as long as you can

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Desperately Seeking Completion

Fireworks show tonight
down by the steamy springs

Do you want to come?

You know the way
and I can show you how

Let's take that delicious path
where we can savor the sensuous blast  

An inhibition free destination
inhabited by natives who are willing 

Sharing endings guaranteed to be happy

Take me to Completion

Be my pleasure GPS

You won't regret the trip 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Welcome To Disconnect

Our base of operations
transmitting mixed messages
on a garbled frequency
in all directions

A contradiction symphony
wrapped in static
dancing in and out
of comprehension

Huddled around 
the ancient speaker long obsolete
we quickly realize
the answers we desperately seek
will not be shared today

So we turned off 
the flawed revelation
and let out a collective sigh

Cause our grand illusion
was now blown

There would be no savior

We are all on our own

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Do Nothing Know It All

I never use to care
about the production
of disjointed thought
that flowed so easily
from my previously
clogged brain pores

The unsuspecting page
was simply there
to be filled
at this author's discretion
with zero regard
for form or substance

Though secretly envious was I
of talented writers displayed
on social media walls
who crafted language
with such soaring grace

Eventually I clumsily 
stumbled in and found my place
like a cave man amongst
cloud dwelling artists

Using blunt force technique
I found my voice
in a format formally
foreign to me 

Picking it up as I went 

Perhaps I learned too well

Cause today I suffer 
from the dreaded
analysis paralysis

Parsing words
in a sticky web 
of literary self critical

Unable to finish lines

Incomplete thoughts
litter my keyboard

The creative flow now dammed 
by boulders of process
and these damn standards
I formerly never had