Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Frozen Wheel

Sunrise on the tundra

Stray solar rays
struggle to penetrate
our frozen existence

In spite of our desire

just not happening today

There's seems no way

Winter's loosens it's grip
any time soon

but we do
know from history

Spring lies dormant
beneath the ice

waiting patiently
for it's liberation

The cycle wheel
turns for us all

Poke Him Poke Her

In the game
of you and me

I call your sincerity
and raise with intensity

Read my eyes if you can
try to figure out
my romance plan

but beware of misdirection

crafty bluffs
spun to perfection

Trust your gut

When you feel it

Push your chips all in

Just don't fall into the trap
of playing your cards
too close to the vest

If you want win
the game
of passion poker

You gotta take a chance

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Long Term Parking

Our love
is NOT
written in the stars
that paint the sky

a million light years away

Our love
is lived out
here on Earth every day
in those daily interactions
we often take for granted

These small gestures
of affection 
and kind considerations
may not blaze
super nova charged


the slow 

non glam burn 

is the eternal one 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Tough Love

Just because
I point out
when you go astray
does not mean
I love you any less

butt kissing
blind affection
is disrespectful  

Perhaps I hold you
to an unfair ideal

but I don't
want you to feel
I am taking cheap shots
like those trolls
who revel
in stomping you
when you're down

We need you to succeed 

We need you on the job

Fix what is broken

and continue
to make us proud  

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cradle To Grave

I sprung from
the comfortable oblivion
of my mother's womb

Tumbled out into
the mysterious bright light

My arrival created
quite the commotion

The first of many
on this arduous trip
I don't recall
ever signing up for

So weary
of the endless bleakness

When I die

I shall escape

my dark existence
and return

to the bright light
from whence I commenced

and have

my round trip 
ticket punched 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Never After Blues

I came here to love you
and invite you inside

my fantasy castle  

Sweep you off your feet
Sir Gallahad style

Whisk us hand in hand
into a fairy tale
romantic scenario
for the rest of our
happily ever after lives 

we always 
crash back
to accursed reality

I leave here in tears

My heart is ripped

cause it seems
you are reading
from a different script

Friday, December 26, 2014

False Prophets

To those

who insist

on bringing Jesus

into politics

to theologically

bolster their 

self righteous 

morally sanctimonious


they have to concede

the J man

was a bleeding heart

anti capitalist



of the first degree

who would be

crucified politically

all the live long day

by those

very same 

modern day Pharisees

who hide behind

the God they've kidnapped

to lob 

indignant thunderbolts

at those who dare

to redistribute wealth

through the eye of a needle

to the blessed poor in need

bleeding hearts like Christ

are so into giving handouts to

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Merry Holiday Christmas Whatever

Don't be holiday

politically offended

if I wish you

a Merry Christmas!! 

Tis quite the lovely
merry tradition

And don't backlash
my well intentioned
all inclusive

Happy Holidays !!

I simply
don't want anyone
to feel left out

For this is meant to be
a joyous time
for all humanity

regardless of your
religious flavor

In fact
it matters not
if you 
believe at all

This is meant to be
the one time of year
where we are allowed

to spread and share good cheer

without having
our motives questioned
in the way cynics so often do

Maybe our modern
holiday greetings controversy
can teach us a lesson

A tolerance gift we can all share

that doesn't come in a box

and can't be bought online

Let's take a holiday chance on 
patience and forbearance
and carry in our hearts
a year round love for each other

that is more
than a fragile phrase
we foolishly debate
like grinches
this time of year

Freedom Myth

We CAN'T do
whatever we want

None of us are as free
as we'd like to be

Though we pretend to be
masters of our restrictions

We can never
rise above the  hypocrisy
imbedded in this democracy

Checks and balances

Cause we can't be trusted

Regulate our base impulses

Control every urge

We got dancing lawyers 
making laws
other lawyers will appeal
in marble courts
now televised

No surprise

the social contract
is awash in fine print

that nobody can see

Our natural freedoms
at the alter of security

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Old Is New

In the history
of creativity
down through the centuries
we can now conclude
nothing is new anymore

All that is done today
has been done

by somebody
somewhere before

Words blurred
and eventually erased
over time
resurface in the mind
of new generations

Run through
the hype machine
as the next big thing

but if you Google
your search history
you will see
today's masterpiece
is a shiny refurbished toy
with a fresh coat of paint 

Freedom Flyers

Take a break
from our mundane existence

Look to the sky
and you will see
bouncing freely
between the clouds
the free spirited hedonist
cavorting with angels

A pleasure seeking narcissist
of the first degree

Lives for the moment

Squeezing every drop
of joy from the night

Averse to the morning after
consequences we fear

Forever immune from
that social stigma nonsense
we envious mud dwellers
throw at those who dare soar
above this gloomy world

They are
and will always be
free from the shackles
of our propriety

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Terror Carrier

Mr Hyper Phobia

Always wired into
the latest
mega terror threats

Sharing the hysteria
with unsuspecting citizens
trying to live their lives
in blissful ignorance

So much paranoia to parcel out
as the attention seeking junkie
screams about
the falling sky

Heed his desperate cry 

because being ignored
is his core terror fear

Self Confession

Burned into our young souls

Hard core
Sunday school indoctrination

Theology, dogma and ancient rules  
spun from a good Catholic education

I learned by rote
those ten commandments
written by God himself
as interpreted from
a best selling book
they made into
an epic motion picture


the pious playbook
did not penetrate
my hedonist core

cause when it
comes to these
damn commandments
that define sin
I must confess
before the 
stone throwing

I've broken them all

More than once
in a variety of ways
and sinful positions


I bear the guilt
that humanity 
has carried
through the centuries
right into chemical
psycho therapy

My bad


do I get any
heavenly credit
for all the times
I obeyed
the do the right thing rules?

Can I get an amen?

Maybe my chalice is half full?

Faith is great
if you can deal
with all the uncertainty

but this much I do know

Tis NOT easy being saintly
in the 21st Century

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Looking Glass Express

Once you shatter
the preconceived labels
that enable our
well established presumptions  
and dispose
of all the assumptions
that have always
defined our distorted reality
you open up a whole
new universe of unexplored
untried possibilities
that you would 
never have considered
if you had not liberated
your repressed imagination
in the first place 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bridge Over Us

The deep gap we created

filled with stubborn pride
and shattered dreams 

This nightmare
chasm between us

Me over here

and you over there

How do we
re unite 
on the same side?

Find an overpass solution
to save us from ourselves 

There may be
more storied spans
with sexier designs
to bridge our divide


give me a sturdy
functional structure anytime
to bring us back together
where we need to be 

Maybe then

we can 
together forever
fill in our gaps

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Connection Game

On top
of the hook up swirl
sits my fantasy girl

Reigning over her domain
the queen of the scene
sips her inhibition loosening potion  

From down below
I formulate my action plan
to connect with a dream

I move in
with suave intentions
her polite smile
and sultry eyes
throws me off my game

My presentation
is reduced to 
clumsy advances
saturated with cheap
cliched pick up lines

To save us both
further embarrassment
I execute 
a shameful retreat

Seeking solace
in Losers Corner

I regroup
with my merciless friends
who mock my
voyage to the stars

Such are the perils
of manned relationship flight

as I set my sights
on that crimson haired beauty
from another galaxy 
who looks a little lonely

Friday, December 12, 2014

Medicine Man

Adverse circumstances
forever in the air

The scene continually
tension filled

Rampaging pressure 

It comes in waves

Head now spinning

Another bad case
of life fatigue

Took a pill

or two

maybe three?

I forget myself

Skin goes electric

Close my eyes

Light show internally

Tis all about
chemical serenity
in the 21st Century

Finding the numb we seek
to flee this life
we treasure supposedly

So I consume more 
loose prescription candy
as the howling dogs
claw at my door   

Next time
I'll have to take four

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Come and Get It

When you want it
so badly 
you reek of obsession

Do what needs to be done
to advance
from point A to B 

Preparation always the key

You can't rush in haphazardly 

Take the bumps along the way

No one ever said dreams come easy

but in the end

desire will find a way
to workaround creatively
and make a reality

out of what
seems impossible today

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

After Happily Ever

"Happily ever after"

That tried and true
phony feel good closing
found only in fairy tales
and romance fiction


we continually
sign up for the dream

Chasing that
ever after phrase
the lose your mind fields
of romance ruins

"this is the one"
over past disappointments 

Savor that sliver burst
of passion possibilities
we incessantly
wax poetic about

As if our pretty words
and epic denials
can somehow transform
our ugly reality
into a beautiful swan

Love will always be
a great place to visit
a palace few
ever get
to permanently
reside in

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Case For Relations

Perhaps I could sleep with you
and you could sleep with me?

Prior to our mutual slumber
maybe we could share
some sexual thunder?

For your consideration
when we awaken from hibernation
let's jump start our day
with tender fornication    

Write a stimulating feel good story

No romance impediments required

No love strings attached
to hold passion back

Just a good time interaction
we desperately need

A respite
from this grinding
human condition

If we can somehow
lose these obsolete inhibitions
and listen to
our bodily needs

Satisfaction guaranteed

Shook Up Hook Up

Lonely boy me

weary of
virtual pornography

engaged in chat romance
with a lonely
long distant temptation
of equal desperation

After weeks
of teasing text foreplay
I set up a blind date
with my online dream

Drove through the night
down anticipation highway
to finally physically connect
like real life lovers do
in the movies

Pulled up to her lair
but Medusa's lure
was quickly dispelled
by the skulls
littered by her front door

Undeterred by warnings
of her deadly past
I entered into the dark domain
of my fantasy 
I came so far to consummate

Needless to say

the reality
of her looks so very scary
did not exactly 
match the pics
she displayed online

but everybody stretches
the boundaries of truth
in their profiles
do they not?

A cyber misdemeanor crime

at this point in time
my passion heat
was so extreme
I would have made love
to a snake coiffed
monster of mythology

Which I did repeatedly

A night I will never forget

Though I must confess

I do regret
the whole
being turned to stone ending
when I saw my dangerous love
without makeup
come harsh light of morn

Caveat emptor 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

My Circle Crew

I play favorites

Unfair as that may be

Life is all about inequity
and overcoming adversity

I play favorites

Yes I do

My little pets
get all the bias
I can dispense

No apologies forthcoming

for their place of honor
is well earned
well deserved

So silently
accept the reality
of love disparity
maybe someday
you'll be part
of my double standard too

Mortality Road

The path we ride
takes us all the way
to the conclusion

Race complete

Finish line
means the end

As in OVER

but is it really?

Is there no hope
that we can extend
and pretend
we are forever?

Of course not

The rules
written in antiquity
state clearly

out with the old
in with the new

Time for us
to exit the race
and cheer 
for those who follow
in our place

We have earned
a well deserved rest

Friday, December 5, 2014

Multi Siding

Devils and angels

Darkness and light

One can not exist
without the other

Natural counterbalance

The see saw effect

So it goes
for me and you

Who is angel?

Who be demon?

Hard to say

Both sides we play

at varying times

in our altered states
of moodiness

as we try

to teeter totter

on the elusive premise

of a well balanced 


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Paradise Reboot

On the 50th anniversary
of the post apple apocalypse

Senior citizens
Adam and Eve
took the bus
cross town
and returned to Eden
to see the tree
that was
the root cause
of their
cast out
of paradise demise

the hot dog wrappers
and discarded site maps
that littered the trail
to this popular
tourist trap
they paid
the snake in the grass
(I think it was an asp)
tour guide
the admission fee
to see what was once
a very pious tree 

After reciting
chapter and verse
from the book of Genesis
the sly reptile hissed
that the curse
could be lifted
if the original sinners
chopped down
the damn source
of their banishment

Adam picked up the chain saw
that the snake just so happened
to have in his Gucci satchel
and proceeded to rapidly  
take down and make firewood
as best he could
while Eve busily
gathered up rolling apples
to bake one 
of her heavenly pies

The moment that tree
hit the ground with a thud
the snake instigator
slithered away
laughing hysterically
about the gullibility 
of man

The sky opened up
as the Lord peered down
and screamed
"DAMN ME !!!
What the Hell
have you fools done now?"

Security angels 
were quickly dispatched
to roughly escort 
the disoriented pair
out of paradise again

The now down tree
could not be repaired

God was so disgusted
he stormed away
to devote his attention
to other 
more cooperative
parts of the galaxy

Left the site
formerly known as Paradise
to a local tribe
who bulldozed 
the whole God forsaken show
and turned it into a casino

Adam and Eve
take the bus there
once a month
with the other
gambler pilgrims
to worship
a different God

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Actions Speak Louder Than

Your fiery words

A blast furnace
of angry rhetoric

At the end of the day
when all the banners
have been put away

is nothing more
than hot air

That rebellious stare

Your best defiant glare

ain't going nowhere

unless you are prepared

to go all in

Exert maximum pressure

and fight your enemy

with the same ferocity

they will reign down on you

Monday, December 1, 2014

Imams and Born Agains

Rowdy party crowd
tossing sticks and stones
in their plexiglass homes

Shattering the foundation
their parents laid
with their guilt trip

Unrepentant hedonists
running rampant
outside the boundaries
of restrained society

Tight ass moralists respond

Unleash their
lethal frowns
and vow 
to shut 
the fun house down

From Puritan witch hunters
Taliban stone throwers

the iron defenders of the faith
get their inquisition on  

breaking the bones

that pave the way to Hell

for hyper zealots
with misguided
self righteous

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cyber Doom

The end of us all
will not come by means
of military calamity

Won't be
the nuclear winter
we once feared

It will be cyber warfare
that does us in ultimately  

Viral annihilation
of our core software 

Dowsing our 
flimsy firewalls

Wreaking havoc
on economies
tethered to tech

So easy to unravel

by a faceless enemy

in a dark basement

hacking us back
to the stone ages 

Self Absolution

All those
murky monsters

that lurk
in the dark recesses
of past sins

Those shadow dwelling
bill collectors
waiting to be paid

will all be slayed

if we can muster
the courage
to look in the mirror

and forgive ourselves