Sunday, January 12, 2020

Unicorns and Shoehorns

When the world
as it should be
collides with the domain 
of stubborn reality

A fierce battle rages
between the ideals
we cultivate
and the practicality
we perpetuate

The side you choose
says a lot
about who you are

Dreamer or realist

Optimist or pessimist

The well balanced soul
is a mixture of both

I pray for the day
I meet such an
ideal hybrid 
blessed with
the perfect blend
of art and cement 

The Difficult Choice Of Being

To be or not to be?

Hamlet agonizes
over the ultimate question
as we play along
at home with him

Waiting for the 
party gift revelation
we all hope to get
before the show ends

Of course
this famous
oft imitated query
is so open ended

Open to interpretation
by pseudo philosophers
and would be poets

For you see
to me
"To be or not to be"
is not about 
suicide contemplation

Not a life or death choice
but instead
tis how we choose
to do our daily living
in this unscripted drama existence
we barely understand

So what role do we play today?

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Daze Trip

Hi!! Ho!!

Hi!! Ho!!

Off to Sodom Town we go
to satisfy
our bodily cravings

Bring your roll of green

Pluck a flower obscene

Drop a nickel or dime

Ingest a victimless crime

Frequent the street corner
chemistry professor

Peddling pixie dust

smiles by the gram

Guaranteed flight

Pretty colors

Warm buzz

Sirens blare

Flashing lights

Hospital bound

Get repaired

Pump out the poison

A parting souvenir
from the Killer Klowns
of Sodom Town

Friday, January 3, 2020

Mules and Unicorns

These glittery rainbows
we chase perpetually

All the tarnished yellow brick roads
on our one way journey into the ground

Junkie dreamers be we...

Unable to see
the light transparency

Never quite thinking things fully through

What would we ever do
if we ever caught 
the fantasies we sought?

Dreamers dream do they not?

Though they can never
fully reside
in the real world
where harsh reality
chews up and spits out
badly mangled unicorns
and slices their colorful carcasses
into deliciously bitter steaks 
to be sold on E-Bay for 90 cents a pound

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Time Check



Decades roll on
til they pile up
and bottleneck
as the clock chimes 
yet again

Our relentless chorus

Counting us down

Always there

in the background 
to remind us
with gentle dings

Whispering warnings 

that time is fleeting

Time is forever there

Commanding us
oblivious passengers
to always make the most
of our chapters allotted...

Tick tock bitches

Friday, December 27, 2019

Motion Desensors

Did you know
our Earth spins
at 1,040 miles per hour?
(or 1,675 kilometers 
if you be metrically inclined)

I googled this fact of course
since there be 
no need to memorize
trivial shit like this
since Jedi Al Gore
invented the internet 

So we're all high speed spinners
gravitationally hanging on
for dear life on a blue ball 
we never get to view
(except in pictures)
since from birth to death
we're too close within the scene
inside this forest
to ever see the trees

Though we never feel 
our rapid rotational existence
beneath our grounded feet
(thanks gravity)
we do know it to be so
cause the search engine says so
and it's always 
sunrise somewhere
(and a contrary sunset too)
on the flip side
of the spinning planet  

That spin thing again!!!

The paradox never ends 

The illusion visual deception
that the sun on which we so rely
is crawling across our sky
when in fact it be us
who are constantly
in motion
at 1,040 mph
for you see
you and me
are perpetually
flying objects
in the dark expanse of space

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Respect Is.....

Respect is...
the common denominator
and is the golden thread
that connects
all successful relationships

Respect is...
the epoxy that binds
and seals the love we feel
that cements
our common humanity

Respect is...
an essential element
and vital component
that paves the bridge
between long standing divides

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Ode To Leverage

Life be an exercise
in applied geometry

Playing the proper angles
for the best point of entry

Fitting divergent pieces 
to make our puzzle
into a sensible outcome
to match and someday exceed
our load bearing expectations 

All the varied combinations
and creative leverage permutations
added to the positive possibilities
of our human equation
making us greater
than the sum
of our perceived limitations

Friday, December 20, 2019

Damn Holograms

We can no longer distinguish
the real from the virtual anymore

Tis all the same now...

Our very existence registered
in the new style cloud reality

Behaving as stealthy programmed
yet haunted by thoughts suppressed

Are we still alive
or just blips on a silicon chip?

Sunday, December 8, 2019

No Trick Pony

Things that once flowed smoothly
now spinning wildly

Time seems to be buffering

Moments going frozen 

Pixalating cubes dancing
in random flashes

Strobe damage imminent
as once solid shapes skew irrelevant

If only I could turn off the insanity  
for this disjointed life
that is rapidly
becoming too surreal for me

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Slot Racers

This collision course against society
I charted to feed my many anxieties
is rapidly approaching the end of the line

The impending crash should be quite the event
given the acceleration of my decent

The "I told you so" crowd will surely be pleased
as they finally get to scrape up my remains

I sure would hate to give them that validation
Playing the lead in their future forewarning stories
to unborn rebellious generations
about the folly of living life contentiously 

I guess it's time to confess my trepidation
that's been slow cooking in my brain
regarding this soon to be fatal situation

Now comes the inevitable post game regrets
All those useless could and should ofs
as if we somehow are the captains of our destinies

For you see my soon to be grieving friends
the die is cast for us the day we are born

Hard wired into quite finite time lines
Playing the roles perception rigidly defines
written in the unwavering stars

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Jungle Loop

I come before you today
to preach truth you already knew
beneath the thin veneer
of paper mache boundaries
we wrap around
our tenuous humanity
is the haunting reality
that coursing through
our pulsating veins
is the savage blood
of primitive beasts
living vicariously
through the carnage in the streets
we condemn publicly
to soothe the carnivore guilt
though deep down we know
this moral indignation show
is leaking relevancy
as our very fucked up society
continues it's inevitable descent
back to the predator dominated jungle
from whence we commenced

Monday, November 11, 2019

Compromised Positions

The raging neo cons
finally found
a useful idiot in chief
to carry out
their us against them
nationalist agenda

This reactionary blend
of bible thumping
unrelenting hateful
socially backward
foam at the mouth evangelicals
and rape the environment for max  profit
pillage and take no prisoners capitalists
have formed quite the effective
turn back the clock coalition 

This of course
has provoked a prolonged counter reaction
from the perpetually pissed off opposition
desperately grasping
at every social media driven
the King is a corrupt asshole straw
destined to fizzle out and go nowhere
cause these accusations no matter how true
just ain't ever going to move
the flush the turd needle

Now once dormant socialists
with their tired us against them
class warfare bullshit
want their shot now
to topple the arrogant beast
in the next election

Oh they all got their very ambitious
spread the wealth to the maximum voter bloc
smoke and mirrors programs
All the while requesting with great sincerity
we pay no attention to the cost wizard
spinning the cost deficit wheel behind the curtain

So how do we break ourselves free
of these two lose/lose future scenarios?

The answer my friends
is found in the not too distant past
when the extreme wings of both parties
who dominate the scene today
were relegated to corner shadows
while the adults in the room
practiced the art of compromise

Working through differences of ideology
to produce the imperfect solutions
one would expect in bastardized mutt legislation
where neither side got everything they dreamed
but there was enough respect to go around
to realize the us against them philosophy
if we are going to ever succeed
has to yield and blend to the practicality
of the power of we eventually

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Rebels On A Sharp Stick

The man who chose
not to follow protocol
will be executed today
in a most painful way
in the village square

That publicly bloody place
where we administer consequence
to any and all breakers of rules
who think their defiance
of strictly enforced norms
makes a bold statement

Truth be told
such brazen actions
only serve to reinforce
our harsh dominance
over the thoughts and souls
of a scared shitless populace
so easily controlled
through example setting
mega terror shows 

Salvation Sale

Tis just another Apocalypse Sunday
on the road to fiery Armageddon

Some pilgrims come for the redemption

Rapture seeking on their knees fools

Lapping up every morsel of false prophesies
from preachers serving up after party salvation
heaped high on the congregation's collection plate

Preaching the greatest fallacy
hard sold throughout history
that we sinners can somehow be saved
with a few clever prayers
and generous donations
to a God too busy taking down names
to participate in this hosanna con

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Mona Lisa Dreaming

Staring across the bar top wilderness
my gaze catches the sultry eyes
of sweetness personified

What are her intentions?

Her smile seems flirtatious

Or is she just being polite?

So hard to read the signals 
when hope clouds objectivity

While partying with her crew
she throws a quick glance in my direction

Or was she checking the TV?
Seeing right through me

Imagination now takes over

Visualizing us together

Is the same fantasy playing
inside her angelic head?

The song list plays on

Lyrics nobody hears

Deep into the longing night
the stars sink into the horizon

The dream I will never get to know
puts on her coat and leaves

Casting me a wistful smile on her way out

One last bouquet for the us that could have been

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Distant Replay

So here I lay at three A.M.

Deep in the dark with my thoughts

Replaying a pivotal scene from my life

How it got in my head
I do not know

Taking me back to 1984,

The break up scene with my first love

Oh how I wish I could go back
and redo that pivotal moment

Let my heart have it's say

Express the truth I know today
tempered by the ensuing years

We don’t realize at the time
those fork in the road events
that shape who we become

Taking us to the place we are

Deep in the dark with our regrets

Muttering to ourselves at three A.M.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Faithfully Connected

I hear a booming voice way above me
from a source that is a mystery

Is it God or a chemical hallucination?

Hard to tell based on my current situation

Eternally tapped into this group chat force

Transmitting on a global frequency somewhere

Praying to a concept that may no longer be there
and yet faith is an up link required by man

Believing deeply in a connection we don’t fully understand

Deep Dementia

Disturbing social media generated
disinformation revelations
about Deep State infiltration
into the heart of government
may in itself be a deflection
from the insidious penetrations
of the real string pulling demons
rattling around inside my head
as I become a victim
of creeping paranoid infestations

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Calamity At The Distillery

The bloody murder weapon
found at the scene
of the Jim Beam homicide
had the gold initials JW applied

This led detectives to suspect 
the victim's arch rival
a Mr J Walker
to be the perpetrator of the crime

Forensics was able to match
the crimson stained evidence
with prints
from a fancy walking stick
owned by the dapper suspect

DNA fragments of glass
found in the suspect's ass
matched those at the scene
which indicated a desperate struggle
between Mr Walker
and the late Mr Beam

Alcohol of course
played a major factor
in this tragic fatal dispute