Monday, June 30, 2014

Retread Dump

We classify them as bums
Because they have no jobs

We call them vagrants
Because they have no homes

We label them drains on society
Because they fell through the safety net

We scapegoat them in our politics
Because they have no means to answer back

We wonder how they got this way
Because there are more of them every day

We see right through their existence
Because they make us uneasy

We know deep down they could be us
Because we are all disposable

Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Hole Truth

Like a joke
seeking a punch line

The truth
which eludes 

Lies buried
in the grave reality
of our lurking mortality

The legacy of us all
carried on
by those we  
leave behind

Those who try to deny
our finite time line
are in for a shock
when the bell finally
tolls for them


Friday, June 27, 2014

The Age of Click

Pounding the keys again


Letting life's frustrations
fly off my fingertips
onto the serene screen

Tonight my thoughts
exceed the speed
of my compromised connection

The horror of being frozen out

Locked up by heartless tech

Words now bottle necking
inside my clogged hour glass

Oh to have a paper and pen!

but stolen office supplies
long ago
were all utilized
and never replenished

No need for such relics

Or so I thought
when I purchased
this pricey device

I shake rattle and roll
my accursed hardware

Bad idea

Skull and crossbones appear
on my solid blue screen

Fatal error 

This is the final

The red power eye
grows dim

Signaling the end
of our relationship

All my brain wave residue
I had deposited 
on a chip
the size of a gnat
now terminally dead

Gone to that place
in the clouds
where data angels reside 

Time to start over again

as I scour my existence
for parchment and quill pen

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Micro Us

Instant Man

Speed warrior extraordinaire

Can't waste precious time

baking bread in the oven

Microwaves it instead

Needs that instant gratification

Time is money

Time is fleeting

Push a button

Flip the screen

Beep!! Beep !! Beep !!
Multi Task

Get it done

half ass

but on TIME

Living on the run

Time is the enemy

Tick Tock efficiency

Manage the clock

Instant Man nukes his bread

Tis what he does

Tis what we do

30 seconds all it takes

Dough blows up in his face

Scrape it off

Clean it up

Keep moving

Beat the clock

Tick Tock

Monday, June 23, 2014

Thought Police

Wardrobe malfunction!!!
we just got flashed a nip(gasp!) 

Flat screens are steaming!!

Dirty little boys

wet dreaming!!

Did that hairy degenerate
just drop an F Bomb?

Bleep his murky mouth!!

Seven second delay

his gosh darn profanity !!!

Of course blood and gore

always gets a free to see pass

This is America after all
(The right to bear artillery)

It's that taboo bare body zone

exposure that makes us gasp

Slapping fig leaves

over offensive body parts

Censorship too is an art 

Gotta protect

innocent kiddies
from seductive
livacious video vice

We need to

bubble wrap them
all 1950's
black and white antiseptic

Enter the Thought Police

Our moral wall of shame

Swatting down themes

they deem obscene

Cultural guardians

Easily offended

Playing gotcha games

like good little vigilantes do

Wouldn't it be lovely
if just for once
their moral indignation
could be aimed
at the true obscenity
of social injustice?


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Gravity Boots

I gravitate to you

Like a lonely satellite
drawn to your
celestial body

My constant
source of attraction

Major magnetic distraction

Round and round we fly

Orbits degrade

diminishing themselves

The tug of time
grinding away

Our relationship

destined to crash

Cosmic collisions

Star dust demolition

Gravity triumphs


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Drought Buster


I’m so full of crap      
Spewing the latest nonsense…  
Self indulgent noise

Pontificating profoundly

Hollow words flow freely

This is what happens

when the well runs dry

and the soul is parched

Dreams turn to dust 

Creativity gone dry

The only way to get refreshed

is to dig a little deeper

and let the words flow

Riding the Tornado

Early morning slumber 
shattered by siren's blare
Warning song false alarm
played out so often
we no longer cared

Rain drops dancing
on the window pane
can be so soothing

Winds pick up

Thunder rolls in
on the back of a locomotive
without tracks

Our complacency is shattered
by the whirlwinds sneak attack

All that we've known
Everything we owned
now belongs to the
cyclone blender

Panic and fear
does deposit
extreme perspective
when survival priority
blows in

We somehow survived
and made it out alive

Shock always dissipates

Pick up the pieces

Rebuild our house of glass

Embrace the generosity
of charitable humanity  

Count your blessings
while praying for those trapped
inside the eye of the storm

That they too find their way out

Friday, June 20, 2014

Predator Class

All the monkeys in the trees
a whoopin and a hollerin

Another wild night in the jungle
as a pack of predators stroll in 

Wearing the scent of dread 
beneath the moon drenched shadows

No place for the faint of heart
or the weak of intellect

They will not survive the night
as the herd gets thinned out

Nature’s way of downsizing

The jungle population 

The screams of the victims
grows faint
as victory howls
serenade the living

A taunting dirge
to disrespect the
dead one last time 

as well as a reminder

to future prey

they too 
will be devoured
one day 


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pawn Power

In our dusty
dark box

we pawns gather

and plot to overthrow

the King and his
court of
well heeled fools

We shall organize

Leverage our
strength in numbers

Become an
overwhelming horde

Move en masse 

Push our smug
oppressors off the board

We will change the rules

Make our world more just

Cause in the end

There is no game
without us

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ship Wreck

The good ship lollipop
taking on water

Slowly descending
into oblivion deep

Not enough lifeboats
Too many people

Soon to be victims
They can’t all be saved

Who are the winners we  keep?
Who are the losers destined to die?

Luck always on the side
of the Chosen Ones

Tis a rigged game
for those on the bottom
of the deck

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Voice Over Easy

You know me

I'm that voice
in your head that
gets you to do

what you know

you should not do

I am rationalization
I am temptation
I am Satan

You know me

I'm that feeling
in your heart that
tugs at your soul

that nagging doubt

when you do the mischief

you should not do

I am your conscience
your forgotten morality
I am God

The one flaw in my design

(at least the angels say so)

is the free choice
I installed in man eons ago

I beg to differ

My faith in my 
product remains steadfast

as do my expectations

Feet of Glass

Reflections of my life:

Scattered pieces
of my shattered looking glass

Slivers of happiness
shiny and bright

Sparkling back the light
like stars in the night

Amidst my joyous scene

I notice my feet are bloody

From the shards of misery

I always seem to step in

Happiness and misery

Anchoring teeter totter ends  

Everything else in between

is sheer monotony

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sandman Dancing

Power down the day

the old fashion way

Unplug weary brain

Let the conscious drain
Find the best dream

Snuggle under the covers

Head on pillow

Close eyes

Seek out sleep

Flush away the day

No need to replay
could have
should have beens 

Give the body
what the body needs

Put your mind at ease

Every thing 
is going to be OK

You are alive

The envy

of ghosts everywhere

Tomorrow awaken


Friday, June 13, 2014

Cry and Seek

The man with the hole in his heart
searches the faces in the crowd

For a love left behind
cause they were too young

Vainly seeks to reconnect
with a life that could have been

Clicks on an inviting link,

Scans the social network

So many identities out there,
but not the one he desires

The ghost enhanced by memory

Lost in the murky haze of time  

Forever eluding his search engine

The romance scavenger

Can’t disconnect from the past

So hard to turn off 
yesterday gone

When will he realize

That it’s time to move on?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Eyes of the Sun

Some lights

burn so bright

they glow way beyond

what mortal man

can absorb

Some beauty

is so pure

and transcending

it's more than

mortal man can comprehend

I am of this Earth

I am a mortal man

blinded  by the brilliance

of your supernova

I flew too close 

and became

a casualty of gravity

Tried in vain 

to contain the flame

that would eventually

consume me

A blazing comet that

can never be restrained

You flew

in and out of my life

at light speed

Leaving me alone

with my dark regrets

Momma always said 

never look into the

eyes of the sun

So on top of all my

char broiled pain

I just know

Momma is gonna to hit me with

" I TOLD YOU SO!!!!" 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wet Grease Paint

When faced with life situations        
How do I choose to play the scene? 

Which version of me do I put forth?
Do I play the clown or drama queen?

I could play the ignorant fool,          
Deposit my head deep in the sand

Or jump into the lead role
Become the main attraction

Lose myself in my self production
Block out all the back stage distractions

The role choices we make
Don’t always turn out as planned

Sometimes the part is too big
The spot light burns deadly hot

The critics attack with predatory glee
Cowards who never gave the stage a shot

Forever critiquing from the security
that distance and darkness affords

They'll never understand
that the play is it's own reward

As we forever improvise
Make the necessary corrections     
Ad lib our way through every day
Performing without direction  

Monday, June 9, 2014

Inside Ground Zero

I rode the subway that Tuesday morn
along with legions of commuter warriors

Dressed in my finest business threads
to dazzle and impress my future employer

Nervously lobby lounging

Reading the Journal

Awaiting my turn to impress

A sonic boom shattered the serene

From below
billows of black smoke drifted up
along with the pungent scent of gasoline

Amidst the turmoil of our surreal chaos
precious bits of news sifted through

A plane had crashed into the North Tower
giving us a front row seat of the tragedy

Moments later
our tower was blasted

Now we were all
on the front lines
of the terror war

The rest is a blur

Heat, smoke, and screams

Fear, confusion, chaotic scene   

I would have called home
if only I had known
that we soon to be ghosts
on the 101st floor
never had a chance

Many say

September 11, 2011

was America's longest day

but my day,

my life

ended at 9:59 A.M

when our mighty structure

came tumbling down




Sunday, June 8, 2014

Zombie Homily

Sultry lady brings the black
with a power that attracts 

She's my favorite beast
A wild child of the streets

Sleeps by day
come night she plays

Under the street lamp glow

She's a vampire you know 

Gave me the hickey from Hell
Zombie me now under her spell

Part of her walking dead stable
I'd escape her power if I was able

but alas it's too late for me
I am cursed for all eternity

So heed my warning if you may
if you see her shadow run away! 

Displaced Dude

Sour old man 

Wrapped in the old ways

Choking on the turmoil

of 21st Century today

Too much change

Assumptions gone strange

Sour old man

like a ship hopelessly bobbing

in a raging sea

for the safe port
of yesterday

Where he can 
drop anchor

and get back

to the stability

of secure simplicity