Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Freedom Trail

I wanna exist in a world
where words
flow unimpeded

An open zone
where we are
free to say
whatever we please

from the tyranny
of moral hypocrisy

from the shackles
of consequence

A non judgemental
mutually respectful
unimpeded society 

Imagine the open
communications exchange
if we did not take
every perceived slight
so personally?

If complete
and unrestrained honesty
was the rule
rather than exception?

These pliable rules
of open comunication
we need only embrace

Then we all could
live our lives

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Knock Knock

When the call goes forth
to crack some skulls
in that ancient guise
of national security

be damn well sure
you see through
their propaganda lies

cause history
over and over again
has shown 
this much to be true

today when you look away
and deny
what your eyes have seen
in the hope
the storm will blow by

but come tomorrow

deep down you know

your door will  be
blown down
by the big bad wolf
and his homeland security crew

who eventually 

will come

knock knock
for you

Swiss Appease

Mr Neutrality

forever a fence straddling

force of median conciliation  

always strives
to stay above the fray

til war breaks out
and the crossfire
coming from all sides

drives him to his
cozy waffle underground

where he will reside

until the day
it's safe to arise
and hop 
back on the fence again

Saturday, March 28, 2015

More Divorce

I sit paralyzed
on the edge of the bed
while she slowly packs away
a lifetime of memories
blankly staring
with tearful eyes
at our dissolution

This is
our forever goodbye

The final chapter
of this surreal tragedy
our love could not forestall

after opportunity lost
at the bridge
I could not cross

My damn pride
sabotaged it all

Past the point of no return

I peer out the window

She closes the trunk

then backs out of the driveway

glancing up

one last time 

Our eyes meet

as I whisper

a final futile

"I'm sorry"

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Truth or Ignorance

Too many glitches 
when strung
will be
carefully analyzed
and only then
be classified
as a breakdown trend
on the defect grid 
that only ends
when we choose
to either fix the issue core
or learn to ignore
and work around
the nebulous truth
that was always
questionable anyway

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Chain Soup

Minimalist man

doing the best he can

considering he is so in demand

though only a few know

he wants out of the freak show

so he can cut back

and downsize his life

but for now

he feels compelled to comply

and maintain

all the required lies

star performers

must shine by

Restrained Bedfellows

Of course you realize
this alliance of convenience
we share against our common enemy becomes null and void once they are destroyed

Then we can commence

to stop this pretend friendship

and start hating each other again

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Case For Us

I see

what I want to see

and I see


with me tonight

I feel

what I need to feel

and I feel

our potential

frictional electricity

I crave

what I crave to desire

and I crave the core

of your passion fire

Now that I have laid

the foundation of my case

How do I persuade you

to make

my fantasy

our reality?

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Shape Up

Life be 

an exercise
in geometry

Playing the proper angles
for the best point of entry

Fitting divergent pieces 
to make our puzzle
a sensible outcome
to match
and someday exceed
our expectations 

All the varied combinations
and creative permutations
added to the positive possibilities
of our human equation
make us greater
than the sum
of our perceived limitations 

Behind the Curtain

Scruffy old dude
with long hair
and flowing white beard
sits alone
on a heavenly gold throne

His name is God

as depicted 
in all the popular art pictures

I often ponder
how it feels
carrying the burdens
of the whole Universe
on his omnipotent shoulders 

Did he comprehend
when he signed up
for this high profile gig
that it was for eternity
without end?

Probably so

cause you know
he is
Mr Smarty Pants
after all 

G is one Hell of a guy

and you know why?

cause while he may be
the holiest of holies

worshiped under multiple names

but in the end all the same

in his lonely heavenly existence

under the great weight of responsibility  

it comes with the territory

being the warden prisoner

inside a stained glass prison

Saturday, March 21, 2015


The thundering herd
rolling hard 
down the ancient boulevard
much to the dismay
of the law and order crowd 
who grumble continually
about the decline of decency
in the 20th Century

What they fail to see
through their rigidity 
is that the lines
they venerate
have gone blurred 
by the wear and tear
of time

Now the hard core dinosaurs
are in an uproar
over the anarchy party
now roaming free and unfettered
trampling the stately gardens
and private property
they've always despised

A committee of the concerned is formed
to reverse the decline
of this previously tidy civilization

They hand the keys of their society
over to a no nonsense hard core man
who immediately declares martial law
as all those deemed undesirable
are rounded up and made to disappear  

Those who got what they wished for
all cheer the new get tough regime

Life again is simple and serene
so long as you don't stray
outside the barbed wire lines
and dare question the machine

Riding the Median

I am nothing special

Neither are you

Hard to admit

and certainly not cool
but it's true

even though
we like to inflate
the worth 
of everyone
in our circle

the cold reality 
can not be
empirically denied  

no matter
how we measure it

on the spectrum
of life's scattergram

we all huddle together
middle of the bell

Not a crime
to be statistically ordinary

or a confession
of  common mediocrity

Take solace 
in that you are not alone

For we are the 
average majority

Just chilling
in the middle
of the curve

Friday, March 20, 2015

Pry Net

When we built the machine
out of rubber bands
and impractical dreams

so pleased were we 
with our implausible creation
we donated it
to the central government

Who of course
insisted we be paid
a nominal fee
for advancing the cause
of modern humanity

At the great unveiling ceremony
the Minister of Conformity
gave a stirring invocation 

A new age
of peace was declared

The public would benefit
from security derived

Courtesy of 
the cloud extracting device

Your life information

personal and formerly private

would now be shared 

with the Ministry
of Homeland Homogeny 

Little did we realize at the time
amidst the patriotic pageantry 

that the seeds of our nightmare
planted in this swamp of panic

would forever 
change the landscape

Today the light of freedom

we long took for granted
grows dimmer by the day

til we take back
our individual identities

and find the courage

to unplug the machine

we created

Thursday, March 19, 2015

BIG DATA holes

in the 21st Century

when in search of meaning

we scroll and click

through the web vast

to get facts
from a database
of great expanse

scanning through
raw information
that lacks the nuance
of fine poetry

We know more
than we ever did


understand less

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Yesterday Man

I am

A latent sentimentalist

A closet traditionalist

My once rapier
cutting edge
has been dulled
by time

Tis the natural
erosion of age
to fall into
the tranquil pool
of reflection
over all things nostalgic

To dwell in the past
instead of residing
in these sad
middle age daze
where dreams
get buried
by the crushing weight
of adult reality

So here I am 

Awash in memories
thumbing through
a dusty scrapbook

All alone
late at night
as the clock
chimes impassively

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Holes In The TARP

These chronic sinners

Those habitual


moral criminals

we do so want to redeem
with the gift of forgiveness

will take advantage
of our tolerance

and trample
our generous
second chances

if we attach no strings
to our bailout package

corruption will be recycled

as the brakeless drivers
take us back
over the cliff
and into 
the abyss

Soul Sucking Succubus

Backroom passion action
at the monthly
voodoo party

the erotic succubus
skillfully licks the venom
off my
poison tipped arrow

She spits
the essence of me
back in my face

and sneers

"Is that all you got?"

I take her deliciously crafted
not too shoddy body
in my arms
and propose
she marry me

My toxic love
titters and purrs

quite demurely
for an ancient demon
then proceeds to kiss me
ever so tenderly
on the cheek
as down payment foreplay
to the foreclosure
of my soul

Is this pleasure investment
worth the eternal price ?

HELL YES !!!   

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Jungle Juice

the jungle is alive

Can you feel
the impulse
of surging electricity? 

Radiating primal energy
into the steamy atmosphere

A pulsating life force
emanating from the
heart of darkness

The drum beat
of our deepest fears
ringing in our ears

We want to flee

but we can't

for we need

to face down the beasts

that reside

deep inside

the terror jungle
our souls 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Revival Rap

Her heart
is a touch screen

all smudged and smeared

Stains of the past
block our connection

Yesterday interferes

Memory offers no protection

All that she endured 
needs to be wiped clean

Total reboot required

Love can bring her back
if she is still receptive

and we are willing
to fight our way through
the fear of rejection
when the ghost comes to

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Crash Cycle

What a frickin
unmitigated disaster

Admitting defeat
is the first step
to redemption

So let's blow this thing up

Obliterate our mistake

Then pick up the pieces
scattered about



Return to former glory

Get self satisfied

Choke on monotony

Tinker away


and then

blow it up again

Better Get It

I don't get it...

These four little words
of painful deprivation

be they

wanting of knowledge

a sexual draught

or a spiritual void

NOT getting 
what we desperately need

is a source of frustration
spread across
the human condition

if our core desires
can not be fulfilled

The lack of stimulation

leads to troubling situations

as we fall into 
the waiting arms of vice
to ease our pain
and make us feel complete

even if just for a little while

though deep down we know

this lame temporary fix

will topple quick

Leaving us wanting again

Sunday Fools

of the shady charlton
who declares
to the human congregation
their words are approved by God

Their revenue generating prayers
reap heavenly dividends
when the collection plate
comes around

People are so easily deceived

cause they do so want to believe  

in a little divine intervention

on their desperate behalf

but their prayers go nowhere

for the Lord
is a silent partner these days

forever staying
above the fray

How do I know?

God told me so

in a burning text message

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sand Paper Pie

Let's both agree
to take a break
from our nasty
insidious mind games

At the very least
for goodness sake
let's come up
with a few new ones
to pass the time

We can always 
reboot our friction
if we don't
get our antagonism right  

Into the Maelstrom

Caught in the riptide
our passion created

Pulling me away
from my commitments

I struggle to escape
these currents strong

but it's all a show
for the people
on the beach

cause while I know
terra firma 
is where I belong 

my heart
will carry me on
into your waiting arms

and all that I once had
will be gone

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow White v. United States

In the case
of Miss Snow White
v. United States 
the defendant
is currently
under IRS scrutiny
for not withholding
Social Security tax
from her alleged
off the books
to her dwarf employees

Her defense claims
Miss White should be
absolved of legal blame
citing precedent
in the recent settlement
between the government
and Mr W Wonka
where his U.S. oompa loompa
work force were deemed to be
fictitious slave labor property
and therefore not subject
to 21st century tax laws 

Current employers
of elves and minions
share a similar legal opinion
and are monitoring
this case very closely

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Difficult Choice of Being

To be or not to be?

Hamlet agonizes
over the ultimate question

as we play along
at home with him

waiting for the 
party gift revelation
we all hope to get
before the show ends

Of course

this famous

oft imitated query 

is so open ended

Open to interpretation
by pseudo philosophers
and would be poets

For you see

to me

to be or not to be

is not about 
suicide contemplation

Not a life or death choice

but instead
tis how we choose

to do our living

in this drama existence
we barely understand

Flushily Ever After

Goldfish man
swimming alone 
in his fishbowl

Perfectly content

with a structured
glass wall existence

Confinement suits him

The simple life

with stress inducing

If well meaning you
liberates him
from his bowl universe
he will die

as you grieve

and wonder why

your prisoner pet
could not survive freedom

Monday, March 2, 2015

Weak Flesh Me

After my latest binge
I awaken in a strange place

No recollection
of the decadent trip
the night before

or the curvy lump
of a body
laying next to me

My mystery partner
in sinful debauchery
looks so angelic laying there

She opens sultry eyes
and licks her wanting lips

As I finally realize

now is not the time
to overanalyze

or self moralize 
about the shallowness
of one night stands

I put aside
my guilty contemplations

and slide over

to the hot side of the bed

for the morning after
passion session

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Can Do

Naysayers of little faith
dominate the landscape

Lurking behind
the ruins of their dreams

Shooting holes
in your creations
like entrenched snipers
with destructive critiques
aimed directly
at your creative heart

They seek
to rip your dreams apart
and drag you down
deep into the bowels
of their mediocre frustrations 
if you start believing
their negative inCANTations

Use self confidence
as a deflecting shield
and throw your success
in their astonished faces

Only YOU
can make your future 

Microscope Phobia

All around us

a bustling Universe

invisible to the naked eye

Atoms and microbes
dancing under our noses

Imagine how freaked
we'd be
if we could see
all the mini populations?

Too much visual stimulation
for our own good
would paralyze 
the germaphobes
we would all become