Sunday, April 27, 2014

Currents of Currency

Currents of Currency

Gray skies
wrapped around
Factory City

Weeds breed unrestrained

blasting through
the cracks of time 

Beauty long ago drained
from our forgotten garden

Strategically abandoned

when the money migrated
to more cost efficient climes 

Generations of worker bees
collateral damage fall out

Down trodden victims

of the economic draught

Blue collar refugees
from the outsourcing calamity
of the late 20th Century

Today the modern scourge 
of the white collar class

as the money flows
to the sweat shop
cyber linked jobs
of the third world

The leveling effect
of capitalistic greed

Where the haves 
are rapidly becoming 
the have nots

while the bottom rung masses
finally move up
and get their shot

The total global
redistribution of income

Not the class revolution
Marx envisioned

but the financial evolution
of capital history

One group's untimely demise
is another's prosperity

So these nasty weeds
we are currently choking on

on the flip side

are blossoming flowers 
in lands formerly barren 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Implosion Us

Implosion Us

After we drove our enemy
into the sea

After all the pilfering 
and plundering

Our victory was complete
as we peed on the
ashes of their leveled cities 

Generations of strife
fueled by hate

Spent on a war
we never dreamt would end

Now was the time
to make the peace

but no one knew how

it had been so long

If we turned off the war machine
what would become of our economy?

What would our warriors do
without jobs and a cause to die for?

So our glorious military
took control of our diplomacy

Politicians who objected were shot
Internal dissent was crushed

War was declared
on all enemies of the state 

be they real or imagined

Those we deemed impure
were made to disappear

Our new culture of fear
had redirected the war inward

Against an enemy
that use to be part of us



Heart Labor

Heart Labor

In the space between
passion's inferno
and comfortable familiarity

I lost her

Or at least misplaced 

my life mate

Absence happens

Love is never
a constant stream

It has it's
ebbs and flow

Love even runs dry at times

but you know
it's ALWAYS there

Probably? Maybe? 

In theory??

Somewhere beneath
layers of neglect

Time dilutes us all

causing lovers to forget

what brought them together

and the effort required

to maintain theoretical

forever love

Ride the Relations Ship

Ride the Relations Ship

In the course
of human interactions
nerves will be frayed

Conflict rips 
at the fabric of civility

We fire off bombs
that should not be launched

Pride trips us up

Harsh words locked in

No chance of retraction

So how to minimize the friction?

Begin by accepting our differences

Respect the contrary position

and try a little tolerance

Dealing From The Bottom

Dealing From The Bottom

I meet the anti Christ
in a dream state

or maybe
tis just a premonition

So hard to tell these days


the devil in my head
asks me if I wanted
to play for his team

since I have quite
the impressive sin resume 

his words 
not mine

I take no pride in my debauchery

Terms of the infernal contract
are laid out

My eternal soul
for a case of beer

Back and forth we negotiate

I propose a bag of corn chips
(cause they go heavenly with brew)

Louie reminds me of my
low salt diet restrictions
and counters with
a personalized brass mug

Now I've always struggled
with temptation

I am the master of the
absolution rationalization

but this time I decline
the deal of a lifetime

Going to hold out
for the angels
of my better nature
to make me
a counter offer

and bargain for my salvation

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tragic Magic

Down we tumble

through the
false bottom
trap door
we forgot
was there  

Thought we were
a magic show

until we realized

that the illusions 

we relied on

were easily exposed
to those 
paying attention

Our hidden wires

we believed concealed
were revealed
for all to see

Then the mirror shattered

and while we were
picking up the pieces

that damn rabbit ran off
with our hat!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Redemption Sale

Redemption Sale

After my inevitable fall

On impact

I was broken
splattered by it all

A shattered shell

of former glory
now scattered
across mass media

Search parties
earning time and a half
scoured my impact crater
for answers to questions
no one was asking

Experts on me

who I had never met
proclaimed definitively
that I was a mess

Theologians clad in somber black
decried my lack of morality

My story saturated
two and a half
news cycles

til a former child star
crashed her sports car
while giving a hand job
to a respected Senator   

effectively turning
off my spot light

Happily back
in anonymity

I picked up as
many pieces of me
as I could find

Did my best


purely from memory

After a week in rehab

with that former child star

I am now reborn

totally semi rehabilitated 

Wrote a best selling book

Doing a tell all

gut spilling tour

and all the while I wonder

why I did not think of redemption before

Scwewy Wabbit

Towering over the fake Easter grass
Mega bunny dominates the basket

Like a solid chocolate beacon
the center piece of the future feast

Sunday morning finally arrives
Time to devour my sweet fantasy

Been waiting to sink my teeth into this…
Hey!! This bogus rabbit is hollow!!!!

So much for the perfect obsession
Just another empty disappointment

Thank goodness for jelly beans
Who are always what they seem to be

Freeze Dried Compulsions

Freeze Dried Compulsions

You see

I got these

latent urges

that compel me

to go against

my better judgement

and the rules
of decent society

Self control issues

I have had since
grade school

Back then

they did not control
us distracted brat brains
with zombie medications

We got detention

well intentioned counseling

but truth be told
my act got old

and I eventually conformed

Did what I had to do
to get through 

The classifiers
of my timeline
say that I matured

Into a role player on the team 

A grown up figurine

Externally acceptable

Internally combustible

Always fighting

to keep

my inner brat 



Saturday, April 19, 2014

Chain Gang

Chain Gang

Step inside

our little contradiction

Wrap you arms around

the paradox of us all

A core inconsistency

of our flawed humanity

We yearn to be free

showcase our individuality

and yet

we're born to conform

First we get assigned to a family

wrapped inside a community

Play dates

Class mates

Social commitments 

Chained to a tribe

Slipped into our slots

Work... family... friends...

Juggle many roles

Somewhere along the way

Our true identity gets suppressed

The years get compressed

Only in death

do we achieve

the freedom

denied by life

Shadow Girl

Shadow Girl

She is my

unattainable angel

Shrouded in mystery

All I know of her

is a silhouette I see

when the sunlight
shares her form with me

Every curve is magnified

A celebration in my eyes

My imagination

vividly colors her whole
between the lines
where I envision us together

Filling in the blanks

straining to escape

the picture frame

that is our prison

Friday, April 18, 2014

Out Of The Net

Out Of The Net

Here in my bunker

Where I revel
in splendid isolation

Just me and my
intellectual snobbery

The smart kid in class

Alone in the library
pretending to be
above friendship

Today I have so perfected
my lonely rationalizations

Reinforced hard isolation
logic based insulation

My cover sustained
behind my flat screen

social media
word masturbation

Yet all it took

was an unforeseen
unexpected infatuation

To blast open 
my controlled
anti social world

and smoke
me out of my
comfortable hole 

into the honky tonk
carnival of real life
human interaction

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Brain Scrubbing

Brain Scrubbing

Here at the Sunshine Asylum

we guests of the state

here to get our heads
adjusted straight

Chug our brain
altering medication

Stand up straight

March in tight formation

Back into a
dieing society

After our incarceration

political misfits we

in the round mindhouse

for some booster
re indoctrination

A little more

torture therapy

so we don't regress

and revert back
to humanity

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Off Ramp Sign

Off Ramp Sign

At the end of my run

when all is said and done

and the time comes

to close my show absurd

My perfect epitaph
for grave spectators

would be a solitary word:


Monday, April 14, 2014

Pitter Splatter

Pitter Splatter

There goes
my heart again

rolling down
the steps
and into the street

Another bloody tragedy
littering the city

I wander 
the boulevard
of lost souls

beneath the
broken street lamps

Plunge into the excess
of useless regret

Anything to forget

her existence

Damage control

always requires time

These wounds will heal

the blood will congeal 

Only then

can I proceed

to my next demolition

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pass It On

Pass It On


I just heard

a rumor...

A scrap of 

cyber information

based on reliable speculation

from a faceless somebody

who knows someone

with a passing relationship

to an inner circle person 

who just leaked out 

that something shocking

is going to happen

someday soon

to the surprise

of the ignorant masses


now you know

inside information

that only precious few

are privy to


Keep this

on the down low

Don't tell anyone !!

Unless they promise

to keep it a secret

like I did

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Closing Time

Closing Time


before I die

whenever that may be 

I'm going find the time

to recollect

and inventory

all the people

in my life

who have been good to me

I need to thank them

for their generosity

and invite them 

to my wake 

Good seats guaranteed


we want to leave

to a full house


Friday, April 11, 2014

Pick Up Quick

Pick Up Quick

When all seems lost

and hope

is nowhere to be found

Dig deep

Excavate the despair

Find your inner reserve

buried beneath layers

of life's little failures

Poke a hole in adversity

Flush away negativity

until all that remains

is victory

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cherry Soup

Cherry Soup

Virgin vixen

Tense and edgy
prisoner of her

conflicted morality

Two thousand years
of Christian theology
smothering her
with pious guilt

Her natural curiosity
about her sexuality
starting to bloom

Little girl yields the floor

Young woman is born

Into the world of temptation

Party situation

Alcohol provides cover

Age old rationalization

Awkward tangle
in a strange bed
with a hungry boy from
biology class

Nothing like the
tender romance
fables of yore

A quick and
painful entry   
through the door
of sexual penetration

She pulls up
her jeans
and exits
her love making

a virgin vixen
no more

Now a woman

forever transformed