Friday, January 31, 2014

Belief Structure

Belief Structure

Bewildered agnostic

riddled with doubt

about faith and God

Heaven and Hell

that concept 

so hard to believe 

cause it don't fit
under a microscope

just no way to quantify theology

and yet

the bewildered agnostic

has this hole that

needs to be filled

A spiritual song to raise the soul

A feel good harmony

between Heaven and Earth

The bewildered agnostic

searching for truth

reads thick books

on theology and philosophy

Concludes that faith

derives from the heart

not the head

Super Americanized

Super Americanized

Super Sunday in America
Our unique national holiday

Chips and dip and good cheer
We do so love our games

Everybody playing the boxes
Trying to profit from the score

Stretching the bounds of legality,
A little selective morality

Gambling one of those petty crimes
We often choose to ignore

Cutting corners when it suits our needs
Crossing over the self drawn lines

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Currently You and Me

Currently You and Me 


the currents of the the day

takes us to streams

we never imagined

we would ever be


we wash ashore

and are unsure

if we'll ever get back

This is why

the best course

is to go with the flow 

Cause we're all

going to end up

in the same place



She Genius

She Genius

Black leather vixen
blonde hair temptress

slithers into the room 
all shiny and smooth

Every dangerous curve

every sensuous crevice


People look at her
and assume

she's dull of wit


she's got it going

where it counts

she's got the key


in men

She smiles

they come running

Shes asks

they keep giving

Supply and demand

compounded daily

in her bank account

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pawn Takes Queen

Pawn Takes Queen

In glass palace serene

lives the Porcelain Queen

reflecting on her
faded royalty

The splendor
of what was

packed away
in forgotten yesterdays

Cobweb clouds
descend from 
gray skies

on the Porcelain Queen


alone with her regrets

as the sun sets

on her shattered
empty empire

Monday, January 27, 2014

Beauty Full

Beauty Full

Elusive butterfly

doing the flutter dance

on the perimeter
of her desire

Let's see if 
I can
tempt her
with my sweet nectar



I should leave her be

and let beauty fly free

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Heading For Armageddon

Heading For Armageddon

Smooth talking

fast walking

demagogue on display

Hypnotic controller

of the masses

he does sway

Wave the flag

Pound the drum

for the carnage sure to come

His choreographed propaganda

fuels the hate machine

as fiery rhetoric escalates

Reaching a fever pitch

trumpets blare
the clarion call for war

Demagogue raises his fist
and smiles with glee

He may indeed

be the Anti Christ

foretold in ancient times

The harbinger of death

the angel of the apocalypse

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Return Fire!!

Return Fire!!


Miss Perception

Spreading text lies
like a nasty virus
in the gossip arena

You can twist my words

Spread your hurtful 


Fire away

Cause it
matters not

I know the truth

and my friends do too

We are all on to you

So we file you under I

For invisible
and irrelevant too

As the ground collapses
beneath your
sorry feet

Wake Up Ball

Wake Up Ball

When I reach
my expiration date
and it's time
to plant me deep

throw a big party
for my grand finale

Celebrate my life

and all the joy we shared

Do not despair
or mourn my passing

I had a good ride
I ran my race

Now tis time to get off


all things must end

it's how Nature makes 
way for the new

So toast my legacy

toss down a few

I'll see you again
real soon :)

Patchwork Us

Patchwork Us 

I am the bastard child

of darkness and light

A hybrid blend

of day and night

I am the shadow

you partially see

You can never quite

fully believe in me

I may be just a dream

A wisp of possibility

Wandering through eternity

A forever unsolved mystery

I am your child

and you are mine

We are forever linked

throughout our history

You and I

and all of us


the fabric

of humanity 

Spoiled Booty

Spoiled Booty

Cosmic destroyer
and his rampaging


roams the galactic seas

committing acts of piracy

Pillaging solar systems

Wasting planets
just for fun

after first stripping
them of their
natural resources

Arrives at Earth

powers up 
the demolition machine

suddenly realizes
where he's at

Lets out a sigh

for the inhabitants

have already
beaten him to 

the destruction

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Shadow Dancer

Shadow Dancer

In the darkness
I concocted

to provide
blanket protection

from my shadow

who should be dormant

and yet

there he is

dancing in the dark

Tormenting me
with his presence

Cold blooded
silent stalker

My forever


will not be

by my laws
of reality

Multiple Truths

Multiple Truths

I am a gray ghost
of transparency 

living in a black
and white world

I reject your absolutes

Piss on your literal truths

Nuances I see

wrapped in soft 

You can read between
the lines too

Open your blinds
and let the light
shine through

See the layers

count the complexities

and realize

that sometimes

there is more than

one right answer

Cog In Wheel

Cog In Wheel

Blasting sarcasm

in all directions

Intolerant of fools

and their mindless

I take them on

one at a time

there were

too many

these legions of loons

over ran my position

and took me prisoner

Into a pit I was thrown

to be
and consecrated

into the Church
of the Machine

my lobotomy
was performed
at the alter
of conformity

Now I am 

one of them

Now I am

forever bland

Monday, January 20, 2014

Power of Two

Power of Two 

She resurrected
my stone cold soul
from the tomb
of my indifference

Now I must repay
her generosity
with the passion
she breathed back
into me

Her issues 
will become 
my issues

Challenges to be 
faced together

Our days of
being lone
warriors are over

We are a team

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Forever Club

The Forever Club

The thought
of you
before me
is my

Living out
my days
without you
by my side
would be
my agony

The hole
in my heart
could not be 
filled by another

Cause you were
meant for me
and I was meant
for you

It was our destiny

and it will be again

When we are reunited

for all eternity

Supporting Cast

Supporting Cast

I always wanted to be
a studly leading man

The kind of guy
who when he took
off his shirt
would feel eyes scan
all over his ripped body

Admired and envied
by men

Desired and craved
by women

Just a mere sex object
of lust crazed sexuality

How great would that be?


My genetic blender

did not cooperate

Being plain
and ordinary
was my fate

I've long come
to accept
this flawed reflection
in the mirror

Worked on pumping
up my personality

my wit and humor
as best I can

Making due
with the material

So here I am

Always playing 
the role


"just friends"

second banana man

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ever After

Ever After

You walk into my life

we be 

instantly connected

Electrically charged

Particles fused 

I wonder if you 
feel the vibe?

Do you hear 
my heart rejoicing?

How to get you to recognize
our life changing event?

If I could just meet your eyes

A quick glance

A shared smile 

You move closer

Fate now working it's magic 

I see that ring on your finger

I see your prince
kiss you on the cheek
the way comfortable lovers do


Dreams crushed instantly

I curse Fate

I curse Love

Unrepentant envy

The lament of the lonely

My empty life rolls on

You were the one

If only life were

a romance novel

you would be mine

for all time

Just another lost fantasy

I need to suppress 

Microwave Life

Microwave Life

We all be granular
grains of sand
in the vast expanse
of eternity

When the wind blows
through our allotted time slot
we scatter and dance
with the breeze

Time dominates

None of us immune
from it's relentless effects

Our expiration date
we wear for the duration
of our stay here on Earth

and yet...

we suppress our mortality

Perpetual procrastination

living for a tomorrow

that eventually 

one day

will never come 

Could have beens

Should have beens

Is there a sadder epitaph?

Fire Eaters

Fire Eaters

Mob scene

convulsing and
out of control

Angry beasties
blasting rhetoric

preaching anarchy
to the congregation
lapping up the hate

Dogs of ignorance

intolerance and

the flame
as the

dysfunctional party
rages on

Mad Hatter steaming

pouring bitter tea

into the cracked cups

of their hypocrisy