Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cyber Doom

The end of us all
will not come by means
of military calamity

Won't be
the nuclear winter
we once feared

It will be cyber warfare
that does us in ultimately  

Viral annihilation
of our core software 

Dowsing our 
flimsy firewalls

Wreaking havoc
on economies
tethered to tech

So easy to unravel

by a faceless enemy

in a dark basement

hacking us back
to the stone ages 

Self Absolution

All those
murky monsters

that lurk
in the dark recesses
of past sins

Those shadow dwelling
bill collectors
waiting to be paid

will all be slayed

if we can muster
the courage
to look in the mirror

and forgive ourselves

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Angel Snakes

Those who speak
with forked tongue
will find the truth
they shave
will cut them like
a double edged sword
when their lies get exposed

Throw them a towel
to soak up
those messy alibis

surely to flow
to justify their deceits

Be sure to check in
with the stable of enablers
who will creatively
blame society
for fostering 
the poor liar victim

Where there are no consequences

Where there is no shame

Immorality reigns

Card Tricks

Our love

A high stakes
poker game

Cards held
close to the vest

Feelings concealed
behind faces blank


Counter bluff

Chips pushed all in

Tension mounts

Hushed tones

Eyes spill secrets

As we reach decision time

Climax of fortune

Mystery cards flipped over

Nobody wins

When we all hold nothing

but empty revelations


broken promises

Game is over

Friday, November 28, 2014

Head Over Heels

You and I
got this
ying yang thing

Up and down
on the perspective
see saw 

My Hell

is your paradise

All these demons
I so despise

you invite over
for cookies and tea

Guess I'll have to adapt

like I always seem to do

Cause my perceived Hell
would be

a terribly lonely place
without you

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Self Containers

A house
without a foundation
will surely fall

A heart

without returned affections
will surely break

So hard to live

with all these 
strings attached conditions

but in the end

we learn to exist

within the boundaries
of acceptable restrictions

Monday, November 24, 2014

A Faded Shade of Jade

Standing alone
in the rain

the bag again

Which breaks
of course

Cause it's been
that kind of day

Feeling betrayed
by fake friends
I relied on

My faith in humanity
takes yet another hit
with each

passing disappointment

The cumulative effect
of continuous

eventually grow
numb to it all
as expectations fall

and we encase ourselves
in cynical walls 

Solitary prisoners
of jaded isolation

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Solitary Spirit

Time moves slowly
in this pit so lonely

My shadow
craves the poison beam
currently incinerating me

I turn off the lights
in a desperate attempt

to kill the spectre


the relentless silhouette
keeps feasting on me

No one remains
to share my agony

For I am the last
rabble rousing rebel
of a cause
we knew was
a practical impossibility 

Left to die in this hole
by the forces of conformity

To be buried
along with my
discredited friends

in the unmarked grave
of crushed dream history

Revolutionary Reality

All revolutions
get ignited
by the spark
of desperation

When the daily frustrations
of repressions
are no longer tolerated

All the old
turn to static

Once this tipping point
is reached

and fear of reprisal
becomes irrelevant

The human soul explodes

Barriers begin to fall

Slowly at first

but momentum is a funny thing

Once an idea starts to roll

with enough power and force

it will plow right through

the forces of yesterday

destined to get blown away

Spilled Formula

The problem with you
is the problem with me

We equate

one and the same

Double the pain

Misery squared

Formula eventually

The problem you see
is quite elementary

I love you

and you love me

Me plus you

equals two

A mini number

that can be
quite complicated

when we 

over analyze it

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Scary Fairy Tale

Fair maiden in distress
shoots up a flare
seeking assistance
from everywhere
and anywhere 

Noble knight
jumps at the chance
for a little
chivalry romance

Rides into the fray

the heroic
save the day
kind of way


This is where
the fairy tale 
ending fails

As our hero
loses his head
over unrequited love

For you see

our very dead dreamer
laid down his life
for a heartless wench
who was not impressed
by his sacrificial largess

The bitch
did not require rescue
from her plight
by a delusional knight

all she needed
was two Midol
to combat
her princess cramps 

Mountain Ascent

In order to believe
and buy into
the possible

Before acquiring
the faith you need
to overcome
what seems impossible

you gotta first
have the courage
to acknowledge
that you want to

Fight the fear
of a future unclear

Take the risk
of possibly falling
on your exposed ass

and do
what you know 
in your heart
to be done 
to get from here
to there

Friday, November 21, 2014

Funeral Party

we put on our
somber threads
and lay to rest
another player dead
from team humanity

Man of God
the closing show
even though
he did not know
our stiff friend
who had not set
foot in a church
since his wedding day

We snicker at the irony

His grieving widow
dressed in death black
leads the boo hoo brigade
showing affections
she displayed rarely 
for hubby in life

We snicker at the irony

The middle aged kids
who hadn't
spoken to 
dearly departed Dad
in years
struggle to spout 
proper funeral cliches
in all the morbid
chit chat

"At least he's at peace now" 

We snicker at the irony

The farewell caravan
runs red lights
all the way to the cemetery

The death mob gathers round
the perfectly shaped
final resting place hole

One last chance 
for the women to sob
and the men to pretend
they have their tear ducts under control

We the assembled know
the terrifying
threatening truth
staring back
from the coffin
is a reminder
one day
the hole
and the 
preceding hypocrisies 
will be for us

Think I'll get
my sorry carcass cremated
and my ashes scattered
all over my asshole enemies

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Paradigm Crimes

Mr Literally
always takes life
at face value

and absolutely
to the proposition
of perfect certainty

dance over
his rigid head

Subtlety a mystery 
he'll never comprehend

He's a between the lines illiterate

His tribe deeply dug into
the bedrock foundation
that can't be moved
by varying interpretations

Zero shades of gray

Unquestioning types
so easy to manipulate

Always buying the lies

from those who rely

on playing up

the pre conceived notions

of the intellectually lazy

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

No Service Blues

Can you feel me
reaching out

across the Universe vast?

Do you hear my words
blasting away the past?

Transmitting on a frequency
only you can hear

These coded communications
we use to share
before static interference
and stubborn indifference
shut us down

Tears streaming
from the top
of regret tower

I crank up
the amp power

Straining to connect
with a receptive memory

Are we ever to be
together again?

Or are we simply
forever lost friends?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Doggy Styling

Out all night
with my 
yesterday party crew

Doing our annual
pub crawl
reunion tour

Liquid libations flow

Tall tales grow

Way past
middle age 
allowable curfew

Before landing
and returning
to the conventional world

we coordinate alibis

the harsh light
of spousal scrutiny

our story
gets twisted and tangled

Damage control
now a pointless exercise

when this pack
of old dogs
got busted

howling at the moon 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Gender Benders

Maybe someday

we can redefine
what macho is

and while
we are at it

let's revisit
our girly label too

these ancient gender

have outlived
their usefulness

cause currently

both stereotypes
are no longer relevant


as our roles blur

we can merge
the best

of him/her worlds? 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Oh Me Of Little Faith

I don't know God

Never met him

and since I be
an empirical
rational creature
tis hard for me
to fully buy
into the concept
of a supreme being
who resides
in a dimension
forever beyond 
my grasp

I don't know God

but I sure wish I did

How comforting
would it be
to exist
in a fortress of faith
where belief
in a force
of benevolence
would provide
a moral foundation

Why can't I shed
these doubts?

I'd fully buy
into the faith program
if I could

I shiver outside
on the church steps   

Too agnostic
for my own good

Friday, November 14, 2014

Surreal Reality

All of life
as we think
we know it

reflected back
in rapidly flashing images
dancing in our eyes

Entertainment now 
sold as absolute truth

The human condition
reduced to reality TV
where dysfunctional dopes
do the see me dance
and drop their pants
for profit and fame

and mess up 
a generation of kids
who imitate
media whore
behavior they see

as if posturing posing
is the new reality

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Transition Man

Sensitive guy
once again
lending his ear
in his role
as rebound
transition man

A strong shoulder
grown soggy
from the tears
of lost damsels 
in relationship distress

Providing support
as self esteem booster
for women running low
in self confidence

Trust restoration specialist

Tapping into
repressed passions
as faith
in the male gender
is gloriously renewed

Morning after
the storm

Emotional gigolo's
work is done

His reclamation project
finds her clothes

now ready
to renter
the intergender
relationship world

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ruins Ruminations

Like two coiled springs
wound extremely tight

The suppressed tension
that once
was the main attraction

is now 
grinding us down

Too much friction
is now our affliction

turned to ashes

Inevitable erosion

chipping away

at our foundation

on a flawed concept

we embraced

in the traditional

sociological way

Monday, November 10, 2014

Excuse Me

Once you cut through
the morass
of half ass excuses

and finally get
to the heart of the matter

bring a defibrillator

cause you may be shocked

by the current state of affairs

buried beneath

those rationalizations

we sprinkle generously

on our failures

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ladder Man

Wandering through you

and all of your desolation

I find myself in too deep

Lost within the catacombs
of your chronic desperation

Mired in the depression morass

Chasing ghosts of distant past

From here on in
it's just me and you

Your tortured soul
is now mine too

Together we'll climb out

and never look back

Gridlock Blues

Battleground DC

Opposing forces
entrenched in their positions

Compromise never tried

Blowing up the other side
as they lob bombs
of fruitless legislation
that will never get passed

Because statesmanship takes cooperation

Not obsessive got ya destruction

Nobody wins
in a mutual war of attrition

Shame on us all

for letting 
our elected inmates
ruin our little asylum

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Demolition Party

So here we are


by this
immense brick wall

we built
brick by brick
over the years

No way 
over or around
this obstruction
which divides
our attentions

Been here
for so long
it seems 
like a permanent
landscape fixture

Just another fortification
that has outlived it's

For the war is over

We need to come together

So grab a sledgehammer

and let's bring

this sucker down 

Conflict Friction

I exist amongst
transparent people
who I constantly
try to prod
and agitate
to release
their suppressed passions
with my contrarian ways

The constant
conflict friction
by these strained interactions
is designed
to ignite
and spark their
dormant souls 
back to life

I am their spiritual liberator

Crass slayer of monotony

Saving not only them
from mundane Hell

but myself as well    

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Struggle Trip

Far from shore

Forced to swim
against the raging
of hate

The surge machine
which pushed us out
to sea
is our current destiny

yet not a permanent reality

as we constantly fight

against the rising tide
of ignorance

This struggle we share

may seem like a nightmare


tis always worth the effort

getting there

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Blasphemy Poetry

Bless me Father
for I have sinned

again and again

and no

I'm not done yet

but you already
knew that

with your
omni everything brain

the same one
which created 
such defective beings

with our dysfunctional existence

Where flaws abound

Saints no longer found

Hard to believe 
these marble statues
ever once
flesh and blood

Even your
apparent uninvolved
absentee ownership
the limits of faith
in your divinity

Did you lose your way

or did the master plan
go astray?

Could it be
Mr High and Mighty
is as defective as we?

Guess this be
one of your
mysterious ways
screw up rationalizations

You sure 
have no shortage
of enablers
kissing up to you


Monday, November 3, 2014

Dusty Reviews

Our bodies
are biodegradable

Dust to dust someday

but our actions
we craft 
here on Earth

will linger
far beyond the grave

You and I

All accountable

even though
after we are through

post life
dust balls us

won't hear the reviews

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Romance Level Set

For just this moment
in the history of us

You and I are together
for very first time

Every love affair
has a beginning

This is ours to share
and remember
when we're 
old and gray

Oh I forgot

You'll NEVER be gray

Our forever love

to share when I'm gray
and you're 

whatever hair color du jour
you fancy that day

Rules of True

In this world
of resolute
black and white certainty

Truth is whatever
we say it to be 

Of course 
results may vary
day to day

but it's rare
that we can truly convey

the nuance required
to subtly alter perceptions

We gotta to do it
with greater clarity
to sell it properly

Attached conviction
still the best way 
to sell your version
of reality

Assuming of course

you dare to choose

to exist
in the real world

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Reconsider The Source

Beneath the ghostly moon
chattering purveyors of doom
dominate the night
with sickly glee

Is this our destiny?

To be casualties
of their morbid ferocity?

As always
it's up to us
to filter out
the media  negativity
from suppressed reality

Separate hype from fact

Build up tomorrow
on the ruins
of broken dreams
only we can reclaim

Leaving the 
disaster blasters
nothing to whine about