Monday, January 30, 2017

Rules Of Dissent

Henceforth and forthwith
any and all acts of dissent
will be regulated by the government
and every placard will be taxed
to cover the high cost
of the first amendment

Prospective mind numbing
repetitive chants
must first be submitted
to the Patriot Media Center
where a committee
of carefully vetted linguists
will edit out all obscenities
or any other language deemed obscene
by the censorship bureaucracy

Those who can not abide by these rules
or still feel the need to disobey subtly
will be summarily tossed over
our shiny new state of the art wall
to be forever cast out
with all the other enemies
of 21st Century democracy

Saturday, January 28, 2017

March On By

To all the very recently awakened
hyper activated 
righteous crusaders
seeking to recruit converts
to their latest glorious cause:


Go save the world without me

I got bills to pay
and that damn clock
keeps ticking away

This is my selfish injustice
that needs to be rectified

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Crayon Nation

Those who tell the story
keep the version simple

Free of any messy complexity
to cloud the narrative
or contradict their
black and white slant

At the end of the tale
when the last page has turned
tis up to the reader to discern
any and all truth they can find
and to use their best perception
to color in the lines   

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Damnable Man

After the revolution
intelligence became irrelevant
as emotion ruled the day
and a payback mentality held sway

State sponsored media
spun incendiary stories
to stoke mob insanity
as violence became
the sanctioned way
to obliterate dissent

Then the inevitable consequence
when the beast pushed too far
the pendulum swung and hit back hard

Those who ruled by the sword
were eventually sliced and diced

Their bloody remains
stain the pages of our history

To be repeated again and again

The cycle of stupidity

The curse of humanity

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Off Switch On

Political vigilante mobs
on the job 24/7
polluting social media
with their gotcha bullshit

Perpetually pissed off outsiders
sabotaging exasperated powers that be   

but on January 20th
after Inauguration Day
they switch shifts

as a whole new crew
of naysayers move in
to replace
the now jubilant former obstructionists
eagerly ready to assume power
as the tired wheel
of cynical government turns
but continues going nowhere

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Inevitable Expiration

People die

It happens every day

Tis planned that way
to reshuffle the deck
so overpopulation
is held at bay

Death is the fearful reality
shared by humanity

Rich or poor

Famous or infamous

There is no buyout clause

Tis a non negotiable
natural law

All things must end

So we best do
with all our might
this gift of life right