Friday, February 28, 2014

Species We

Species We

Human beings

We are 
the dominant
planetary species

Civilized controllers 
of the realm 

We fancy ourselves
as highly evolved

quite rational creatures

but underneath
our pretty garments 

beneath the strut
we convey

Animals are we

soft and pink

fragile creatures
with sophisticated

Long removed
from the

jungle primordial

We rapidly evolved 
the food chain


high tech gimmickry 

but in reality

deep down
we still be

soft and pink


Fragile stewards
of an
ailing planet 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Full Size

Full Size

A tangerine
ain't an orange
no matter

how you slice it

may be be sweet

it's still not an orange

Size does matter

if you want more
of what you crave

Good things
may come
in small packages


you don't get as much
of that good thing
as you desire

Maybe we need

Maybe we need
to be grateful
for the little things 

They all add up
and accumulate

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Detour Tour

The Detour Tour 

To get where
we need to be

we so often
have to travel

through calamity

as the detours

may be

They are a 
practical necessity 

These curves
of unforeseen reality

Forever testing

our resolve

Bolstered by
the belief
our patience
will be rewarded

Well Connected

Well Connected

In the swirl
of this existence

we live and die
in our narrow slots

By day

you and I

dance in parallel worlds

We wave at each other
as we fly on by

Quick visual checks

Touching base


come late night

in the still of
our solitude


our words in sync

a joyous interlude

when our worlds
briefly intersect

and we can link 


and be

cyber together again

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Medal Heads

Medal Heads

You too
can be
a hero of
heroic deeds

Doer of brave 
and noble things

Not as hard
as it may seem

Courage is not only
running into a fire
to save a stranger

Courage is 
staring down
the demons
of your past

conquering them

Doing your duty
for your family

It can take guts
to be
a responsible adult

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Magic Waltz

Magic Waltz

In the moon drenched mist

between Earth and stars

We dance

the late night dance

to the rhapsody
only we can hear

Just the two of us

gliding in sensuous
innocent embrace

This is our moment

even though
we know

that in
the end

this is our
fantasy entirety

For tonight

the magic
is our thing

and the memories

will sustain us

for all eternity

Major Wager

Major Wager

Went to the
equine bank
to make a 

The allure 
of the race track

Play the odds

Let it ride
on a four 
legged nag

Here they come
to the post parade

Pick a winner

I got a hot tip
from a guy
with knowing eyes

who knew 
knew something

Inside dope

telling whispers

the stuff of dreams

So I bet it all
on the gray

Number 5
on the program

And they're off!!

Once around
they take their trip

Thunderous sounds
of hooves 
pounding the oval strip

Down the stretch
the screams of dreamers
bring them home

Photo finish!!!

We live and die
by chance
and all the

of circumstance

Today I died

Took a fall

on a sure thing

that wasn't

so sure
after all

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Nest Remnants

Nest Remnants

Come to me
my sweet baby

Let me sooth 
your pain

Dry your tears

Ease your fears

You belong
in Daddy's arms 

Sleep under
my umbrella

Dream the dreams
of innocence

Soon enough

the day will come


you will want
nothing to do 
with me

Dance away 
my love

Stand on your
own two feet

Leaving me 
thumbing through
the scrap book
pages of memory

Alone in your
empty room

As it should be

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Burning Twig

The Burning Twig

Wandering through
the urban wilderness

Indulgent pilgrims
from Sodom Nation
down the boulevard

Seeking another shot
of instant gratification

Amidst the glitz 
and revelry

I heard a booming
voice above me

from a source

that is a mystery

Was it God


just another
chemical hallucination?

The voice
that just can not be

by all scientific reasoning

Declared his love for me
and all his
wayward children 

And just like that
the force was gone

or was it?

I've got no proof
of my close encounter

and I told no one

lest I be stoned
by the doubting
humanist crowd 

but now I do know

Faith is an uplink 
by man

Even if we don't
fully understand

the eternal mystery
we are players in

What the L?

What the L?

Every seduction

Every temptation

a spark of lust

which ignites
into a torch

The consummation

of a beautiful


out of control flame

Feasting on the
of two bodies
smashing together


Energy eventually spent

Embers glow and
slowly grow cold

You know where
this poem is going

So I'll state the obvious
that you will not hear

Love is not lust

Lust is not love

They exist on
parallel spheres 

meeting at the

Lust is a sprint

Love is a marathon

Choose the race
you want to participate in

I'll meet you at the
the finish line with
an adult beverage
and a sedative

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Irrelevant Elephant

Irrelevant Elephant

Gathering dust
in his shrinking
cubicle box

Mr Disconnect

Perpetually dazed

Completely obsolete

So far out of loop
his opinion
no longer matters

Lost on the bypass

The invisible dinosaur
stares into space

Maybe someday
he'll be needed


by then

he'll be long gone

Friday, February 14, 2014

Ponderous Ponderings

Ponderous Ponderings

If you came face to face
with the truth

Would you know 

what to do with it?

Can you even believe
your perceptions?

Can you still trust 
your assumptions?

Those hazy recollections

of all we have learned
and applied
do so
cloud our new reality

Doubt seeps through
our concrete paradigms

Until the core is infected
with the paralysis of doubt

Once we lose the
protection of our
self confidence

We question the foundation
and ponder

Is truth still a possibility?

Valentine's Day 1918

Valentine's Day 1918 

We greet the dawn
from our bed of mud
in a nameless place
that we must defend

Bland rations digested
we prepare our weapons
loading up ammunition
for the coming demolition 

In the cathedral silence
prior to yet another battle
my weary eyes
can see
the cloud of death
now hovering over me

Attack and counterattack
two stubborn forces
dance over charred real estate
in a fiery embrace

Late in the day
as the sun yields the field
I feel that warm sting
ripping through my heart

The bullet forged for me
that I never did see

On my back I collapse
my extremities going numb

Alone with
my crimson unrestrained

Life ebbing away

My fate now written

I'm a casualty today

Into the ledger of death
with tears in my eyes

I gasp

fighting to my last breath

I see the fading sky

the last scene
before I die

And my last thought

is of my first love

far away

beneath the setting sun

Into the light 
I must now go

but I know

we will be
again some day

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Unchosen Ones

The Unchosen Ones

In our play ground

where we run

like wild 
little monkeys

a whooping and
a hollering

Order now required

organize the games

Captains anointed

To choose up sides 

The last one picked
always smiles


cries inside

Something they
carry within
throughout their lives

Don't tell them
tis just a game

These self esteem
crushing scenes

Labor of Love

Labor of Love

Deep inside
the snow globe swirl

Flying shotgun 
with Cupid

Legendary hunter
of boys and girls

Now unleashed 
on his annual
Valentine's quest

Battling the elements

Struggling to do 
his job with frozen
wings and compromised

Hazardous duty for
our hearty cherub

Cursing under his
frozen breath
those romance
writers always waxing
poetic about love
finding a way 

So easy for them to say!

Snug in their warm
philosophic bunkers

Oblivious to brave Cupid
winging through the storm

Bringing the passion
to the masses

Doing the hard job
he's been assigned to do

So if you see him
slogging through the snow
show the
little service
some love 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tale of Two

Tale of Two 

In the city 
that never sleeps

tourists soak up
the scenery

Bright lights dance
in their dazzled eyes
as they clamor
to see the sights


from the bustle

huddled in
the shadows

far from the view
of the paying crowd

refugees from our
jobless recovery

fight over the scraps

soon to be cut again
by their deaf government

Cost reduction clamor
from the entrenched
numbers mob

What better place
to slice than the
desperately silent
soon to be majority?

who struggle daily
and face a future
of obsolete uncertainty

smothered by depression

battling to
the biting
of poverty

that blow
defeat through
these dark
city streets