Sunday, May 29, 2016

Making The Best

Enough with the somber
egocentrically inspired 
dark orgy of introspection

Cease living
in a reflective pool
and apply your current view
to the reality in front of you

It may not seem to be

the stuff of successful fantasy

but we can all agree

tis the only life we have

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Gender Blender

Went to the mens room
for a quick pee

When quite unexpectantly
a she dude in a sequin dress
had the same action plan
in the urinal next to me

Could not contain my curiousity

I just had to sneak a quick peek
at the serpent mighty
rising from his thicket

Of course he caught my eyes
sizing up his privates

In my embarrassment
I muttered softly
"I'm not that kind of guy"

He hiked up his lace panties
and advised me and my homophobia

"Neither am I"  

We So Thorny

The risk we take
every day
when we arise
and venture forth
to make our solo play
with this chaotic society 
is very necessary
despite the high probability
of emotional pain
if you don't ever hurt
you really ain't doing
life right

Sunday, May 22, 2016

It Is What It Ain't

Truth is
not made of steel

It's a pliable material
we easily bend 
to fit our current needs

A gloppy balm 
to soothe the stinging realities
of abrasive conflicts

An application
of convenient definitions
to justify the rationalizations
of our orderly hypocrisies

Truth be told

True is false

Nothing more than lies
wrapped in cotton candy alibis
and shiny contrivances

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Everything Optional

Time to turn on
the scenario generator

Plug in the possibility equation 

Rev up rampant speculation

Scales will be provided
to weigh options

However no guarantees
will be rendered
that you will embrace
the final product produced

All we can do
is tip toe through
the minefield
of unforeseen
plot twists

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Free Current

Swimming with electric fish
down a serene stream
of consciousness

Bouncing on bubbles
that can only exist
in this artificial environment

Mother Earth keeps spinning
as we dancing inhabitants
free float toward the sea
inhibitions dissipate completely

Time now increasingly irrelevant
which is a scary development
for crusty traditionalists
who insist we drop anchor
to hold onto the past

but the hooks won't hold
cause the current is now strong

and we are too far gone

Monday, May 9, 2016

Fall and Rise

Soldiers rejoice

War is over

Arise comrades
on both sides of the line
and forever exit
your blood stained trenches

Time to finally 
put away the big guns
and parade on home

Give Mom a big hug

Kiss the girl next door

and before
you lay your grateful head
on your greatly missed bed
say a silent prayer
for friends and foes
all equally dead

Honor those souls

who now sleep forever

beneath well manicured
carefully marked
plots of Earth

Waiting patiently
for the angels to play reveille 
so they may rise again
and forever forget
their scars of war 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Glorious Wetness

Stop running from the rain !!!

You ain't gonna melt

like that bitch of a witch

from that classic flick

who had it coming

but I digress

Take the time

from your neatly pressed life 

to open wide

Allow the drops

to bounce off

your parched tongue

Treat your crusty self

to a full service soaking

and let yourself get

gloriously wet

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Step Up

Go or no go?

Yes or no?

Languishing over options

Considering consequences

Convene another meeting or two

A grand task force du jour
need be adjourned to ponder
every implication permutation

Is it any wonder
nothing ever gets done?

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Well Greased Wheel

These turbulent days
the high road
is definitely
the less traveled trail

Loud and controversial
with a dash of naughty 
is where it's at


there is still something
to be said
for riding
the straight and narrow path

For while you'll never be
a front page troubled celebrity

you'll make it to the end

with your self respect intact

unbloodied and unscathed