Friday, May 30, 2014

The Experiment

The mad sociologist
is at it again

Conducts social experiment

Picks ten strangers

from the text generation

Random cross section

Locks them together in a room

Takes away all hand held devices

No televisions too

Forcing them to interact socially
like real people use to do

Two silent days later...

to ignite a conversation

a book of assorted poetry

is introduced 

At first they resist

Reading off pulp
is like so 20th Century!

but eventually
the monotony is too much

and they dive into
the literary world

and heated debates ensue
over concepts subject
to interpretation

Live human interaction

still possible 

in a laboratory environment

Can it be replicated
by choice
in real life ?

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Corrupt Family


Once a maligned cult

Labeled by the main stream
keepers of the faith
as the lunatic fringe

Of course this missive

brought down the hammer 
of self righteous persecution

as only religious bigotry can do

Blood was spilled

on the martyr assembly line

Cranking out the saints
who would one day have
their names
attached to lofty cathedrals

Where robed hypocrites
preached the gospel
of intolerance against those
who sing from a different
hymn book

and so it goes...

All the saints and sinners

now congregate in the same place

With stained glass eyes

behind dark glasses

that conceal their lies

and unyielding hate 

Gens Perversa

Confessional Crock

I use to counsel people

cause I'm gifted that way

Breaking down

and solving

problems my specialty

With my pint size

sound bite

slices of philosophy 


I would say

in my know it all way

You ALWAYS have options

Which leads to choices

and control of your destiny

Mastery of your fate

It all sounds so great

And now .....

a word from reality

a hard blast of clarity

Shit happens

We don't control the flow

"So how do we react?",  you ask

How the Hell should I know!

I'm not even the director

of my own horror show

Nothing more than a bit player

ad libbing my way through

this maze of uncertainty

Yet another

sleight of hand

bullshit artist

bluffing bad cards 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Case For Heat

True love is always

a roll of the dice

a shot in the dark


steamy lust

is as simple

as inserting a plug 

into a willing outlet


feeling the charge

Why deny yourself

high octane passion?

Even if it's random

Don't get trapped

forever longing 

for story book romance

which may never come

Take a chance!

While waiting around

for Prince Charming

to sweep you off your feet

Have a quickie roll in the hay

with the sweaty farm hand

and create

an off the fairy tale
books memory



Even when

I am shunned
by my society


Even when

I am mocked
by my enemies



if I don't

no one else will

Friday, May 23, 2014

Night Butterflies

Sun is done

Now darkness

owns the scene

Nocturnal debutantes dance

on neon moon beams

Stylish carnivores cavort

on the crowded roar floor

Rocket riders streaming live

getting their sonic blast on 

The forces of frolic

eventually converge

and merge under the stars

Taking flight in the night

Soaring into the vortex 

High above the pull

of earthly morality

The clock strikes dawn

Magic now gone

As our bleary heroes 

tumble off the conveyor belt

Smack back

into the arms

of flat line monotony


Light Up

Our tour
will now descend
into the deep

dark hole
that is my soul

We guide you

to these depths
not to dazzle you
with historical

Nor do we wish
to unleash the
fear beasties
temporarily suppressed

The lesson to be learned

serves as a future bridge
over your personal abyss

is the antidote
to darkness

Particles fill the void
and illuminate the soul

Only an open mind
can fast track 
the healing light

It's the only way

So do as I say
not as I do

and don't
shut yourself off
from the world

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Paradise Frosty

The King on his frozen throne
Reading the latest weather charts
Trying to make sense of it all
What the Hell happened here?
No one foresaw this extreme climate change       
The dawn of an impossible Ice Age
In the capital city of Pandemonium
There is panic in the snowy streets
A grand conclave of experts is convened
To see if this calamity can be reversed      
The demons are having a devil of a time
Dealing with a Hell that has frozen over
The crack task force decrees
Extreme blow torch methodology
An army of fire breathing dragons is dispatched
The icy invader is no match
Creating a massive melt down scene
and a raging flood unforeseen
Extinguishing the famed flames of Hell
Somewhere in the thick steam cloud
Satan sobs at the smoldering shroud
For the best laid plans misapplied
Where the cure is worse than the disease 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


The blank clock
nailed to the wall

knows nothing at all

Hands hang broken

Batteries long ago drained

No one around

knows how
to replace them

The clock maker creator

no where to be found

Time supports
those who believe

even when there
is now way to explain

what they can not see

Belief in a broken concept

forever tested
by apparent silence

Faith in the tick tock

existing in the vacuum
of impossible

If a clock chimes
in the Universe

and no one hears it

does eternity

even exist?

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Inequity Account


Life is UNFAIR

Always has been

Always will be

Accept this hard reality

Embrace the core philosophy

That while justice 

is one fine ideal

Happiness resides

in living real

So lower the bar

when it comes 

to expectations

and find joy

in the astonishment

of occasional fair play

Saturday, May 17, 2014

One Way Talk Up

If I can self love

a wretch like me

you surely can too


what 's that you say Mr G?

Are we on for all eternity?


are you going to continue

messing with me?

What kind of deity

are you anyway?

Always dangling temptations

in front of your flawed creations

Why must you entrap us

in sinful situations?

Be a God

we can all be proud of

Enough with the tough love!!!


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Freak Show Revue

Step right up

Share a little coin

Come inside our

state of the art
canvas tent

Move to the back

Ladies and gentlemen

We have assembled for you

an all-star review
of freaks and geeks

you can feel smugly
superior to

Gasp and laugh

as our abnormal crew
degrade themselves
for your entertainment

and maybe some perspective 

We will count your blessings
on your behalf

Since you can't seem
to do it for yourself

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pumping Real

The true test of strength

is not how much iron

you can bench press

or many reps you can do 

The true measure

of human power 

is how much

you can uplift the spirits

of your friends

when they need you

Friday, May 9, 2014

Shaded Love

Teen age memories:

Next door girl 

High school prom queen

Every boy's sticky tissue dream

Nightly peep show

forever in my window

Her shades cracked open strategically

allowing peering me a free look see

Eight track blasting the Bee Gees

her tight body gyrating sensually

I know she feels my burning eyes

ravaging her naughty innocence

Music subsides

Lights do dim

My fantasy lays in her bed

Could she be dreaming of me?

Her admiring voyeur

who come morn

she will surely ignore


not tonight

as I turn out the lights

hop into my little bed

and reach for the tissues

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spark Life

Inspiration blast

Brain excavation

My solid thought
became an idea

evolved into
a great concept

which resonated

and exploded
into the swirl
of pop culture

Elevated through

into a fad

Went through
the spin cycle

came out
a cliche

A punch line
of a joke

Tried desperately
to rewind my creation

Too late

I had to sue myself

Messy self litigation 

for misplaced


intellectual property

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Junkie Confessional

On those days
where all I wanna do

is stay in bed
and not
come out to play

I force myself
to ignore
my inherent
anti social

and choose
to live in this


I can't hide
from life

Believe me
I've tried

by technology

to my
flat screen society

with all my fellow
social misfits

Island blips 

clever quips

Tangled in the
delusional web

Our cyber
shell game

a soothing
soul numbing

You can't do
by yourself


lose the media

from social media

and don't be

an oxymoron

Telescopic Truth

Black backdrop

Sky canvas

Speck of light

silently flickering

in a far off galaxy

Light wave express train
rolls through my eyes 

Supernova flame out

Solar explosion

Expiration date
millions of years ago
with the dinosaur crew

So you see

Even stars die out

As do we

Accept time reality

and don't chase eternity