Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Crash Dummy

Crash Dummy  

I gravitate to you,
Lonely satellite
encircling your

Orbits degrade,
diminishing themselves

Source of attraction,
magnetic distraction

Our relationship
destined to crash

Cosmic collisions
Star dust demolition

Time triumphs


Monday, July 29, 2013

Obscene Dream

Obscene Dream

Thought police
moral gestapo

swats down words
they deem obscene

forever offended
playing gotcha!

like vigilantes do

wouldn’t it be lovely
if their moral indignation
could be aimed
at the obscenity
of injustice?

I Am

I Am

I am an animal
I am a mammal
I am a human
I am a man
I am an individual
I am an American
I am a husband
I am a Dad
I am everything
and so much more
than you think

I am

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Drink Up!

Drink Up!

Drink up!
Drink up!

we celebrate
the night

company of
at the top
of our lungs

cause come
we will
be repentant

Drink up!
Drink up!

some day
we die

such be
the reality
of  our

Drink up!


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Light The Night

Crash and burn
said the comet
to the meteor

Flash of light
through the
indifferent stars

Brief  be the life
of the bright
and bold

Their glorious
journey the stuff
of legend

As we stuck
on Earth types

into the darkness
and wonder

If the likes
of  them
will ever
come our
way again

Friday, July 26, 2013

Finite Nights

Finite Nights

Candle flickering
slowly bleeding evening light
darkness is restrained

Has to end sometime
this be not infinity
things do expire

Same goes with people

We carry expiration dates
so light up the night!!

Who’s Driving The Bus?

Who's Driving The Bus?
Tragic circumstances
rapid response

Even when a response
is not

Victims require

Mass hysteria
has to be restrained

Cause the populace
needs to be reassured
someone is in control

Pick Up Belongings

Pick Up Belongings

We all belong to somebody

maybe we know
maybe we don’t

we have not been
claimed yet

Hold onto your
dream ticket

Maybe our happily
ever after dreams
will come true  

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Maniac Brainiac

Maniac Brainiac

Maniac Brainiac
stirs his

consumed by
consumers who
consume without
considering the

Crazy genius  

Them The Breaks

Them The Breaks 

Saturation point
cups overflow 
down the drain

we spiral

Thrills diminish
lights dim                                                                 
we realize
our limits

Time consumes

Nobody’s fault                     
shit happens

The hardest decision
in life is saying
goodbye to
the ones we loved

Runner Up Downer

Runner Up Downer

No one remembers
the poor bastard
who came in second

Winners be worshiped
losers always forgotten

unfair circumstance

Only thing to do  
accept the realization

it’s an unfair game

Star Dust

Star Dust

Fame is a narcotic
a blinding white star
a foolish illusion
to validate who we are

At the end of the day
grease paint comes off
the mirror confirms
we are who we are

You can fool the world
with your fairy tales
but you can’t fool yourself
cause you know who you are

Atomic Falls





Life ends
When it begins

Extinction ingrained

in our stars

When once again

we shall be





Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Birds On A High Tension Wire

In this pussy and mouse game are we
getting harder and harder for me

She casts a sly smile in my direction
playing the flirt part to perfection

I am the moth to her flame

Urges I struggle to contain

Body language teasing time

Putting out subtle signs

Pouting lips, stroking hair

Coy adjustments to her underwear

I soak up her visual seeds
providing the attention she needs

For I am as guilty as she,

Sharing imaginary infidelity

Secret passions on display

Tensions just won’t go away

Until physically separated by fate
then all these yearnings will deflate

Nothing adventured, nothing lost
here at the moral line we would not cross

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Shock Market

Shock Market

Woke up this morning in a foul mood 
Looking to pick a fight with someone

Did not know where to begin
With so many combatants to choose from

Went to the local hate market,
Had to wait in a long line

Lots of negative literature on display,
A veritable library of dismay

I really had no clue
Hate was such a growth industry

Really makes me wonder
What our future is going to be

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Shared Truth

Shared Truth     

So here we be at the border
That well established divide   

Peering over the ancient wall
To check out the other side

At the top of the barrier
We encounter another set of eyes

Staring right back at us,
The enemy we despise

Our fear is mutually reclusive
Hating those we do not know 

Though deep inside we all realize
This wall between us has to go         

Dumb Dee Dump Dump

Once I've reached
my expiration date
and am no longer serviceable

Deposit me in a hefty bag,

The extra stretchy
reinforced kind
with the drawstrings

Drag me out to the street   

or if my weight is too extreme

use my old little red wagon
to transport my remains     
for the curbside pickup brigade

Maybe I can be recycled

or used for fertilizer

the scavengers
can mine my bones
for raw materials

I won’t be offended
if my carcass is thrown out

Because I’ll be very dead

Which as we all know 

is a much
bigger problem 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fish In Net

Fish In Net

Channel surfing one Sunday morn
Clicking for something of interest

Landed on a Southern fried preacher man
Firing up his congregation

Mr. Fire and Brimstone
Declaring war on sin

Now the bible is a thumping
The chorus gives up hallelujahs

They are finally fully primed
The closing hook is delivered

Pass the collection plate,
Major credit cards accepted

Souls and cash flow to be saved,
Salvation does not come cheap

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Troll Abuse

Troll Abuse     

The dreaded web troll
Hides in the shadows   
Waiting to pounce
With evil intent

On innocent posts
Well intentioned peeps 

Trying to connect
Make their own statement

But the troll objects,
Blows up the thread

Makes such a muddled mess
Of the group conversation            

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Concentrated Love

Concentrated Love

In this conflicted world we share
Of ever increasing venom

How do we neutralize
The poison seeping in?

Love is the antidote,
In a concentrated dose

Going to hurt a little
Change usually stings

Got to alter our mindsets,      
Raise tolerance levels    

Respect each other more     
And accept our differences

Bad Trip

Bad Trip

Trapped in the car,
Automotive prison

Conversation Bondage
With the Jibber Jabber

Crank up the radio
To override the noise

But the chatter is continuous
As the miles drag on

Have to survive the journey
And endure the agony

Muttering to myself
Why do these things happen to me?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Hating The Haters

The Hate Club convenes
On the fringe of  society

The outcasts in the corner
Mingle with the misfits

Sharing a cup of bitterness
In the shadows of their blight

Ignorance and anger rule
The blame game is played

Bloody plans drawn up
To let the world know they exist

Innocent victims will be victimized  
Like they always seem to be

Indignant outrage hits the fan
People get pissed at the crime

Contempt of the perpetrators
Gets transmitted world wide

Like a cancer cyber spreading
Infecting the heart of humanity

Hatred eventually will kill us
If we don’t cut it out

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Wall Beater

Wall Beater  

Socially inept Stevie,    
Scared little puppy    
Afraid of what he feels                                      
Uses weirdness as a shield

Won’t let the prying world see,
Maintains his inner mystery

Safe within his contained environment
Where he can be comfortably different

Too bad he can’t seem to realize
How fast our time on Earth flies

Someday he may look back and sigh
At all the life he let slip on by              

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Happening Forever After

Happening Forever After

This thing we thought was inevitable
Just ain’t happening

All the fears we’ve been fermenting
Just ain’t happening

All the dreams we conjured up
  Just ain’t happening

Things happen for a reason,
Yeah right …

There be no logic in play here
So we just have to roll with it

Dance with happenstance
And embrace our randomness

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fatal Pheromones

Fatal Pheromones

Penelope, the pure of heart
On a date with Gary the Chaste       

Sitting on the romance fence
A prelude to the courtship dance

They do so seem like such the perfect pair
If they can find their chemistry somewhere

Desire can be such a fickle feeling,
You can’t always control where it goes

Loose lust can ignite a deadly fire    
Getting all concerned burned

Trust your hormones if you must,
But just know they can be impractical       

Small Talk Architect

Small Talk Architect

The star of the party scene
Holding court center stage

Moving from topic to topic
Like a graceful ballerina

Always knows what to say
With the perfect tinge of humor

A true small talk artist,
This chit chat virtuoso

Making conversation on the fly,
The computation is complex

For we of the tongue tied majority
Trying to figure out what to say next

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Support Network

Support Network

Went to the redemption center
To drop off my pile of regrets

The long haired hippie behind the counter
Asked me if needed a little help

I insisted I could handle the load myself
As I am the proudly independent type

He seemed a tad put off by my refusal
With a look of profound disappointment

So he gently asked me again if I needed him
“Jesus Christ!” I said, “Please leave me be!”

With that he bowed his head and proclaimed
“Thou knowth who I be and yet ye reject me?”

Then he faded transparent and vanished
And my dark soul filled with white light

The redemption center is now my cathedral
Where I gladly seek the support I once spurned

In our lame little world of woe         
We need all the crutches we can find

Doing It Good

Doing It Good    

We know what we have to do
So let’s get this thing done

Just a matter of execution,
The solution exceeds the sum

Of course we respect the unexpected         
Those anomalies we can not see      

Protect ourselves from trouble         
Behind the shield of contingency

And when the task is complete,       
We analyze the whole trip

Always seeking to improve
This process we worship         

Monday, July 8, 2013

Cosmic Wanderers

Cosmic Wanderers

Listen very closely
To the still of the night

And you may be able to hear
Roving spirits out of sight

They wander the Earth
Souls seeking absolution

For all the sins of a lifetime
Which led to their current detention

Such is the steep price
Of a selfish existence

Short term gain, long term pain,
Eternity can be a forever prison

Fun Fun Fun

Fun Fun Fun

We will all have FUN today!!!
A Good Time proclamation

Sadness has been suspended,
Just for a little while  

Take a break from this life
Crank up the frivolity

Find your happy sanctuary                                

And lock the doors behind you :)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ode To The Scrub

Ode To The Scrub

Pots and pans
Lie dirty in the sink

Starting to pile up,
A mountain of dishware

They have to be cleaned,        
Those are the rules        

Not a joyous task,        
The dishwasher is down        
So it falls on me, 
As it often does

To do the drudgery       
We all signed up for

When we became adults

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Maybe In December?

Maybe In December?

The  big gossip news of the day,
Old guy marrying  young girl!!!

The kid could be his granddaughter!
A case of beauty and the elderly

Did I mention he was rich and famous?
And that his princess was smoking hot?

Skeptics joke about this mismatched pair,
The gold digger and the dirty old man

Defying all relationship conventions
The world doubts their romantic sincerity

Even though they are both receiving
Everything they desire from each other

A perfect match of give and take
Isn’t that what love is all about?  

Wings Over Everything

Wings Over Everything   

Navigating through the darkness
Trying to avoid life’s pot holes     
Some are easy to foresee,       
Slow down and go around

While other bumps along the way
Sneak up on us and create disarray

When trouble rears its ugly head
And your future reeks with dread

Pray for some divine assistance       
Launch a prayer toward heaven       

Your guardian angel may just intercede
What the Hell have you got to lose?  

Friday, July 5, 2013

Game Of Hearts

Game Of Hearts

A man and a woman
Trying to connect

 Feelings unspoken,
 Very hard to gauge

Who makes the first move?
 Who dares take a chance? 

 Love is high stakes poker 
 Every hand dealt a gamble

Sometimes you have to show your cards
And push your romance chips all in

You may end up bust and broken,
But if you don’t play you can’t win

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wet Grease Paint

When faced with life situations        
How do I choose to play the scene? 

Which version of me do I put forth?
Do I play the clown or drama queen?

I could play the ignorant fool,          
Deposit my head deep in the sand

Or jump into the lead role
Become the main attraction

Lose myself in my self production
Block out all the back stage distractions

The role choices we make
Don’t always turn out as planned

Sometimes the part is too big
The spot light burns deadly hot

The critics attack with predatory glee
Cowards who never gave the stage a shot

Forever critiquing from the security
that distance and darkness affords

They'll never understand
that the play is it's own reward

As we forever improvise
Make the necessary corrections     
Ad lib our way through every day
Performing without direction  


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Settle Down

Settle Down     

The nice girl of high quality
Sits at home by her phone

Waiting for her prince to call
And proceed to sweep her off her feet      
But all she hears is silence,  
Maybe her number is unlisted?      
The fairy tale book is closing,
All the Prince Charmings are gone

Time to lower the bar a tad
Give the commoners a chance

Sometimes happily ever after comes
From sources you never expect           

Cease And Resist

Cease And Resist

You see that gorgeous girl over there?
The one with the starlight in her hair

Me thinks she’s giving me the eye
Her body language surely implies

That I am the object of her desire 
The spark to ignite her yearning fire

OK, so maybe this view is all in my head
Guess I should focus on reality instead

This kind of fantasy thinking a waste
Since I am no longer part of the chase

But if I was, I do believe in time
That gorgeous girl over there would be mine

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Kinetically Yours

Kinetically Yours

To advance between two points
A little motion need be applied

Stationary just won’t cut it
Though inertia is often tried

Progress can be quite scary
When you don’t know where you’re going

Ignorance makes cowards of us all
The paralysis of the unknowing

Take that fear and turn it around
A success story of our own creation

Have faith in the future down the road
Which will shed light on our destination  

Pity Full

Pity Full    

Gonna walk right off this planet      
Right into the setting sun

Like a moth into a bug zapper
A spark in the summer twilight    
Don’t wanna be a memory
Or an amusing story

Just wish to be forgotten
Totally disposable

Sometimes I feel lost,    
Worthless and weak

Trying so hard to break
This string of bad days