Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sticks and Stones Rap

I've never cared
about the nasty things
people say behind my back

or my front
for that matter

My self esteem
is self sustaining

and need not be fed
by the numerous dick heads
who pollute my existence
with their petty bullshit

By the way

the only assessments I value

are rendered by those

I love and respect

which so happens to be

a universe

of very few 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Liquid Salvation

you just need
to go out in the rain

Dance in the passing shower
of non judgmental absolution

Naked to the world
for all to see

Fully exposed
to the cleansing elements
from above 
that wash away
the toxic pollution
that oozes from our pores 

Stripped of all pretense
we stand in our own
puddle of humility 

Totally vulnerable
is when
we rediscover trust

Only then
can we allow ourselves to be
baptized by Nature

and born again 
in the pool of humanity

Viewer Suppression Advised

Disturbing images
dance across
my cynical eyes daily

All these flat screen tragedies

Persistent global calamities intrude

A steady stream of troubled guests
in my living room 

After decades of pain saturation 
the cruelties on parade 
no longer register with me

I've developed disaster immunity
from the horrors
that befall humanity

I reside inside 
my steel reinforced bubble
quite unapologetically 

These indifferent walls 
serve as protection
from our flammable world
I can no longer abide

It's as if none of this is even real

It is television after all 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

No It All Creatures

See the smug face
of arrogant man

Your current dominant species
prancing about the planet
with all his shiny tech toys

We think we have it all figured out
with our science
and best selling philosophies 

When in reality
the sum accumulation
of knowledge
lodged in our little brains
is just a speck
of microchip dust 
in the universal data base

Our crew

is nothing more

than chattering monkeys

jumping up and down with glee

when our shit

we throw at the wall

actually sticks 

Monday, May 25, 2015

War Crime$

Throughout our bloody history

soldiers have died
in many uniforms
and guises

Not for a flag

or any particular 
political ideology 

They did not perish
for you or me

their countries

or even their families

They gave their lives
cause they were 
ordered to do so

under penalty
of treason

by old men of means
who pulled all the strings
from corporate castles 
well behind the lines

Spoon fed
all the clever slogans

selling fear
and patriotic zeal

and demonize the enemy

who in turn does the same

to herd up all the sheep
for battle conflict slaughter

Bloody fodder for the history books

Battle lines bolster the bottom lines

Wars end with grand parades

Speeches made to honor the dead

as the back room boys count their profits

and plot to invest

in the next needless war

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Top Shelfers

Apostles of greed

always take more than they need

consuming without apology

with all the arrogance
of modern day royalty 

Praying at the alter of Darwin
with smug superiority
and pompous feelings
of entitlement

Power inherited down

through the gilded generations 

They know the top
is where they'll forever stay  

Cause at the end of the day

they own the game

Story Bored

There are no
hard absolutes anymore

Certainty has been shaded gray

Truth now just a hybrid blend
of convenient definitions

No one dare deviate 

Ambiguity rules the day 

The neatly packaged condensed story

Fully diluted and neutered

so as not to offend

the bland majority
of popular mediocrity 
who askew
the nuanced subtleties
that muck up
the comforting narrative  
which keeps all thought
and trepidation
to a minimum

Friday, May 22, 2015

Ride the Life Cycle

After I depart
from this domain

please honor me

by deleting me
from your memory

Shred all the words
I have put forth
during my tenure

Burn my earthly possessions

Sprinkle the ashes
of the past into the wind

Treat me like a ghost
that never existed

So it goes for me and you

Out with the old

In with the new

Cover Story

So here I be

the latest tribulations
in my stormy history 

the harsh realities
of this current state

I've become
such an abject figure
of detached indifference

Wounded passions
suppressed and numbed by
stoic camouflage

The fake smile

Well placed cliches

All to cover
my displaced reality 

Deflecting truth effectively

I can't let anyone see

what has become of me

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Better to Believe

We all need to be better

than our mixed pedigree

or at least try to fly

with the angels

we strive to be

Tap into
upside potential

Control these
inhibiting insecurities

Confidence will set you free

Get self maximized

Try success

it's a natural high

and finally start

liking yourself

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Red and Black

Red is the color of blood

and the hue of love

Murder and lust

the story goes bust

Passion and pain

it's all the same

The stain of cherries
cascades bittersweet

The heart eventually

bleeds out

as the veins run dry

Screeching rats are born
from the womb of poverty

while the elite old guard
keeps denying
their own mortality

They all get to exist
before they finally die 

Black is the color then

my way too temporary friends 

Shooting Star Express

When you stumble
across amazing

Take a break
from the mundane

and admire the extraordinary

Wrap your tired arms
around this moment

Take a mental picture
and store it in memory

Cause when
the magic show ends 

who knows

when it will come 

your way again

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Esteem Weavers

Examine the mirror
that reflects before you

Explore your surface imperfections

and forgive them all

These visual insecurities
our plastic society obsesses on

Land mines strewn about
in the artificial fields
of our cosmetic culture

can not deflect
your shining star

For the image projects 
you are only as beautiful

as you believe you are

Sad in a Box

She represented
the only good thing
in my wretched life
of selfish excess

My wellspring of joy
who supported me always
though thick and thin
aged rapidly
due to my nonsense

I should have let her go

cause I knew

I was her poison arrow

Now I kneel down before God
with this postmortem confession 
as we bury my life today 

The mourners through the fog of tears
all thinking to themselves
if their was any justice
between Heaven and Earth
it should be me in that box

If only I had the power
to accommodate their prayers

Life and death is so unfair 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Loaded For Stone

Feel free to label me
in any of the conventional ways

I don't care
about your designations 

Go ahead and get arbitrary


please don't judge me

with laser beam morality

lest I toss boulders

and shatter your glass hypocrisy

Friday, May 15, 2015

Sinking Feeling

Before our damaged ship
went forever down

Lost at sea terminally

We transmitted
a desperate SOS call
on every known frequency


the world was deaf to our pleas

Rescue from our demise

a practical impossibility

in this ocean vast

of lonely crafts

struggling to stay afloat

in these stormy times

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Black Hole Crew

Don't wanna be bored anymore

with glory stories of inspiration

Heroes overcoming all obstacles

just don't do it for me

cause they give me zero hope

of fixing my impossible situation

Feed me terrible tales
of monumental failures

Let's have some epic crash and burn

I can really relate to

So I don't feel all alone

and my misery

can have some company

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Jesus the Sequel

What if...

one day

in the history of your life

the skies parted

and the Lord poked

his omnipresent head through

the clouds and proclaimed

for all the scared sheep to know

that YOU were the chosen one

to lead us sinners out of here

What would you do?

How to handle this upgrade?

I'm not sure 

of the exact job description

but MESSIAH as a title

surely has a lot of perks

Comps wherever you go

Preferred parking
for your white limo

I wonder if celibacy
is a required condition
like it was
with the first edition dude
who got nailed to a cross centuries ago?

One would think this time around
such hardship restrictions would be lifted

and verification of your true divinity
would be no problem in our tech age

Social media would explode

You'd be trending big time

All the gossip rags would
be working round the clock
dredging up all your buried skeletons
that occurred before your heavenly promotion  

Doubters would be forever 
looking for the hidden wires
along with incurring the skeptical wrath
of conspiracy theorists
who are eternally belief challenged

So would you accept
this complicated savior position
or stay the course
on your current civilian path?

and leave the saving of souls
to the professionals

Bedraggled Doggies

If you study history

it is plain to see

that we

who comprise 
club humanity
are a mongrel breed
of angel and demon

Charred spirits

building great civilizations
and magnificent innovations

only to tear them down
with our damn arrogance

Somewhere along the way
our evolution went astray

Spawning a mutant legacy 

More dangerous
than any species on Earth

with toys of mass destruction

in the paws 
of hybrid mutts

fighting over the scraps
of what's left

of this defenseless planet 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cookie Musings

Opened a bag
of chocolate chip cookies
I was dreaming about all day

cause I don't have much of a life

and besides

my sweet tooth
is the only craving
I satisfy these days


When I finally penetrated
the tight air inhibiting seal

My treasure within
was all crumbled
into varying degrees
of jagged disjointed pieces

A visual abomination

Except for one
perfect treat sphere
that had miraculously
gone unscathed
and survived
life's rough handling intact

Too pretty to devour
as I delicately held
the baked flour
in my hand

and yet

I could not cast it back
into the sea of imperfection
from whence it came

so I gave it my my son

who failing to appreciate

the dilemma which paralyzed

indifferently ate my ideal

in one massive bite

Smooch Prime

The first kiss

is not always

the best kiss

or even the longest

but tis always

the most memorable

So savor the sensation

because this just may be

the kiss that sticks

when your love search ends

and you'll never ever

taste a first kiss again 

Anyone hungry??

Spotlight Shower

Do not insult me
with your desperate
cliche saturated
two wrongs
make it right defense

and please don't condescend

with that old everybody

is doing it nonsense

cause in the end

we are action figurines 

judged as stand alone solo acts 

So let's all agree
that lame rationalizations

and all the convenient
excuses attached

makes zero sense