Sunday, October 25, 2015

Wither Satan

Post apocalypse
clean up crew
sifting through
the ruins of Hell

Reclamation angels find

beneath the toppled

neon Pandemonium sign

the charred remains

of a very dead Satan 

His ambitious expansion plans

repelled by God's army again

The evil empire 
blown to Hell and back

and the Devil's diabolical dream

of universal domination

now as over as he

The Displacements

We are

the Nocturnal Crew

Faintly glowing apparitions 
wandering through
the foggy corridors
of time

Desperate ghosts are we

Abandoned by our society

Searching in vain for the light    

Forever chasing rainbows at night

Our tribe traverses the Earth

and dreams
of reclaiming the life
we once knew

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Star Power

There will never be

in the history
of humanity

another you

For you are

positioned uniquely
in the galaxy
of celestial beings

Think about it

Past present and future
gets buried with you

This once in a lifetime template

contains the story you did create

Make it count 

and leave your mark

on the grand tapestry

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Life Boat Cruising

Never jump ship

unless you have
a life boat to land in

For as bad
as your present may seem

the dark sea

of future uncertainty

can be a deadly grave

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Artificially Yours

I exist

therefore I am

Or am I not ?


I'm nothing more

than an prolific stringer
of semi literate words

Just another automated
computer generated bot

with human like tendencies 

Overloaded with wit

but possessing no soul

A cyborg organism

in search of it's humanity

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Galactic Refugee

I was there

that last night

when the last flicker

of the last star

was swallowed

by the black hole

that now rules

our dark Universe

Now I am nowhere

A man without a planet

stumbling around

in search of lost light

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Beyond the Boundaries

Everything she does

is compellingly bizarre

Damaged beyond repair

but she no longer cares
about courting convention

for she now operates freely

in her own unique dimension

Leave her be

and envy the beauty

of the rogue butterfly 

Frack It !!

Tonight we go

deep into the volcano

to steal fire
from the Gods below

A power grab from low
to high 

Dire consequence
of the thievery
will not be considered

Our actions we justify
and neatly rationalize
as an exploration 
for the advancement
of humanity

A hefty finders fee shall be
levied of course
as recompense to us
for bringing
a little piece
of Hell power
to this Earth

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thinning the Herd

Third World

prenatal care

is nowhere

Waiting cradles

replaced by

cardboard coffins

as our continued neglect


the surplus


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Garden of Corruption

Just another day

knee deep in cliches

we break out a trusty

"Everybody does it"

lame rationalization

when morally busted

In this tangled thicket
of moral decay

future seeds

can not take root

Our rosy tomorrows
destined to be choked away

by the weeds

fertilized by the bullshit 

we plant today

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Junk in Addict

I consume this novocaine
to numb my brain
and restrain the pain

I do realize
such consumption 
is corroding
my internal plumbing 

Well intentioned friends
have intervened
and valiantly prayed  
to exorcise the demons 

Multiple therapies
have been tried

but the only way

I can survive this life

is to feel dead inside

Someday soon

I'll be deceased officially 

Beans In The Sky

The tattered prince scrounges about                                      
in the shadows of his former glory

seeking to recover
treasure from the trash                         

Cause you never know

what bargains you will discover                            

Beneath the vile pile he finds
a shiny slipper of glass                                

Peddles it on his E-Bay account
cause you never know
what folks will pay
for relics of the past                              

Connects with a lonely hearts type                                 
who wires him a few cyber bucks 
to seal the transaction                                 

Takes the spoils
of his golden windfall
to the local dream dealer                          
who slips the capitalist
a bag of magic beans to plant
The high growth investment
sprouts all the way
to the clouds and beyond                

Now he aspires to be
a rich organic merchant
But the prince’s profits
quickly go up in smoke                         

When the EPA storms in
and shuts him down
Confiscating his little fairy tale fantasy                               

For it seems these days 

you need

a license to harvest dreams


Friday, October 2, 2015

Fizzle Stick

The air in the club is volcanic 
As Dynamo Man powers on

He always brings the voltage, 
Magnetic attraction flows strong

All the babes clad in silver lamay 
Are turned on by his electric aura

Like molten moths to a turbo flame,
They crave his super hero persona

While all the flawed mortal men
Sulk in the shadows and glower

Biding their time until the plug gets pulled
On the sparkler man with no staying power  

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Internal Warfear

If you want to know the real me
beneath all my layers of  bull shit
bring lots of corrosive material
to penetrate this hard fa├žade I wear

For once you go deep inside
at my core you will find
a swirling sea of negativity
harboring a pessimistic nature        

All these bitter qualities I despise
and struggle so hard to suppress

Because that is not the guy I want to be

So I battle with myself to emit positivity

Even though I don’t in any way believe  
this fake image I project to the world

Though I do keep hope alive in my heart
for a cease fire to end this war within me