Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Death Saver

Tossing and turning

I struggle
to unwind
as the storm rages outside 

Door swings open

Cold breeze blows in

Shadowy figure
clad in black lace
crawls into my bed

Sultry mistress
consumes my body

Devours my soul

I relish those lips
that have tasted
many a man
over the centuries

Sweet succulent
angel of death
takes me 
to heaven and back

If this be the after life

sign me up!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Accept Yourself

has become 
my favorite word
cause it now
is the blueprint of my life
and allows me
to finally embrace
my unbreakable

flows like a river
into the sea of tranquility
as all the frustrations
of shattered expectations
silently ebb away

provides the gift of tolerance
with the patience 
and forbearance
to forgive the short comings
of others as we strive
to forgive ourselves

is the straight road
to happiness
and the contentment
to be shared
if we can 
just accept the concept


Insomnia Poetry

Stray thoughts

ricocheting around
my weary brain

Runaway ruminations 

Holding sleep hostage

Replaying the day

All the witty things
I should have said

Solo role playing
future scenarios
on the stage
inside my head

Staring into darkness

My mind now racing
out of control

as dawn approaches

alarm clock imminent

Too late to sleep

Too late to solve life tonight

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Heartfelt Doubts

The road to love
is paved
with good intentions

So many have
crashed and burned
along the way

As I late night ride
on this quicksand highway 

Blinded by traffic fleeing
my current destination

Doubt creeps in

Second guessing 
my commitment

Engagement ring
now weighs heavy
in my pocket

Should I do this?

Does forever 
ever after love
even make sense?

Then I looked
into my heart

and thought about
how empty life would be
without her

So I held my breath
and signed up
for the fairy tale

where my dreams
did come true

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Poem Escargot

The angry snail

Such a bitter mollusk is he

Hates his pace
and his 
drag of a life

Never gets anyplace
fast enough
to satisfy
his impatient mood

Always running late
for snail appointments

Dreams of strong legs
that create great speed 

back on planet Earth

Tis never wise to despise
the gift nature made

cause in the end

we all gotta
play the hand
we are dealt

Retreating Bigotry

As the walls
of traditional hate
continue to crumble 

It's hard to believe
the startling speed
that homophobia
is finally on the run

but let's face it

In the end

throughout history

all bigotry
eventually falls

As the so called
"greatest generation"
(if you were a white male)
and their direct offspring
continue their slow fade out

They take to the grave
their varied prejudices
which were once
the law of our great land

tech advances blaze by
in the blink of an eye

but social progress
painfully slow

so we the people

still have a long way to go

Friday, October 24, 2014

What's In Store

After my number
was proclaimed

I went to the counter
to claim my prize

The clerk with laser eyes
took me in the back
to have my unregistered ass
time stamped

While waiting to be processed

two burly zombie employees
rudely threw me
on a conveyor belt  

At the end of my trip

a disinterested 
former prom queen
slapped a sticky barcode
on my forehead
and product placed me
eye level high
on a freshly wiped shelf

Dazed and confused

I complained 
to the leprechaun manager
who was not amused
that a valued customer
was so thoroughly abused   

He dropped me in a cart
and rolled me over
to customer relations
where a gum smacking teen
gave me a keychain
and a coupon
I was told not to lose

As I wandered 
the dimly lit 
parking field
looking for my car

I had the chance
to reflect
on the sins
of the dying
brick and mortar
retail establishment
and wonder
if I should shop
online next time

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Maze Nation

My little bratty
lab rat friends
scurry round
their desperate mazes

All fighting for that
scrap of cheese
they have been
to believe in

to the eyes
in the sky
controlling their
walled in lives

If only they knew
that in the end
it matters not what they do

For the game is rigged

There is no damn cheese

There is only the struggle

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Life On The Median

There comes a time
in every life
we achieve the tranquility
found in that moment
of pure epiphany 

When we finally
accept the reality
that we'll never be
a famous celebrity

No autographs

No quote seeking
media dogs
or obsessed
groupie sycophants

Not even
a cheesy TV
teary eyed retrospective
when we die 

Welcome to the mosaic

Where happiness is acceptance
that the ultimate victory of reality
is sustained survival

Being that
spinning little cog

existing contently

in the median of ordinary

Snug in the cloak of anonymity
we were born into

Sacrificial Lamb Chops

Standing at the crime tree
with his Mrs accomplice

Adam had to choose
between obedience and love

Does he turn her in
for her original sin

or take that fatal bite
and share Eve's fate ?

One stinking rule !!
all they had to observe

Matters not
that a victim of deception was she

but not he

Adam made his free will choice
and took his poison
like a good husband should

Shared the banishment penalty
as man and wife

For Adam and Eve
better or worse 
came with a heavy cost

As we their children
to this day
mourn the tragedy
of Paradise Lost 

Shadowy Interrogatory

Shadow man

can you understand
how confused I am?

Faceless silhouette

always around
without a sound  

Shadow man

Speak to me please!

Where are you from?

Where do you go
when you leave?

Are you my past
or future tense?

I don't even know
what you need

Can't comprehend
what you want from me

Maybe you need
to let me be

Move on 
and take your black sun
to smother another victim

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Metal Drippings

The immaculate debutante

in her perfect white gown

loves to hang around
with a disheveled metal band
on the disjointed side of town

Her concerned 
family and friends

abduct her
to perform
a musical intervention

They tie her to chair
and play non stop
Taylor Swift 
and Katy Perry

a steady stream infusion
of bubble gum pop

at the end of the session

she seems to have
learned her lesson

Returns to the mainstream

ready to resume 

a pre programmed life


baking cookies

while humming
Bieber tunes  

Mummy Mess

Our expedition
of adventurers
and archeologists

on a treasure trip
to the past
of ancient Egypt 

the parchment scroll
attributed to the Pharaoh Arsinoe 

Hieroglyphic translation
led us to
the decrepit crypt

Dug deep
into the
undisturbed earth

All we found
were worms

No valuable artifacts

No relics of gold

Just a terror deathtrap

as the mummy army

rose to exterminate

the cursed intruders

who had followed

the wrong map !

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Gray Ghost

I am the gray ghost

A shadowy apparition

drifting through

this black and white
absolute world

Subtle nuances I see

instead of 
literal reality

These chains
of conformity
demanded by humanity
are just not for me 

For you see

I am the gray ghost
of transparency

flying free

in the open skies

of my poetry

We're All Heroes

Why oh why
is every scenario

a drama?

Why oh why
are we required
to struggle so?

Why oh why

is everything in life
so damn hard?

For what purpose?

To what end?

Not for us to know

The eternal mystery

Yet here we are

Grinding away every day

Off we go

Every day

Silent heroes  

Friday, October 17, 2014

Cheat Sheet

Ask me anything
you choose

Dare me
to share

but if my truth
does not fit neatly
into your
tidy narrative of me

I'm sure you'll edit
and alter my reality
to meet your prophesy

So ask me not

questions interrogatory

if the answers you seek

are already sealed hermetically  

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Danger Dancer

Freelance dancer

putting down

moves on the floor
never seen before

Improvising performer

with the creative feet

has been known to fall

but that's OK

No harm done

cause the thrill

and possibility
of disaster

tis all part

of the
freelance charm

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Global Blender

Can you hear it?

Off in the distance

Cries of world hunger 

Rampaging poverty

spreading our way

No longer
just a Third World
tragedy play

Can you hear it now?

Perhaps you should
pop out those ear buds 

Now we got their pestilence

sneaking over our walls
of indifference

In our
rapidly shrinking world

There is no more THEM

There is finally

only us

The High Cost of Infidelity

That last shot of brandy

pushed me over the edge

Into this fiery abyss
of unbridled debauchery

A prelude to an interlude
that finds me in a strange bed

with my partner in moral crime

now just
a spent lump under the sheets

The reality of my dilemma

starts to roll around 
in my pounding head

How to account
for my fornication time
while I was violating
my sacred vows?

Weighing options

Crafting alibis

Plausibility of the lies

Impossible to sell

Truth is too hard

Consequences to pay

Darkness yields to light

I did succumb
to the temptations
of the night

No more rationalizations

Time to pay the price
for my pleasure vice

and chew
the bitter pill
of poison adultery

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Left Overs

Speaking statistically 

It can be quite odd

for anyone
to always
tie out evenly

To equate
and consistently

We gotta accept
quantitative reality
that we usually

Since we rarely tie out

contingencies must be made

for carry over
excess refugees

we must find a home for 

Party Expansion

The glorious party

A showcase of excess
and well dressed participants

The grandest of gatherings 
with all the best people
casually chatting
about their latest
conspicuous consumptions

Comparing portfolios
with the best investments

Totally oblivious
to the hard realities
outside their class walls 

The grand old party

all primed
to be crashed

by the riffraff

the masters of the universe
spent their lives
trying to side step
and suppress

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Glass Droppings

Mirror mirror
on the ceiling

Tell me
tell me
what I'm feeling?

Can you sense my rage?

Over reacting you say?

I'm playing the part of drama queen?


Do I need pop a cap into you?

Now you dare question my sincerity?  


Mirror mirror
now shattered

does self reflection
really matter

with a head now hemorrhaging profusely 

and a perspective totally splattered?

Low Expectations

Woke up disoriented
in the midst of a storm

The insanity of today

Our recurring nightmare

Or could it simply be
a half remembered dream

that was corrupted
by convenient misinterpretation?

Maybe things are not as bad
as they seem to be

Maybe we seek refuge
in all the negativity

Expect the worst

Minimize the hurt

Hope for the best

and embrace

our small victories


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dastardly Deviant Dump

The dastardly deviant

despises and damns
the derision
this judgemental world
on his domain daily

though deep down

beneath the smoke screen
he dispenses 

he knows
he deserves 

Rags To Riches

In the news today

on screens
and in print domain

Pages ablaze
with scandalous tales
of sexual infidelities

All our naughty celebrities

with their feet of clay
and libidos
of generosity

High profile sinners
prominently stoned
on the village home page

To sleazy
gossip merchants

the color of rumors
has always been green

The so called
legitimate media
looks down
on their fluffy product

even though
all the while

the line
between hard news
and gossip blurs

That age old quandary

Do you give
the people
what they want

or what 
they need?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Iceberg Man

That guy you admire

So smooth and debonair

With the confident air
of a super star

He seems
to have it all together

Not a care 
in the world

but like an iceberg

you only see the tip

and not
the underlying despair

trapped beneath
his churning sea

of suppressed misery

End Zone

In the end

it wasn't

opposing armies

contrary ideology 

or even the bad economy
that beat us

Twas all the lies 

The slime between the lines
that brought us down

Too many trusts betrayed

We stopped believing
in our institutions


in the end


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Raising Hell

When it comes time
for the darkness
to begin burning

We legions
of fallen angels
shall heed 
the clarion call

Rise out of the pit
we were thrown in
an eternity ago

Unleash our pent up hate
on all those who dare
stand in our way

Our numbers are many

Our revenge is just

All disaffected souls
we shall engage

Channel the suppressed rage
festering in the Universe

Storm the gates of heaven

Reclaim what is rightfully ours

Cast out the self righteous powers
that have imperially ruled forever 

Angels, saints, and martyrs
will suffer the same infernal fate
we were sentenced to
after our last failed insurrection

 and God?

We shall sever his pious head
from his heavenly body
and post it on the internet

The King will be dead
and we will all be


Impractical Flame

Even though

I hate you
for shattering my heart
with your cruel betrayals

Even though

the deep wound
you inflicted still bleeds

Even though

I have every right
to curse your memory

I wish you happiness
wherever you are tonight

Some would say

I'm a fool
for letting you
off the hook so easily 

but there's just no way
I could stay
in hate with you

Is this misguided
unrequited love?


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Free Styling

Stick to the plan....

Stick to the plan...

The blueprint demands


Factors unforeseen

pull me

in all directions

As my life
continues to stray
from the script

it's becoming
harder for me
to stay in character

Maybe I need
to finally
throw away

my best laid plans

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Star Stuck

The evening
finally is spent

Twilight sky
transitions in

Sparkling stars
that had once
ruled the night

now dieing
specks of light

They never leave us

They don't get turned off

They become victims
of excess background

So come the dawn
the stars 
we once
wished upon

will be
by the mercilessly
impending sun rise

but they
hover over us

and shall return
to reclaim their
at dusk 

Lose The Whine

Her constant lamentations
about the raw deal
life dealt her
were silenced
when she visited
the children's cancer ward

To see the courage
in those little eyes
and feel
the concentrated love
all around

Perspective found
as she channeled the hope
that surrounded all who came

Lessons learned
in a hospital ward

No matter
what boulders life
may throw our way



Friday, October 3, 2014

Guns R Us

A gun with no bullets
is just a piece of steel


put some lead in the chamber

and now
the rod is a portable weapon
of bodily destruction

An efficient instrument
of deadly finality

This monster we feed
throughout the hammer of history

Enhanced killing technology
with every upgrade 

Murder conveniently coldly impersonal

Dispensed from a distance

The trigger is inhumanity

as death

is now compartmentalized 

to a finger squeeze event 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Compromising Position

Our little war

Blazing high volume

Constant conflicts

Big things
little things

We clash over everything

Can we agree on the reality
that what's true for you
is not always true for me?

This truth gap
creates mutual uncertainty

Constant anxiety grinding 

So we need to meet

Proceed as adults

and compromise away
our frictions

Distant Glimmer

Lost in the fog
of hopeless oblivion

Our refugee ship
drifts in the doldrums

Is this our forever destiny?

The curse of eternal monotony
we inflict on ourselves daily

Look around

Find solid ground

Seek a beacon to guide us home

Drawn to the dream
of the lighthouse beam

faintly seen

but just enough


to save us