Saturday, February 28, 2015

Have Not Soup

I hate it when anyone hurts
anywhere in our world
of massive resource

All the suffering
of the human condition
showcased on my flat screen
seems to me 
to be quite obscene

Why can't we share
and pool our wealth?

For in the end

after the coins are counted
we do share the same humanity

Does this make me
a bleeding heart
commie socialist
sissy boy?

Perhaps I am

by your definition

but in the end

I don't give a damn

about you 
and your selfish ways

Better fortify your castle
while you can

cause the time will come
when these serfs you minimize
will have their day

Friday, February 27, 2015

Net Loss

Trapeze guy

Totally overwhelmed
by the whole process
of constantly living

his slick tricks
without a net 

to a dwindling crowd
who have seen 
this act before

The crush of
playing the
starring role
in an obsolete
circus show

The reality
of gravity
brings our
tragic hero down

As the wayward clowns
can no longer be found
they are out
in the parking lot
sucking down

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Captain Submerged

The Captain has been apprised

by the experts that be
his ship is about to sink

Of course

he will be required
to go down with it

Rules of the sea

dictate top of the line

The Captain closes
his teary eyes
and grasps the wheel
one last time
as the churning ocean
swallows him whole

it really sucks
being the casualty 
in charge

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Noise Void

Silence is

the sharpest knife of all

Cutting deeper
than a diamond spear

If we
between the lines

does anybody hear
our desperate situation?

the work around

Minus the audio

We gotta rely

on the visual

for all the cues

to conduct our way through

this silent symphony

Motion Sickness


doing absolutely nothing
is the best option

Even though the pressure

to do something

to do anything

is immense  

but very often

the do something plan

for sake of doing activity  

is a flawed program

with bad consequences

Fallout from the residue

of human nature history

where our best intentions

makes things worse
than they were before

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dream Pushers

The talented child
so saturated in high potential

In the beginning
obliviously carries
the label of prodigy
onto the field of play

Where it's still fun and games

but push becomes a shove

and the games become a chore  
to the talented puppet
now relegated to the role
of living out the dreams
for the prisoners of mediocrity
now yanking his frayed strings

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Rockem Sockem Us

We bludgeon each other
in a variety of clever ways

Damage compounds daily

Our daily bloodletting
will eventually drain
the core reservoir
we once believed to be
the depth of all eternity

Dust will be our destiny 
as our mutually
inflicted wounds
bleed our love dry

We could stop
the carnage anytime

Stem the tide of inevitability

Compromise could be tried

if we could only
temper our pride
and sheath these
rapier tongues

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Memory Bombing

Locked insecurely away
in the bowels
of yesterday
resides the beast
of regrets
we need release
before we can proceed
to the next memory

will be
our weapon
of mass destruction

The coping device
to blast away the past
into the scraps of dreams
that we will not recall
when we awaken

Friday, February 13, 2015

Chat Exchange

I sense
the tension
in your words

I feel

your fear
wedged between
reluctant lines

though we've
never met

and probably
never will

We've shared
so much
mutual stimulation
in this
social domain  

and yet

I feel you drifting away

a sudden abruptness
of conversation

our social media

Maybe you found
a better cyber specimen

to stroke your imagination

the way I use to

I'm going to miss you

but there are plenty
of other sweet id's 
out there
in the text sea

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pull of Love

I am your compass

Forever attracted
to your magnetic personality

Drawn to the beauty
you radiate

My quivering arrow tip
longingly rises
and invariably
leads me home 

All the way
to the top
of the world

to find the source
of this force of love
I'm drawn to


My true North

Monday, February 9, 2015

When Men Were Pretend Men

It takes a real man
to go outside the lines
of ancient gender defined 
and shake up
the real man stereotype
that pseudo macho
real men types growl at

They snicker 
and roll their squinty manly eyes
as the role rebels they despise
tweak all their sexual insecurities

Displaying courageous sensitivity 
that traditional men keep buried

Deep down they know
the walls they hide behind
have always been cold prisons

and the real men
who break down these walls
will liberate us all

Heal Thyself

The hardest thing to do
is to change
who you are

The second hardest thing
is to know exactly
who you are

Can't do one
without the other

Hard being
the recurring theme

when trying to fix

a compromised identity

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Thought Control

I wish my life
was on
a seven second
time delay
so I could bleep out
all the mistakes
I did not
intend to say

Click on
a time rewind
and edit
my stupidity away

Until that
clock bending day

I need to activate
my underutilized
internal pause button


before foot
in mouth disease
destroys me  

Love Equation

has all the toys
any man could ever need

He's all about his money
and the power that it brings 

His Mrs is about appearances
and showing off her bling

Workouts very hard
to keep that bronzed body taut

So they both get off
on what many would define
as superficial happiness

Theirs is a love
of mutual convenience

She's his trophy
and he her sugar daddy

While moralists
of a romantic bent
judge their union
as failing
the love litmus test

our scrutinized couple
shares not their
self righteous despair

As they are way too happy
to even care
about the jeers raining down
from the jealousy gallery 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

At the Food Chain

Spider Spider

spin your web

silky threads
strong as steel

No big deal

A minor ordeal  

Unless you are
an oblvious fly
who wandered by
lacking in common sense
survival skills

The more it struggles
to escape the trap
the stickier is
the deadly wrap

Too late
for the careless fly

now destined to die

Playing the prescribed role
as the main course prey
of the carnivore's meal

Really Mortality

Flowers wither and die
by the guidelines

of their natural timeline

Beauty erodes

Time corrodes

The years pile on

Breaking us down

to our core
carbon elements

The dust to dust scenario

So it goes

and so do we

very eventually

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Write Stuff

The greatest poem
ever written
rattles around alone
in the dark recesses
of the poet's head

This secluded fetus
will never ever see
the light of day

but that's OK

Not every masterpiece
is meant to be
set free 

Lost Cavemen

She be a thorn in my side

A boulder in my shoe

A constant irritation

Her vanity is annoying

Her ego all consuming

So why oh why

am I so attracted to her?

Could it be

like every other guy

I skew superficially 

toward visual feminine beauty?

All the faults we bypass

for the lure of a lovely ass

What does this say about us?

Lost cavemen from yesterday 

Beast boys of primitive selectivity

who mounted their chosen mates

in the jungle brush

where procreation

was driven naturally

and relations conducted

gloriously non verbally

centuries before

the interactive gender


of modern civilization 



Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Space Walker

In the blur
of my weary existence
I wander city streets
seeking some sort
of half ass absolution
from the vast reservoir
of my selfish actions

Always attracting
strange looks
from the judgemental population
as I mutter
half baked poetry
into the indifferent wind

Clumsy stabs
at rhythmic perfection
while spouting
deep reflections
on the meaning
of life

All these disjointed
that never seems
to find completion

Closure mocks
and eludes me
as horns blare
at the catatonic kook
staring at the traffic light
in the middle of Strange Street

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Earth Inheritance

When the sun rises
and radiates 
throughout the city
the spotlight glistens off
commerce cathedrals

awaiting a fresh stampede
of gorging capitalists
manipulating global commerce


way beneath
the sky dwellers 

the homeless 
consigned to
designated zones below

shiver in the shadows

Dignity gone

they rummage 
in the deadly vortex
of minimum existence

to survive
these free falling days 

while praying 
for the coming apocalypse

which they know
will level
the playing field

Monster Liberation

We all need to realize
this beast
we are inclined
to release eventually

can not be controlled
through time tested

All the moderating influences
we have formerly
brought to bear
will be rendered moot 
by the internal beast
we foolishly set free
from repressed captivity

Truth is the beast
we can no longer restrain
once it gets
exposed to light
all the ferocious ramifications
are unleashed

and our self induced
is complete

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sliced Turkey

Our traditions

Those behavioral mileposts
originated by generations
far removed from today

Paradigms of time

Passed down
to the faithful pilgrims 

Now performed by rote

Comfortable seductions
that keep us mindlessly
chained to the past

Why not shatter them all?

Let yesterday stay gone

Find the balls
to think for ourselves


Man Made Ghosts

Use to walk on water
when I was an enlightened
bona fide miracle man

Then science advised me
my very existence

was a quantified impossibility

so I sunk
into the quicksand

of negative reality

Just another victim
of assigned limitations

but no matter
how the skeptics
dismiss me

I know what I use to be

before I was made myth

Super Duper Culture

Welcome to
Super Sunday in America

Our uniquely us
national holiday
based on a hyped contest
played by millionaire behemoths
inside our flat screens 

Break out
the nachos and good cheer

Wash the salty seductions down 
with rivers of beer

Tribal bonding
in endless 
high volume debates
from the snippets
of football knowledge
we've accumulated  

We do so love our games

Everybody playing the boxes
and all the numerical permutations

Trying to profit from the score

The American capitalist way

Stretching the bounds of legality,
since gambling is still
one of those Puritanical
obsolete sins we dance around

A little selective morality

The American rationalization way

Customizing the law

Cutting corners when it suits our needs

Crossing over the ancient lines
drawn long ago
when self righteous
hypocritical clerics ruled

They never
would have approved
of such non pious frivolity
on a Sabbath Sunday

Good thing those
uptight types are gone