Sunday, November 27, 2016

Show And Tell

We've reached
the crucial point
where the pain
of commencing
truthful discourse
could not possibly be worse
than the hurt
from our current
slowly corrosive
silent denials
that are eroding
the foundation
of this relationship

So let's put aside
these pointless reservations

Lay our cards on the table
and play them out
as best we may

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Gimme A Break

I often despise me
for all I'll never be
or never was
for that matter
but I must confess
I ain't the worst either

So I think today
I'll cut my sorry ass some slack

For in the end
I am who I am
and in this way too finite life
that should be enough

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Little House On The Scary

After I finally found
my elusive happy medium
we settled down
in the Land of Mediocrity
where we eventually
impaled each other
on our white picket fence

Media hounds posted our bodies
under their tragic narrative
of a double homicide

Psycho babblers were called in
to neatly bubble wrap the spin
with their best quicky analysis

Once we were written off
the bankers made the scene
to recoup their investment equity

The source of our demise
was repaired beautifully
as the stains of our sins
were power washed away

Now with the market value
of our broken castle restored fully
chattering real estate whores
sold the home as a horror novelty

Using the shattered American dream
story gone awry  
as a marketing hook
to lure in the next victims
more than willing
to buy into the lie


Saturday, November 12, 2016

Paper Mache Royalty

Buried deep in the abyss
of her ravenous
insatiable self esteem

I descend through layers
of festering past failures

Once a foothold is established
in the core of her self confidence
I commence to blast out
those embedded doubts
with a cliche barrage
of my best insincere bs
drawn from my well stocked supply
of innocuous bogus lines

Now that her ego
is boosted properly
she will realize finally
that she is way too good
for a lowly guy like me

So the current truth
liberated by my stroking lies
put the princess beyond my reach
though this patient minstrel
will be there to catch her
when she becomes a pauper again