Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mute The Mook

Mute The Mook 

The evil Mr. White
Is not terribly bright     

He’s very rarely right,
But he sure loves to fight 
Which he can’t do alone         
So he keeps throwing stones

Looking to generate some hate         
Best to not accommodate       

Please do not to feed the beast
Deny the fool his poison feast

The agitator will wither and die       
When he has no audience for his lies     

Billy The Bouncer

Billy The Bouncer

Away in the corner
Perched on his stool

Sits Billy The Bouncer,
The silent deterrent

Like a giant red wood tree
Casting his shadow on the scene

The final arbiter of disputes
Dispenser of club justice

Because when hormones and alcohol mix
Conflicts often break out

When these little wars occur
The bouncer brigade is called

To bring peace and order to the world
By busting a few out of control heads

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Partner In Time

Partner In Time

My girl be sassy and brassy
Sometimes she makes me cringe

But I love her anyway
Cause she always makes me smile
We need a little discomfort occasionally
To shake us out of our conventional ways

When you find that person
Who makes every day fun

Get locked in with them
Together hop on the ride

 May as well enjoy the company
Of the person you share this trip with 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Distant Replay

So here I am at three A.M.

Deep in the dark with my thoughts

Replaying a scene from my life

How it got in my head

I do not know

Taking me back to 1984,

the break up scene with my first love

Oh how I wish I could go back

and redo that pivotal moment

Let my heart have a say

express what I know today

We don’t realize at the time

those fork in the road events

that shape who we become

Taking us to the place we are

Deep in the dark with our regrets

Muttering to ourselves at three A.M.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Good Friday, Vol. I

Good Friday, Vol. I

The extraordinary man
Is like any other human being

Only more so,
Premium grade
Was our hero born this way
Or a product of environment?

Probably a fine mixture
The best of both sources

Living a life to aspire to
A role model to emulate

Died on a cross long ago                       
Snuffed out for being great

Self Production

Self Production

What are we all doing here today?
Planting this good man into the ground

Taken from us way too soon
Before we were ready
Now we share tears of sadness
Struggling to make sense of it all

Black is the color of the day,
The uniform of tragedy

Profound words are attempted
Perspective tries to be applied

A band aid for our collective grief
Though this wound is way too deep

Even time will not heal it fully
Though we need to move on

Because someday it will be our turn
To be the star of the Death Show

Will the reviews of us be positive?
Will we leave an imprint behind?

How we will be remembered

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Think Linkage

Think Linkage

When trying to figure out this jumble 
Of this maddening puzzle we call life

Gaze into the wide angle lens,
Take in the panoramic view

The landscape angle will reveal
That everything is connected

The Earth, the Moon. the Stars,
Universally linked

Past, present, and future,
The space-time continuum

And so it goes with all of us,
Humanity forever connected

An alliance of combined forces,
All part of the natural order

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Clueless Blue

Clueless Blue

The little blue man
With his little blue head

Living his little blue life
In his little blue world

Wears blue colored glasses
To give him blue perspective

His baby sings the blues
When their blue world turns gray

While the blue little man
With his blue little head

Clings to his little blue traditions
That will someday be blown away

Smart Guy

Smart Guy

The man with the genius label
Worn smartly around his neck

Knows just enough about everything
To impress those who know nothing

This is the mark of a true magic man
To keep pulling that rabbit out of the hat

The power to be amazing
In our cynical world

Say it with conviction
With just a dash of flair

And those who want to believe
Will follow you anywhere

Monday, June 24, 2013

One On None

One On None     

The dedicated individual,       
Very highly decorated

A vanishing breed,        
Just about extinct

Believes in a cause        
Long ago extinguished

Constantly frustrated,
Always on edge

Still will not accept
The futility of the day

Just can’t get a game going
When nobody wants to play 



Here in our faded ghost town,
The community of the irrelevant

Which defines what we have become
Now that we have deemed obsolete

But how do we tell the apparitions
That their existence is now transparent?

The sunlight which sneaks through the clouds
Nothing but a mocking aberration

Shining brief light on glory gone
To the inhabitants left behind

Waiting for the wrecking ball 
To bring much needed closure

The Devil’s Workshop

The Devil’s Workshop

The good little soldier
Always follows orders

Keeps the machine going,
A chain of command thing

Is not paid to think,
Not allowed to feel

Living day to day,
Waiting for a mission

Creeping idleness
Now the enemy

Monotony and temptation
A toxic combination

For the good little soldier
Who ain’t so good anymore

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sold Out Souls

Sold Out Souls   

All the pretty domiciles
Lined up in a row

Home sweet home,        
All a front

These empty shells,
Gutted dreams

Totally overextended
Now in foreclosure

Owned by the banks,
Seeking return on investment

Slick money pushers
After the crash they wrought

Vultures line up in a row        
To scoop up distressed bargains

Driven by the profit motive,
Their souls forever lost

Speed Bumping

Somewhere just past the horizon
Barely beyond where we can see
The future of us all awaits,
The mystery of destiny
You may want to take the express
Blow past the tyranny of time
Get where you need to be
Time our constant enemy 
Speed is so 21st Century,
Patience impossible to find
Maybe that’s why we all be so crazy,
Our heads can’t keep up with the tech
Spinning in a perpetual state of acceleration
Serenity constantly wrecked

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Paradise Frost

Paradise Frost    

The King on his frozen throne
Reading the latest weather charts

Trying to make sense of it all
What the Hell happened here?

No one foresaw this extreme climate change       
The dawn of an impossible Ice Age

In the capital city of Pandemonium
There is panic in the snowy streets

A grand conclave of experts is convened
To see if this calamity can be reversed     
The demons are having a devil of a time
Dealing with a Hell that has frozen over

Dragon Travails

Dragon Travails 

When the Dragon enters the room,
Show the proper respect 
An honor that has been earned        
Through the expanse of time

The legend many consider myth,
But your eyes do not deceive 

There was a time many years ago
Before the age of the machine

When the Dragon was all that,
Top of the medieval food chain

Now he waits patiently in his lair    
For the world to rotate again his way

Friday, June 21, 2013

All Hype, No Bite

All Hype, No Bite

Old Mother Seymour
Went to the local store

To get her family some food,
When she got there
The shelves were bare

No milk, no bread, no batteries,
There was panic in the aisles
Winter storm Fran was coming!!!

Media frenzy in full force
Our weekly blizzard of the century!
When did they start naming storms anyway?

Did I mention the storm of epic proportions?
The computer forecast casts a dire tale
Need to find a generator and toilet paper!

The day of dread arrives with just a drizzle
Seems the imperfect storm blew out to sea,
Just another case of mistaken intensity

$$$ Ladies Night $$$

$$$ Ladies Night $$$

Fast cars, faster women
Loose cash, looser women

Friday night under the lights
As the boys rev things up

An evening of endless possibilities
Awaits the players on both sides

Boy meets girl, boy gets girls
If he plays his credit cards right      
An investment opportunity
For a booty full night 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Show Time

Show Time

The crowd settles in
For tonight’s big event

Prior to going on stage
The performer pauses

Soaks up the scene
Files it to memory         

All the hard work
Has led to this moment 

When the life long fantasy
Becomes current reality

The curtain opens wide,
The star steps into the light

Absorbed by the adoration
Of the assembled fame addicts

Full glory to success stories that shine
The star power we can all plug into     

Pop Goes Us All

Pop Goes Us All

Virtual combat …

Passion times three …

Gangstas hip hoppin…

Shoot ‘em all up…

Bloody America

Enough is enough…

Information Blender

Information Blender

Welcome to Catastrophe
Our chaotic little state

Stuck in lock down mode again,
Uncertainty awaits

Fear is the currency of the day
The news we receive is slanted

Have to rely on ourselves now,
Take nothing for granted

Not always an easy thing to do
When confidence has been shattered

And good info is at a premium
Lost in our culture of clueless chatter

Split City

Split City           

 DAMN IT!!!!!!
Another relationship down

Totally terminated,       
Done for all time

Never saw this coming
Though they probably should have

Because duets require work
That folks just don’t want to put in

1,001 reasons why they crashed,
But the only one that matters 

Is that respect was compromised,
And this set the collapse in motion

Without this foundation
Love could not be sustained

Just another break up story
That did not have to be 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hair Today…

Hair Today…     

The girl with the pink hair,
A pretty pastel shade

So hard to take her seriously
Though she does not seem to care

In fact that’s probably her point,
Wants to shed the somber label    
Extract the max joy out of life
Before the meter runs out   

Pieces Killed Separately

Pieces Killed Separately

Major Devastation peers down
On the enemy position

Calibrating the trajectory
Of the artillery attack

Fire will rain down
Like Hell from above

The enemy of course
Will return the fire

A combustible chess game
With charred soldiers as pawns

Wonder what would happen
If the players chose not to play?

Jingle And Jangled

Jingle And Jangled     

Late one warm Summer’s night       
Sleeping with windows open

I hear the soft melody
Of wind chimes in the distance
Random notes being played,
Partners with the breeze

So very symbolic
In a metaphoric way

Fate is the wind,  
We are the music

At that moment I recall 
How much I HATE wind chimes!

Merging Lane

Merging Lane    

Everybody in therapy,
Everybody conflicted

Everybody high,
Everybody low

Everybody breaking up,
Everybody breaking out       
Seems like everybody doing something
While I be stuck in my stagnation

Sure is lonely on this island
Deep in the middle of myself  

Maybe I would be better served       
If I became a part of everybody        

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mona Lisa Dreaming

Mona Lisa Dreaming

Staring across the bar top wilderness
My gaze catches the sultry eyes

Of sweetness personified
What are her intentions?

Her smile seems flirtatious 
Or is she just being polite?

So hard to read the signals 
When hope clouds objectivity

While partying with her crew
She throws a quick glance in my direction

Or was she checking the TV?
Seeing right through me

Imagination now takes over
Visualizing us together

Is the same fantasy playing
Inside her angelic head?

The songlist plays on,
Lyrics nobody hears

Deep into the longing night
The stars sink into the horizon

The dream I will never know
Puts on her coat and leaves

Casting me a wistful smile on her way out
One last bouquet for the us that could have been

Monday, June 17, 2013

Battle Tested

Battle Tested

Through the haze of memory
I recall our ancient world

Before we became who we are
We had to pass through turmoil

Innocence lost,
A crushing blow

Took years to recover,
Hatred finally purged

All that remains are the scars
They serve as a reminder

Of the war which almost killed us
The battle lines drawn in blood

Today we honor our premature dead
By resolving to never let it happen again

Under The Rocks

Under The Rocks

The speaker of fiery rhetoric
Seeks to sway the angry masses

Regurgitating hateful lies
Same old fear and prejudice song

Mainstream types dismiss his rants
And his core cadre of kooks

Hard to take barbarians seriously
In this sophisticated age

Especially here in the Land of the Free,
With our democratic traditions

Mass apathy brings down empires  
Freedom should never be taken for granted

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hacker Attacker

Hacker Attacker 

The Hacker Attacker
Has penetrated the firewall!!

Infiltrated the master server
Infected the network!!!!

The Hacker Attacker,    
The evil assassin

Injecting viral chaos
All over the web

The Hacker Attacker,
The invisible demon

Wreaking cyber havoc
For reasons unknown

Just another tragic case
Of good brains gone bad         

Rumor Mill

Rumor Mill      

Did you hear the latest?
The talk going round    

Everybody scuttlebutting
A cacophony of sound

Lots of loose talk,
Nothing getting said

The conversation wanes,        
Another rumor put to bed      

The truth is a casualty, 
Reputations get destroyed

When information is lacking
Speculation fills the void                     

Caveat Emptor

Caveat Emptor

When a deal seems too good to be true,
It probably is not

Stick your nose in the package
And perform the stink test

A little first glance skepticism
In our little rip off existence

Honesty a rare commodity
In our “buyer beware” world

Need to practice safe buy
Cover all the bases

Being the best consumers we can be
Can save you long term grief

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Off Me Funger Tops

Off Me Funger Tops

Keyboard challenged Tybo Mam… 
Sorry..I meant to say Typo Man!!!  

Often finds himself in damage control       
With misapplied keystrokez

His bran moves faster than his fingers      
Whoops!! Brain was the word I intended!!

Amazing how a solitary misplaced letter
Can blow up what we mean to say  

When exceeding typing speed limits
Finger checks just cun’t be helped

CAN’T!!! Got to slow muself down
And proof read before I enter    

Friday, June 14, 2013



Here in the Land of Acronym,
Nobody talks anymore 

We speak electronically
Blips shot into cyberspace

In short hand language,
Fragmented communications
Online 24/7,        

Do you get what I say?
Do you need to interpret me?

Sometimes when we simplify
We make things that much harder 

Locked Up

Locked Up

The man with the hole in his heart
Searches the faces in the crowd

For a love left behind
Cause they were too young

Vainly seeks to reconnect
With a life that could have been

Clicks on an inviting link,
Scans the social network

So many identities out there,
But not the one he desires

Can’t disconnect from the past
So hard to turn yesterday off

When will he realize
That it’s time to move on?

Kitchen Capades

Kitchen Capades

Deep into the late night
By the fridge’s dim light 
In a snacking mood,
Foraging for food

Excess calories abound
Nutritional value not found

Way too late to really care
Since my modeling career went nowhere

What to eat? What to eat?
Maybe that piece of gray meat?      
So many choices, none of them good
Once again NOT living life the way I should        

Fire In The Box

Peering through the flat screen,        
Our shattered looking glass

Death and despair everywhere         
Society flaming out

The  beast we have created
Has finally turned on us

The violence we glorified
Now a national nightmare

What use to be a video game
Becoming more and more real

Now is the time to atone for our sins        
Put the angry genie back in the bottle

Or we will be the victims on the flat screen
Cannon fodder for the Evening News         

Consumption Composition

Consumption Composition

After a hard day laboring
We convene at the drinking hole

For a little mindless conversation
Over an adult beverage or two

Distractions abound
As the music blares

Surrounded by games
Of every persuasion

Such are the seductions
We sometimes fall into

Pour yourself another drink
And formulate your night

Thursday, June 13, 2013



Took a swig of something strong
Because it needed to be done  

Got out of my head for awhile
Tricked my brain into having fun

Said words I really shouldn’t have  
Did things I did not need to do 
Blamed it all on the alcohol
Shared alibis with my impaired crew

Now we suffer the morning after
Back to the Hell of sobriety

Our life that awaits when we return
From our flight away from reality 

Over The Top

Over The Top    

Been waiting on this line FOREVER       
To get a scrap of documentation

That I really do not need
But the rules force me to conform

Actually the wait has NOT been forever,
 It only seems that way 

I am very exaggeration prone
When it’s the only way to get my point across

Which brings me back from whence I started,     
Back here on this FOREVER line

With all the other overly dramatic types          
Waiting impatiently for poetic license        

A Lovelorn Man

A Lovelorn Man

See the heart broken man
In search of lost love

Frantically drops to his knees
Praying to the Lord above

Seeks guidance and direction
To regain happiness out of sight

Going to places few ever go
To make his fractured world right

Never take love for granted
Hold on tight and never let go

Or you too may lose the one you hold dear,
The precious TV remote control 

The good ship lollipop
taking on water

Slowly descending
into oblivion deep

Not enough lifeboats
Too many people

Soon to be victims
They can’t all be saved

Who are the winners we  keep?
Who are the losers destined to die?

Luck always on the side
of the Chosen Ones

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

For Whom The Dinner Bell Tolls

For Whom The Dinner Bell Tolls

All the monkeys in the trees
A whoopin and a hollerin

Another wild night in the jungle
As a pack of predators stroll in 

 Wearing the scent of dread 
Beneath the moon drenched shadows

No place for the faint of heart
Or the weak of intellect

They will not survive the night
As the herd gets thinned out

Nature’s way of downsizing
The jungle population 

Drought Busters

I’m so full of crap      
Spewing the latest nonsense…         
Self indulgent noise

Pontificating profoundly
Hollow words flow freely

This is what happens
when the well runs dry
and the soul is parched
Dreams turn to dust

Creativity gone dry

The only way to get refreshed

is to dig a little deeper

and let the words will flow

Dearly Departed

A sunny Spring day,
Perfect in every way

A day just like many years before,
When we were young and off to war

Marching in a glorious parade,
Soaking up patriotic accolades

Old men spoke impassioned words,
For a noble cause now blurred

Lost somewhere in the fog of recollection
The war took us in a different direction

To an inferno where our demons convened
Scarred battlefields strewn with mangled dreams

Tourists today visit the manicured site
Trying to get their photo ops right

Right next to the souvenir shop stands a plaque
Recounting a litany of casualty facts

Most don’t even bother reading the sign
Now just big numbers diminished by time,

But to us forgotten ghosts who didn’t come back
Our sacrifice is more than a mere statistical fact

Not that we require any bronze statues
Dieing was never what we intended to do

Heroes we became quite accidently
Fighting forever battles throughout eternity

We are the faceless casualties of war
Still trying to figure out what we died for

Fame Game

Fame Game        

The face on the flat screen
We all want to be

Seen by millions of eyes,
Instant celebrity

Fame is a narcotic,
A blinding white star

A foolish illusion
To validate who we are          

State of Flux

State of Flux       

 Driving down Dizzy Street,
Took a turn for the worse      

Navigated right off the map,
A place I could not comprehend      

The road sign was spinning rapidly
Making the blur of words hard to read      

So I started rotating myself
For some parallel perspective

Only then could I understand                                
The meaning of the message

Now I knew the place that I was

All I had to do was stabilize
To get back where I needed to be