Wednesday, September 30, 2015

To Be Or Not

Tis just another

overdose suicide plunge
kind of day

but we really don't
need to die that way


no matter how hard

always beats death

in a comparison test 

Canary Island

The canary loose in the world

Such a pretty bird is she

Living out there in the wild

Flying a life so very free 

All the caged birds envy her celebrity     

for she is all they desire to be

If only they knew
the pressure cooker reality
of having to be
always on

and the river of tears
her fans
would be shocked to see 

The feathered fall out
of a dream gone wrong

For fame is a cage
without steel bars   

The canary loose in the world

Such the pretty bird is she

So weary
of caged sycophants
living through her
For she is NOT

the dream

society wants her to be

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Cloud Minders

I do so envy
your cloud dwelling existence

Embracing all that loose
leisure time
the cerebral life affords

Soaking up the fine arts

Contemplating philosophy 

Sipping your lattes
at the Ethereal Cafe 

Tis no wonder

you float above
us mud dwelling types
who are forever destined to be
in the desperate reality
your society ignores

Looking down

with the puffy bewilderment
only the out of touch share

So how's the weather up there?

Tough Loving

Enough lame lamentations

about your incessant
boo hoo situations

Thicken your skin

Take ownership

Lose that self pity rap

and get your sorry ass

back in the game via @YouTube

Travel Guide

Damn! This hill before us is steep!
Will we ever make it to the top? 

Geez! This rain seems perpetual! 
Is it ever going to stop?

Why is life such a struggle?
Even simple tasks a chore

Things we once took for granted
Don’t seem to work anymore

Perhaps we need to fix ourselves
And put our expectations aside 

Seems we are no longer driving this bus
We’re just passengers along for the ride

Monday, September 28, 2015

Pop Goes The Junkie

Room is spinning

Perform self diagnosis

Seems I ingested too much
forbidden fruit

Vision blurred

Body chemically compromised

Brain synapses fried

Hallucinations strobe flashing

Walls bleeding

Pulse rate exceeding
safety regulations

Finger down throat

Expel the poison

Stabilize the situation

Hang on til morning

Vow to never again
ride the dragon

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Forsaken One

Deep within this blaring intersection
hangs a man from a blood drenched cross

Looking down on the pilgrims below 
as they scurry madly to and fro

What was once
a tourist curiosity show
now a trivia question nobody knows

Part of the 24/7 scenery unseen

Melded into the mosaic of a society lost

Just another annoying city obstacle
we step over and around

As we mutter about urban clutter 

Nobody bothers to take the time
to see humanity's greatest crime

Not one soul will be found
to help this wounded soul down 

A slice of 21st Century selfishness

The new original sin

Saturday, September 26, 2015

It Is What It Is

We wander
these empty corridors
that all look the same

Like rats in a maze
bouncing off
blind corners

constantly seeking
a way out
of this mundane existence

Perhaps tis time
to turn off the persistence

and find serenity

in acceptance

of our labyrinth 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mortal Confession

I am going to die

You are too

Nothing new

but forever true

So why do we deny

impending mortality?

We better make haste

and not waste

this gift

before it


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Internal Problem

We complicate matters
when we should be simplifying 
to achieve the necessary understanding
required for good solutions

We hesitate and procrastinate
when we need be finalizing
to achieve the crystal clarity
required for decisive actions

Seems obvious to me

that we seem to be

our own worst enemy

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Keep The Change

I am today
not who I was yesterday

Nor am I now
who I shall be tomorrow

Is this evolution or erosion?

The natural ebb and flow
surfing the currents of time

Or perhaps change
is nothing more
than a state of mind?

A wisp of clouded perception?

I don't know

Who's to say?

Tis all a crap shoot anyway

Keep the change

Friday, September 18, 2015

Bugging Out

Looking up
from the underground
after my post chemical
crash down

I feel a million bugs 
crawling up and down
my arms

When I look around

nothing is there

Now the crawlies
are all over my legs

but I still can't see them

as they infiltrate
my clouded brain

and gradually dominate
the pathetic junkie personality 
I have become

A giant frightened insect

scurrying for cover

when the lights come on

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Off the Wall

Let's build a wall

A mega
red white and blue barrier

to keep "those people" out

You know exactly who 

I'm talking about

We'll sell it to the PC crowd

as protection of our fragile economy

but we know better


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Poison Propaganda Pills

The self righteous crew

of Mr Red, Mr White, and Miss Blue

will tell you

and all the cheering pilgrims 

what REAL Americans should do

They will vilify
all those who hold opinions
that do not fit
their narrow world view 

Pushing hard
the party line
which glorifies
all the ancient lies
about the good old days
for the elite on top
of the social pyramid

Always pounding
on a scapegoat or two

These super patriots 

Self proclaimed guardians
of moral purity
and ethnic virtue 

Just like the fascists
we fought
in World War II

Gray Matter

The truth you hold absolute

through those hard lenses
you wear with such certainty

may not reflect necessarily

the same shade of gray

that I see 

Sunday, September 13, 2015













Access Uplift

Sunday morning searching
in the 21st century

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Groundhog Daze

This sad anniversary

I don't wanna remember

but can't ever forget

Always the media show
as politicos scurry to and fro
to get that coveted photo op 

Victim families on display
to validate that tragic day 

to our annual scab picking

as the pain flows freely
from the forever scar
gouged out at ground zero

that I fear
will never heal properly

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Extreme Solutioning

To eradicate the threat perceived
we burned the structure down
and poured salt on the ground
so nothing would grow again 

Some say

the whole scorched Earth scene
was taken to the extreme

A gross overreaction
to problems that could have been
easily corrected

but this is what we
historically  do

when we yield to fear

and let panic rule

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Fizzle Out

When she kissed her prince
there was zero electricity

No hormonal chemistry
that fairy tales demand 

So she let him go

Even though
she loved him so

The perfect man
to happily ever after with

Cast out for lack of passion

that history knows
can never be sustained anyway

Done in by finicky biology

All that remains

is her everlasting regret

for releasing

the happiness

that fell in her lap 

Who I Am

Feel free to see me
in whatever light you like

Dim or bright

False or true

My reality remains the same

For I am who I am

regardless of your view

Thursday, September 3, 2015

One Trick Me

I am different

Always have been

Even as a child
I only ate the bread crust

Had no desire
to be part of the herd 

Popular fads of the day
held zero sway

Grew into a man
and still lived
off to the side

Guess I've never possessed
the fit in gene
of a well adjusted
social being

So I walk the path
of a loner's life

My solo destiny

to always be

outside the mainstream

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Painting Perceptions

All the world

now an electronic stage
where we click out
our slanted narratives
for public consumption

Posting heavily edited
rose colored selfie productions
we can rarely duplicate
outside the flat screen 
in our unregulated real lives

Always take the cover story
at it's face value

Decide for yourself
how much you view is true

and try as best you can
to filter out the fluff