Sunday, February 28, 2016

Preying Confession

Slow floating
with the rarely seen
bottom feeders
beneath the sea icy dark

The weight
of self induced depression
was slowly crushing me

So I took a chance
and rocket fueled my frustrations
to rise from the depths
of a drawn out death

I launched myself
toward the warmth
of the solar induced lights
the temperate waters offered

Reached the surface finally

Found myself swimming with the sharks

Who poked at my joy curiously
before devouring me
in a feeding frenzy

If I had stayed below
and embraced contentment
in the security of anonymity
I would have never been
a carnivore's dinner
but would have missed out
feeling the exhilaration
of life
before a meaningful death

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sic Semper Tyrannis

The crowds swell by the day

Growing exponentially
with the volume of your rants
against the out of touch
powers that be
(though you are part of the elite tribe) 

Your scripted indignation
has truly poked a nerve
of the desperately frustrated masses
who have anointed you the chosen one 
to lead them to the promised land

The sheep can not see
the depths of your hypocrisy
and the danger you pose
to our fragile democracy

As they ravenously devour
your "us against them" theme

That reliable homily
of demagogues throughout history
is nothing more than a front

A means to an end
to scapegoat others
til the hidden agendas
become unleashed
against civil liberties

as the past becomes
the nightmare reality
of tomorrow

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Cover Up

Spackle my holes
if you wanna patch me up

Take your putty knife to me

Spread the love generously

These cracks you see

can be sanded smooth
and painted over
to make the view
seem good as new

Just realize all my flaws
your work did hide

still reside
just beneath
my new cosmetic surface

All the facade material
you slapped on 
can never change
who I am 

Monday, February 15, 2016

De Bitching Process

Her medical condition

Diagnosed as chronic bitchiness

can not be cured
by conventional means

so we go heavy intervention

Strap her sorry ass
to a cold steel table

Zap her crass attitude
with a blast of electrodes

to rearrange her mood process

and be a less disagreeable soul

Monday, February 8, 2016

Foolish Domain

The fool that is me

Sprinkles seeds in concrete
Waters them with poetry
Waiting on harvest dreams

The fool that is me

Writes verse by moonlight
Crafting rainbows at night
That nobody sees

The fool that is me

Choking on anonymity
while marveling at the absurdity
of his foolish existence 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Friendly Reciprocations

Every time I fell

you picked me up
with a well placed 
smile or two

and when internal doubt
paralyzed my soul

you boosted my self esteem
as only you can do

Now you are one
who is down and out

Tough times abound
inside your cyclone

So take my hand 

and let me lead you out

on the reclamation path

you paved for me

Stalking Mythology

Through the dark forest
of enchantment history  

The hunter of mythology 
stalks his prey 
with empirical precision

Target in sight 

Piercing red laser beam

Rifle blast shatters serene 

Unicorn drops 

It's quivering carcass
covered in rainbow blood 

Dragons weep
over their slain friend

vowing revenge
on all those
murderous cynics
who seek to snuff out
their very existence