Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fall Into the Class Gap

When a group feels
they are
a special breed apart

Preferred residents
in a state of grace
above all the rest
of the commonplace
and misguided populace

Prejudice is inevitable
against those deemed below
the self proclaimed
guardians of exceptionalism

and then

resentment builds over time

in the hearts of those
stuck in the pressure cooker
of poverty

toward the elite citizens
of snobbery

who can never understand 

the turmoil they scornfully see

on their 84 inch screens

when the depressed class

they ignore

finally explodes

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Age of Entitlement

Cookie jar

sits on the counter

beyond the reach
of the hungry child

who strains
to achieve
instant gratification 
that defines
the Now Generation

Patience rapidly
replaced by frustration
as sweet dreams
go unfulfilled
(an early taste of adulthood)

Most will scream
and cry for Mommy
who of course
will give their baby
what they need
if only to shut them up
so they can get back
to their secret
online romance

The special toddler few
will learn to use their heads 
and find a way
to overcome the denial obstacle
with a chair

They will will also find

satisfaction is multiplied

when you achieve the goal yourself

instead of having it handed to you

Fixer Upper

In this broken globe
that spins through space
seriously off kilter

take an imperfection

the first one you find

cause we got plenty

and upgrade that sucker
to a better version
than it was before

Find a shattered soul

we got lot's of those too

take their pain
and make it your own

Sign up for reclamation

one chipped brick at a time

If enough of us join up

to effect repairs

there'd be no denying

the power

of uplifting returns 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Check Your Sole At The Door

Down through history

all the way back to antiquity

in the course of human events

shit happens

and when

the inevitable 

fecal reaction occurs 

there's not much we can do
to prevent the crap expulsion

other than try
to sidestep the mess
with footwork deft

or wipe the stink of life
clean off our shoes

when we can't
the stench residue
fate leaves behind

Monday, April 27, 2015

Conspiracy Industry

My conspiracy

that I've polished and perfected
to the point 
where it could conceivably 
be true 

could be your conspiracy too

if we can find a way
to get our paranoia straight

and coordinate our distrust
of the official story

We could start a blog
to spread some viral suspicions 

Fan the flames of public doubt

Become an expert TV authority

Ride the media wave we created  

Maybe merchandise our hysteria

Sell an overpriced t shirt or two  

By the time the fact checkers

ruin our tale with inconvenient truth

Profits will be neatly tucked away

to reinvest in our next treachery fantasy

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Seeking Sense

All the answers you seek
to riddles that confound
are contained somewhere
in the loose solution fragments
rattling around
and bouncing off the walls
of your muddled brain

You have all the pieces
to the puzzle in your possession

Find your guide 
through the power
of positive visualization  

Take the time
to sort
and collate
the jumble cells
in an orderly progression

Connect the dots
of elusive truth 

until you finally
get the picture
that was staring you
in the face
all along

Tech Wreck

How could we have known
the awesome power
of these hand held devices
that lived in our pockets
would one day 
fry our neighboring reproductive organs
and leave
the whole wired world sterile?

Such delicious irony
that today the only people left
who can advance our species
are the citizens
of so called under developed countries

and to think that the extinction
of our tech worshiping society
so addicted to technology 
could have been prevented
if we kept these machines we loved
at arms length

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wind Blown Us

At the official dissolution of us

she inquired (as they often do)

where we went wrong

and what did become

of our great relationship

As the song proclaims

The answer my friend

is blowing in the wind

Untied things

of insecure means

that lack substance

tend to blow away

when the weather goes stormy 

Conceptual Living

The blender  
of a few well placed
electrical discharges
in our underutilized brains
is where inspiration
dances unrestrained

Creations of virgin purity
immaculately unstained
by doubt bombs
of internal and external scrutiny

The blueprint always
displays perfection

If only we could live
in this secure womb
of abstract excellence

Instead we endure
these broken implementations
that perpetually leave us wanting

forever seeking
the next future
unfulfilled inspiration 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Marked House of Cards

You do know of course

that this life game we all play
is totally rigged

but we gotta compete anyway

to fight over the scraps
that trickle down

into the massive pit

where we have been consigned

with the rest of the ballast

Maybe this is our destiny

to settle for comfortable mediocrity

while playing the daily lottery

just in case fortune finds us

Royal Crush

Being a prince
is not all glamour and glitz

All this awful protocol
of arcane traditions
no longer relevant

Oh, and did I mention

the princess is such a bitch

but this side you will never see

behind the fairy tale fantasy

she is the sparkly doll  
that every little girl
wants to be

married to a phony
miserable prince like me 
who can't walk away
from this crystal prison 

Here in the kingdom of hyprocrisy

Smile and wave for the cameras

Sometimes I miss
my old frog's

once upon a kiss

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Night of the Nothing

One cloudless night

twas nary a star in the sky

Even the full moon
scheduled to appear
had disappeared mysteriously 

No one could figure why

the celestial lights had taken
it's leave of our view

Apocalyptic theologians
and perplexed scientists
fiercely debated
the meaning 
of this impossibility

Was it an anomaly of astronomy

or maybe

God simply forgot to pay
the electric bill?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dead Debt

Old man of means
knows his time is waning

Believes his piles of money
can buy his wrinkly ass more time

How much cash it may take
is anybody's guess

Sets up a Grim Reaper meeting
to cut a deal with Death

For three days and three nights
the conference drags on

All to no avail

Negotiations fail

No extensions granted

for the dead man

whose credit has expired 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Feed Bag Rap

The starving man
can be fed
hard stale bread

and it will be
ravenously consumed

Show a woman
with low self esteem
a little complimentary love

and they will eat it up

but what
feast for the soul
could possibly
satiate sinful me?

I am
spiritually anorexic

De Weave The Day

Those calamities
we bring
on ourselves
are the hardest knots to untie

We have to unravel
not only threaded consequence

but also the stubborn core
of tightly wound ego
we arrogantly applied
when we let our emotions decide
the course of future events

Now we need find
the required humility
to break down our deficiencies  
and extricate ourselves
from the morass we made   

Only then

once we have untangled

and the fix implemented

can we proceed 

to get back 

on the road to evolution 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Truth in Heroism

A true hero

does not need

to be thanked daily

or honored with

medals bright and shiny

True heroes
do what needs to be done

without fanfare
or parades of glory

even though

those they save

know the true score

Pressing Love

Her smothering
oppressive 24/7 love

slowly wearing me down

as I choke on the
excessive affections
flooding in my direction

I know I should be grateful
to be blessed
with such emotional riches
in this love starved existence

but we all need to breathe
do we not?

If I can't find a way
to temper her fervor

I may overdose
on her hard core crush

Friday, April 17, 2015

Static Soup

So here I be

ranting away incessantly

to foes and friends

on my crumbling soapbox

pissing into the wind again

Bitter splash back

drenches my frustrated face

Nobody cares

about my worldly views

Which only reinforces

my chronic negativity

Fast approaching is the day

when I will forever go away

Will the indifferent world miss me?

Probably not

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Power Waltz

Follow the line  ________________________ 

Follow the line  ________________________


is all a state of mind

To play or not to play

by the asinine rules
written by ignorant fools?

How long
can one bite their tongue
and endure
the slings and arrows
of outrageous egos?

Sometimes you gotta break
from the twisted conga line

Jump the barbwire fence 

Dance with consequence

Give truth a spin
around the dance floor
and maybe 
empowered wallflowers
will join in

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blessed Be the Mirthmakers

Here at the Church of Humor
the faithful congregate
to celebrate the gospel
of the comic greats

Chaplin, Groucho, and Lewis

to name just a few
immortals of schtick
and slapstick

We climb
banana peel laden steps
and enter
the pie in the face shrine
inside our comedy cathedral

where laughter is sacred
as we worship
clever wordplay
and forever believe
in the lofty power
of light hearted levity

So come one
come all

Join the fun congregation

Find your smile salvation
and be absurd again

All are welcome


Monday, April 13, 2015

Heavenly Ascension

Reservations now available

for a get away trip
to eternity together

Before signing up
for your forever
ever after adventure

please ensure you
have the right travel partner

and that all your affairs
are in order

cause the trip is one way

and definitely

non refundable

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Stable Condition

If you can keep
your emotions in check
when panic is in vogue

The jittery wrecks
who created the mess
will get incensed
and label you

Throw their indignation
back in their faces

Maybe your cool
can be contagious

Saturday, April 11, 2015

All Good

If it feels good

simply accept the sensation
as a welcome respite
from our desperate situations

Don't overanalyze your joy

Defer the guilt trip

You are a very worthy
of happiness

And you know what?

we here below
are going to be
living vicariously
through you

Looking to bask
in your smile residue

Cause feeling good
is always GOOD

Through Blood Shot Eyes

Misty with the butterfly tattoo

Travels light

Glides through this life
riding rainbows at night

Constantly suckling
the nectar of neon flowers
that line Pleasure Boulevard

The city is her playground

but the lifestyle comes with a price 

Those Hellish morning afters 

exact a heavy toll
on those who still 
cling to remnants of their souls

The truth of this future abyss
hangs over all creatures
of the night

The sun always rises

burning away those
convenient denials
that darkness protects

As Misty once again
kneels before her porcelain throne
and purges the poisons accumulated
from the evening's debaucheries 

Foggy reflections
yield to the reality
of the day

One last self confession
seeps through her walls 
of hedonistic obsessions

In order to survive

she must someday
fly away

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Destination NullandVoid

I so wanna go

but got nowhere to go

Trapped in these days
piling up like eternity

Drifting in a sea of monotony

Compass is busted

I can't even concoct
stimulating fantasies anymore

The rut keeps deepening

You know what I mean?

Are you stuck
in nowhere like me?


we can keep each other company?

Reverse the Hearse

Tonite we haunt the ghosts
who reside in the walls
acting so smug
and above it all

Petulant illusions
we can now ignore

For they don't
scare us anymore

We know
they are not real

Then again

neither are we

Funny Tragedy

Humor can unite

Lightening the mood
when we need a smile

Poking fun
at our shared absurdities

Group smiles soothe
a variety of calamities                   

but if we offend

even though
we did not intend
to wound bruised egos

the humor we wield
becomes a weapon
that cuts deep

friends become enemies
at the perceived comedy slight

Maybe it's not right

The nuclear power of words

When the joke turns on us

as the laughter implodes

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Going to Corrosion

I take my poison on the rocks

with just a dash of bitters

I love that feeling
of inner corrosion
that only 
cleansing acid can bring

Dispassionately dissolving
all the accumulated crud 
clogging up my pores

The flaw of course

comes when the sludge is gone

and the liberating solution
commences to eat away at my core  

until what was good within is no more

Just another case study

where the cure 

is worse than the disease

The Book of Rigid

When self righteous
holier than thou types
descend from the mountain
with their chiseled truths
and moral imperatives

take a crowbar
to their closed minds
and remind them
that all unbending
stone monuments
to stubborn dogma 
erode over time

As they will preach
with clenched teeth

that old time gospel
from the dusty books
printed by Gutenberg 
centuries before

So very time insensitive
to the swirling
behavioral vagaries 
of the text age

Adapt or die

Why don't dinosaurs ever listen?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Final Verdict

After the music fades
and we receive
our final performance evaluation
about the audition
that is our lives

The last thing
we need hear
from the booming voice
sitting beneath 
the blinding white light


"Try it again
once more with feeling"

Monday, April 6, 2015

Over the Top Rap

In all the fervor
of rarer than rare 
black and white certainty
it's so easy
to lose perspective
in passions fire of intensity 
and magnify the degree
of the nasty offense
in this unjust
world of ambiguous gray

Lead us not 
into the nuclear powered fervor
of self righteous indignation
and deliver us
from ourselves


truth be told

nobody hears

the condescending  

know it all

even when they're right

Fan Dumb

Here on the sidelines
it's so damn easy
to mock and criticize
those below in the arena
who dare play for all to see

Win or lose
the naysayers
will abuse
those they
openly resent

for a lifetime
of dreams unfulfilled
and all their realities
of mediocrity

So don't be 
an angry
overly critical spectator

Try a little supportedness 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

March of the Drones

We just launched
our latest model
in death tech

It's a kite drone
that drifts
over enemy lines
til it finds
our target du jour 

Another advancement
in push button war

Missiles now
camouflaged very pretty
until they fall to Earth
and obliterates
our unsuspecting enemy

Some say

it's an impersonal way
to inflict casualties 

but who needs
out dated
boots on the ground 
costs and inefficiencies

when we can kill 
much more safely
and effectively
from trailers 
loaded with
pimply faced
soldier gamers
thousands of miles away 

War in the 21st century
will be fought

in cyberspace battlefields
of touch screen technology

Friday, April 3, 2015

Celebrate the Brain

I am

the sum
of all I have met

You are too

The accumulation
from all the out takes
of scenes
played out daily

spliced together
in the mosaic of memory

Past snippets swirl 
and form behavior

constantly evolving

forever learning 

from the triumphs
and mistakes
of ourselves and others

We store this knowledge

stacked high

on the shelves of experience

Processing choices
with amazing efficiency

Such the marvelous
device of biology are we 

though never at

the brain capacity
we think we should be

Down Draft

Trapdoor opens

Floor support is no more

as we struggle to prevent
our tragic descent
into the waiting arms
of Chaos Town

A disintegrating place
with crumbling infrastructure
betraying a proud history
of empire and power

Now a mountain range
of smoldering rubble

where frazzle is currency
and the truth served up daily
with a dash of absurdity

cause tragedy
becomes comedy
when it marinates
over the centuries

and all the survivors
who fell through the floor
unknowingly become
the shadow ghosts 
of post apocalypse 

Do you recognize
these apparitions
and the truth behind
their plummeting demise?

They are us

and our sin
was arrogance

The recurring
poison of humanity
throughout history 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I want
to color in
all the phony innocent
not so well intended
white lies white
with an avalanche of truth
to forever render them


and irrelevant

Caged Tomorrows

My kind resides

outside the lines
drawn by
the authorities
of society

We are

by all conventional

marginal types at best

To be tolerated

but always kept 
at arms length

as freak show players

tagged and caged
as to not infect
the insulated populace
from our peculiar brand
of  behavior labeled aberrant  

Their restrictions
we accept

as we acquiesce 
to the whims
of the alpha mutts

but we know

the wheels
of change do turn

so we bide our time

til that day
of critical mass

when we freaks


and overwhelm

the freaked out