Friday, March 25, 2016

Shield Shadow

My once fragile heart

Broken down
and restored repeatedly
over time

My refurbished heart

Now as stone

A wall of indifference
where nothing penetrates
my callous perimeter

Can't be hurt
by misplaced love anymore

I've learned 
from all 
the crash and burns
that came before

Love is great
for flowery
romantic poetry


the majesty

of the long term chemistry

never seems

to work for me

Nuclear Clubbing

Back in the 40's
while the world
was busy bleeding

Science stealthy got together
and managed
to split the atom 

Mega power mushroom clouds
onto the unsuspecting global stage

The dawn of the nuclear age
exploded over
desert test sites

Climaxing on that fateful day
over Hiroshima
when the beast was released
with blazing ferocity

At that moment of history
we became an endangered species

When the nuclear clock began
creeping toward apocalypse

Tick Tock .....

Monday, March 21, 2016

Here's Donny!!!!!!

As you lay
beneath the covers warm
behind locked doors
in your secure bedroom

I am
your nightmare
who has not yet performed
on the great stage
inside your paranoid head

Cause potential
subconscious doom
is always best served
when slow cooked
in the cauldron of dread

Of course you do know
deep in your soul

I am coming soon
beneath the blood moon

and when I finally strike
you will be
defenseless from me

as I penetrate your dreams
and strip away
what's left of your sanity

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Proprietor


for all that I be

Not you

Not my family

Not society

on my ledger sheet
is totally on me

I take ownership
of all the bullshit
that stains my history

Gonna flush the past away

Reboot fresh today

and proceed

down the path 

of accountability 

Striding proudly
without the crutches
of alibis and self pity

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Market Dogma

The casual observer
and innocent bystander
sharing a bottle of transparency
down at Cafe Apathy

Putting their two cents in
the neon jukebox
they blare the latest hit
from the high profile band
Vox Populi

Well dressed media pundits
converge on the scene 
to conduct yet another
well choreographed focus group
to tell us what it all means

An evening of cliche laden
conversation they will spend
leading the random sample sheep
to conclusions that meet the desired end

The well coiffed prop messiah
in the tailored suit
will be spoon fed this data eventually
in the spirit of self fulfilling prophesies

Which will validate the legitimacy
of his devoted apostles
who spread the word
of the second coming 
to the disinterested patrons
of Club Apocalypse
who are too busy 
achieving perfect numbness
to buy in to the consumable product
that passes for modern absolute truth

Advise and Resent

Don't sabotage my life
with your lame advice

Well intentioned
as your "me upgrade" may be

Let's face it

You are not exactly

an authority

on emotional stability

So I'll take this solitary path
I've blazed through the mud
all the way to it's inevitable end

and maybe there
we will both find
what we need my friend

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Streets of Fire

When does a spark
turn into a raging flame?

A sharp poke 
on glowing embers
can easily ignite
when the atmosphere is ripe 

as injustice glows hot
inside this toxic tinderbox
where all hope
for better days
has been extinguished
like a halon shower

Where does a spark
turn into a raging flame?

On the desperate streets
of Urban Decay U.S.A. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Better To Remember

Your kids

are not perfekt

Neither are you

Nor were you 
so flawless and pure
back in the day
when your folks
were in chastise mode
as you struggled to decipher
the directions for this life out 

Remember that fact
next time you vent
and neglect
letting them know
how much you love
mixed up them

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Party of One

Welcome to 
a very exclusive party

A celebration of depravity  

Where every indulgence
is satisfied fully

Self righteous purveyors
of pompous hypocrisy
lay on the guilt trip

Preaching incessantly
about the vice of gluttony

Their hidden agenda jealousy
totally wasted on me

Cause the party of me
is and always will be
a salacious solo symphony 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Peeping Me

Home again
in my old bedroom
alone with teenage memories 

Seems like an eternity
since you were 
my next door fantasy 

The saplings Dad planted
when we were kids
now a forest
blocking my view
of your bedroom window
I use to peek through
those steamy summer nights
when you put on a strip show
exclusively for appreciative me 

Looking back I now know
you were well aware of my eyes
worshiping your blossoming form
that I can still see
through the flickering light of memory

I'm not sure you knew
the things I fantasized
about doing to you

Then again

we were probably
sharing the same fantasy
ignited by teasing sexuality
those many years ago

Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Big ACHE

It never stops

Throbbing pain
a constant strain

It never stops

Like a massive tumor
pressing against my brain

It never stops

All the old maladies
cry out for remedy

Life hurts relentlessly 

It never stops