Sunday, October 9, 2016

Depreciation Appreciation

Please cease and desist
from your incessant persistence
of dredging up past indiscretions
from the cesspool of yesterday
we all once swam in
when we were young and dumb

Share with the skeptical congregation
the path you currently run
and more importantly
where you plan to be
once this fishing inquisition is done

For in our world of stained imperfections
allowances must be granted
for the dents and scratches
we accumulate over the years

Saturday, October 8, 2016

The True Meaning of Halloween

I can't remember the last time I've so looked forward to Halloween(at least since the days I was a chocolate crazed kid)..Gonna be a blast laughing at all the nervous Nellies wringing their hands fretting about internet sensation Killer Klowns deviously infiltrating the bands of costumed trick or treaters. This lame tamed down holiday will be infused with some much needed tension this year

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Mosh Pit Politics

The right man
ain't always the righteous man

The strong man
rarely is much on tolerance

The addiction 
to these contradictions
by our desperate for a hero
frustrated nation

begs the question

if this American democracy
is still the solution we want it to be ?

or maybe

just maybe

We finally see the inherent hypocrisy
streaming in our faces daily
under the tattered banner of freedom 

As the top shelf elite wring their hands

Pissing into a fire storm they don't understand

Even though deep down they know
they will be the first to go

With each news cycle day
Mother Media influence wanes

The beast their conflict journalism created
now beyond their power to contain

Even fear tactics tried and true
can not quell the frenzy
as growing masses
cheer the monster
pounding away at our gates

And to those of you
who still have no clue
how the Hell
the groundswell
for this freak show pitchman
grows like a populist tsunami

Just look in the mirror
and peel back that civilized
decaying rational facade

Embrace the monster you are

Put your fist through the glass

Smear your bloody hand on the wall

Give in to the inevitability of our fall

and most of all