Thursday, December 31, 2015

Resolving Door

 Be it resolved

in the year soon to be,

we’re going to treat each other

a little bit more civilly  

and let's not be

so hard on ourselves either

A little self slack cutting
would be nice

Be it resolved in the year soon to be

We’re going to rediscover our smiles 

Worry a little less

Love a lot more

Appreciate this gift called life

Stop sweating the small stuff

Isn’t it really sort of silly

We have resolve to do these things 

That we should have been doing all along?

Tale of Two Calendars

We slaves to tech
always check
the pixel stream
of our omnipresent flat screen
to verify the time

Every day 
wears a number
assigned by Providence
way before
the advent of the machine

Do you recall
when days use to hang
quite primitively
from kitchen walls?

Each flat date
neatly squared
so you could notate
future events

Life seemed
to move much slower then 

Yesterday being so
technically inefficient

in a bucolic

Norman Rockwell sense

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mr Blip

How do you do

My name is irrelevant 

I'm just passing through
this point in memory
where our paths crossed

If you blinked
you probably missed me

or you may have simply

forgotten who I was

before I became

the warm breeze caressing your face

who misses you badly

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Label Busters

We are all defined
by the perceptions we wear

Inside our society crafted
lasting impressions steel cage  

Reality becomes
such a travesty
in these confined quarters

Tis so unfair

but once we accept
the inequities
of the label machine

we can work around

these inflexible misconceptions

and commence 

to correct the narrative

plastered on our backs

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Many Dark Returns

Christmas concludes
like it's suppose to do

Baby Jesus and his nativity crew
get shoved back into storage

We instant transition
back to the secular world

Into the mercenary pit
of our cold empirical existence

Hearts once again encased
in steel and concrete

as the holiday spirits

we had embraced

get crammed back into 
formerly pristine boxes

Taped up as best we can

Good will
destined to be exchanged
for another full year

of detached cynicism 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Phony Prophets

Irony upon irony
wrapped in hypocrisy

A gift under the tree
for those who insist
on bringing Jesus
into their politics

Check out his narrative

He was a bleeding heart


turn the other cheek

give it all away


who would be vilified

and crucified 

by those very same

holier than thou Christians

who falsely claim

to champion him

These modern day pharisees 

with their walled off hearts
and divine hypocrisies

must really piss off JC

assuming he's even

paying attention anymore

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Stealth Maintenance

All my accumulated secrets

stacked up high

in the tiny vault
deep inside
my memory repository 

need to be
taken out


and hand cleaned

just in case
they spill out

Creating messy

life complications 

Beast Reduction

My snarling demons
which use to dominate
and control
my heathen soul
have gradually 
over time

Their power has waned

cause beasts tend to shrink

when you don't feed them

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Labor of Muck

So many fools
we must work around

Grinding away
with our plastered smiles

as we struggle
to shovel through
the task force storm  
dropping bullshit from above

courtesy of

the very same fools

who make the rules

that clog our existence 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Round Tripping

Late night
under the neon stars
at the Bar Bizarre

my mistress unfiltered
poured me a shot
of something off kilter

I must confess I was concerned
about the mini chemical cloud
hovering over the strange brew

though who was I to question
at this point of the evening
contents and their effects unforeseen?

So I took that leap of faith
we all occasionally take
and opened wide
to let the bubbling beverage slide
down my exposed insides

It burned so good
readily consumed
silky smooth libation

as I lit like a Christmas tree
and for a fleeting moment
found myself clear and free
of the chronic depression
I went there to suppress

Morning after
I now respect
the sickening side effects
this mystery concoction did bring

but I have no regrets
about being happy artificially

even if just temporarily

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Club Humanity

Let us concede

that hatred had

a really big year

Riding a seemingly endless
winning streak

fueled by mutual fear

and a sense of dread

that by next news cycle
any one of us
could end up dead

Constant retaliations
leave us seeking isolation

behind walls of false insulation

Treating the symptoms
without curing the disease
simply delays
the body's demise

If we are to survive

we gotta realize

we are one species

one humanity

sharing the same planet

for a limited time

No one country

No one ideology

No one theology

No one person

is better than the next

Peace will only come
to this troubled blue speck

with mutual respect

and global equality 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Prayer Poetry

All the pilgrims gather
for their weak ass Sunday blather

as stained glass saints bear witness
to prayers recited by rote
by the zombie congregation
awash in traditional hypocrisies

Sinners seeking to con their way 
into happily ever after eternity

As if salvation can be bought
by slipping some coin
into the collection plate

You best take those homilies 
and hymns you sing off key
a tad more seriously

Absorb those ancient words to heart

and begin to walk

the righteous walk


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Scars of Silence

The longer I take up residence
on this contentious
fragmented planet
the more I appreciate
the value of silence

and even though 
my tongue is scarred
from often biting down so hard

I have no friction burns
caused by fruitless interaction
with argumentative bores
who feel compelled
to blow and tell
about the serious ills
of the day

Their only solutions
is to play the gotcha game
with perceived enemies
they simplistically blame
for not being
as enlightened as they

Always best to let
these know it all fools solo spew 

Lest they splash
their ignorance on you

Recovery Poetry


Elusive remedy
for a hemorrhaging heart 

Maybe it's surrender time

Embrace the sadness

Write it out

She is gone forever


A hint of a smile

The first step

on the hard road

of acceptance

Thursday, December 3, 2015

I Guess Therefore I Am

When in doubt

Push all the buttons

Turn all the knobs

Make those lights dance

Let your daunting task
ride the carousel
of random circumstance

and pray no one left
who gives a damn

is paying enough attention
to demand an explanation