Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Motion Desensors

Motion Desensors 

Did you know

our Earth spins
at 1,040 miles per hour?


1,675 kilometers 
if you be metrically inclined

I googled it of course

since there be 
no need to memorize
trivial shit like this
since Al Gore
invented the internet 

So we're all high speed spinners

gravitationally hanging on
for dear life

on a blue ball 

we never see


from birth to death
we're too close

within the forest
to see the trees

even though we never feel 
our rotational existence

we know it is so

cause the internet says so!!  

and it's always 
sunrise somewhere

and sunset too
on the flip side
of the planet  

That spin thing again!!!

The paradox never ends 

the illusion the sun is

moving across our sky

when in fact it be us

who are


in motion

at 1,040 mph

for you see

you and me

are perpetually


flying objects

in space

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Consumed Innocence

Consumed Innocence

Once upon a time

in the haze of

playground memories

Children once were we

joyous and care free

an innocent breed

frolicking in a bubble

play time
away from responsibility

Corruption got to us inevitably

accumulating teen age stains

leading us into temptation

compromising situations

so many options

splintered choices

trust shattered

egos bruised

cynical walls constructed

hardened shells

We become 
what we fight

in order to survive

we rationalize
and compromise 

So it goes
so it goes

Life has a way

of stripping away

our halos

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Late Night Today

Late Night Today 

All alone

domesticated me

late at night

bathed in fridge light

over my milk and cookies

I fondly recollect

those all night rampages

when I was young and kooky


those sweet sensation treats

alcohol induced feminine conquests

All the crazy dreams

plots and drama sub plots

Friends who came and went

with the coming of the dawn 

at the all night diner

where we tried to sober up 

Stagger home

awake at noon

puke a little

chug some Pepto

take a nap

try to remember

the smiles

the adventure

So here I am

midnight snacking

Need to buy milk tomorrow 

Distant lights

Electric nights

I close my eyes 

and fall asleep

Rose Sniffers

Rose Sniffers

Life goes fast

in case 
you had not

Looking back

when we were
young and full
of future

time was but
a number 
on the clock

We learn by living

Life goes fast

The funerals I attend

increase with the
passing years

and death

once horrifying


less shocking

Perspective picked
up along the way

like the bad habits
we accumulate

like the heavy baggage
weighing down 
our scarred hearts

Life goes fast

We trudge through 
our charade parade
with heads down

Fixated on our
trivial obsessions

all the battles fought

bringing us back from
whence we started

to the magic that
surrounds us

we miss riding the
carousel on a steamy
Summer's night

love lost
at the bridge
we would not cross

Life goes fast!!

in the blink of an eye

as the mourner's cry

for their own lost mortality

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Paper Wings

Paper Wings

Scavenger of dreams

patchwork designer 

residue reclaimer

picks up the pieces
of us fallen
downtrodden angels

who have been tarnished
by our own weaknesses

our spiritual malaise

Enter into the truth

No one will be
turned away today

for we who have
soared before 

can soar again  

Tis written in 
the book of

potential redemption

I won't say forever

cause we all know

we are destined

to fall again  

Monday, December 23, 2013

Scary To Be Merry

Scary To Be Merry      

Triple Ho! Behold the Christmas show!!
All that tinsel, glitter, and flash

Peace on Earth, goodwill towards sales
Off to the mega mall we dash

All part of the seasonal hassle
Another chapter in our hectic lives

What we need is the gift of serenity
As we wait for a fresh year to arrive

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Wrapping UP

Wrapping UP  
Of all the gifts there are to share
In this season of joy and cheer

The most precious of all is friendship
For it stays with us throughout the year

Like a glowing angel wrapped in gold       
Radiating from atop the Christmas tree

A beacon of light gleaming bright
That’s how cherished you are by me

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Tears of Angels

Tears of Angels

Every time
my forbidden love
smiles in my direction

every glance

every tease

I feel the orgasmic tingle
you only get from a lover

That rush of passion's heat

This is our secret

this is the extent of us

an affair of sheer fantasy

never straying beyond
the boundaries of morality

We both know the rules

we both accept our realities

Good people paying the price

for not playing the game of vice 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Pour The Punch

Pour The Punch

Pass another piece of humble pie
Let us choke on newfound humility

We use to be so damn cocky
Thought we could rule the wind

All a confidence game
Just a lot of big talk

Now we find ourselves
Flat on our once proud asses

Knocked down, but not out,
Let’s pull ourselves up

Life sure can hit hard,
But we always fight back

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Somebody Has To Ask

Somebody Has To Ask

There have been times
during my spiritually

confounding trip

I've pondered

the eternal question
if God and Satan
were one and the same

These extremes

of good and evil

forever mixing it up

until they blur

and become indistinguible

Our stretched souls

at stake as these

immortal combatants

vie for our favor

Heaven and Hell

Do they keep a running score?

Who is on top of the leaderboard?

Is this a rigged game?

Did the Lord create Satan

as some sort of sick 

schizophrenic alter ego?

A contrived counterbalance

to forever test our wavering faith?

Is religion just a sleight of hand illusion?

Have we all been conned by a master magician?


Time Check

Time Check



Roll on

Pile up

Clock chimes 
yet again

our relentless chorus

counting us down

Always there

to remind us
with gentle dings

that time
is fleeting

Always there

to command us

to always

make the most


our time allotted

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Night In The Life

A Night In The Life

In the late night mix

the boys and
the girls

practice intrigue

their social fix

glasses clink

open wide

shoot alcohol down

feel the tingle

forced frivolity

chemical amnesia

lust unleashed

winners burn hot

losers lament

Bright lights flash

closing  time proclaimed

it can not be restrained

one last quick pop

players depart

into the night

survivors all

clean up crew

tosses out the 
littered residue
of joy and sorrow

close the show

Bar is quiet now

field rolled up

night games over

til tomorro

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Night lights

Night lights

Telescopic site

star gazing
toward heaven

specks of refracted light

galaxies light years away

stars dancing their life cycle

eons ago

Our Universe

always changing

always evolving

As are we

cosmic cousins

specks of stardust

in our universal family

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Boom Boom Club

Boom Boom Club



Virginia Tech

Our massacre 
tragedy history

bloody roll call

Same old story



calls for reform

Then we move on

bloody cycle

a little less shocked 
with each fresh executions

loner youngster

goes off

killer gamer style

tears for the victims

sympathy all around

Then we move on

a little less attention

numbness sets in

feeling of hopelessness

cause nothing changes

only the faces 

just the places



Virginia Tech 

Stay tuned

Self Fortified

Self Fortified

These brick walls I wear

my cinder block insulation

rock hard cloak

keeps the world out

Also serves 
as my prison

where I reside
in solitary isolation

behind these walls high

no one can breach

All I have
of the outside

is a sky

I can never reach

Rear View Mirroring

Rear View Mirroring

The longer I live

as I hang around
this scattered existence

the more
I playback


scratch my head
about things I said

or didn't say



why I did what I did

why I chose to go

where I ended up

Choices made

the games we played

perceptions levied

I tell myself

in my know it all way

not to fret
about what others say

but much to my dismay

I do crave adulation

and worst of all

I agonize about
the man I am today

A fruitless exercise

trying to replay


and regurgitate ourselves

Friday, December 13, 2013

Dinosaur Rock

Dinosaur Rock

The age of man
homo erectus

emerging from
dark caves

from families

came tribes


mighty nations

We tamed fire

altered Nature

our technology

compacted time and space 

Superior communications

total access for the masses 

Yes , we OWNED this world

dominant species
over the centuries

unchallenged masters

for all eternity

Until that fateful day

the end of our eternity 

Stray space rock

pulled in by gravity 

wrong place 
wrong time

cosmic collision
massive explosion

black sulphur curtain

closes humanity's show

The last line 
of the last poem
ever penned


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Breezy Archeology

Breezy Archeology

Cold wind blows

slicing through time

rupturing monuments

throughout the ages

Nature erodes

the years corrode 



doing excavation 

Empires crumble

collapse into history

only to be recycled

palaces to the sky

built on ruins of

Cold wind blows

slicing through time

Change always reigns

so embrace the hurricane