Sunday, August 30, 2015

Suppressed Evidence

Well dressed
well connected peacocks
step over and around
the tattered retread people
who fight to survive
on the crumbs that fall
between the cracks
of our cold city

Those with means
look down
on those tattered ghosts
with a disgusting touch
of condescending smugness 

Never wanting to see
the blank faces of poverty

Cops are called
to sweep the riff raff  out
under the guise of public safety
lest the tourists stay away

but in reality 

they all want to bury

society's shame

Eternal Odds

While it's an absolute truth
that all dogs go to heaven

Tis also not a guess

that all cats go too

While we sin based humans

are 50/50

at best

Charge of the Right Brigade

They ride
like a thundering cavalry 
being expelled
from the depths of Hell

Flying out the the mist
of mythical history
the Lost Knights of yesterday
charge into the fray
for one last fight
in a desperate quest
to make things right

All the forces of Can't

have assembled en masse

to push back the very existence
of such antiquated traditions
these courageous ghosts represent  

Unrelenting winds erect a wall of resistance 

on the proud banners from battles past

but the knights armed with only their convictions

repel the legions of entrenched negativity 

and drive them into the sea

as trumpets sound the clarion call

for all those who were repressed previously

to enter the glorious realm of possibilities 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Night Moves

On a canvas of twilight

the moon and stars dance

waltzing across the horizon

oblivious to the world below

Their eternal romance

glorifies the night

with sparkle dust

Can we do the same

and illuminate the darkness

with our own celestial glow?

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Natural Selection

The chances

of you and I
getting out
of this party
with our virtue still alive
is virtually an impossibility

The fragility
of the Sunday school morality
drilled into our fair heads
before we were ever acquainted
with physical temptation

As the years accumulate

and the implanted guilt dissipates

we realize finally

the futility

of constantly restraining

our natural urges

Friday, August 21, 2015

Earth Bound

Hard working earthworm

forever planted

on parched terra firma

The endless drought 

having turned

invertebrate universe to dust

Gazes toward the sky

at the hanging gardens

packed with fertile soil

way beyond his reach

and sighs

Another taunting temptation

spreading mass frustration

for the citizens of worm nation  

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Spectrum Support

Everybody has faith

in something

Be it






Whatever you need

There is no

absolutely perfect belief

They all have flaws

replete with maddening inconsistencies

Just like humanity

Just like us

So show a little respect

Try a little tolerance

for all us pilgrims

in search of truth

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Good Patient

The patient man

I wanna be some day

grinds away daily

against the winds of adversity

with an inner resolve

fueled by self confidence

and belief in tomorrow

Knows in his heart
that sooner or later
the wheel will turn his way

Hold on and survive
until the rainbow arrives

This is the waiting game

we all need to play

Saturday, August 15, 2015

String and Duct Tape

Things break
in this existence
of wear and tear

People snap

when tensions
become too much to bear

We do our best 
to fix what we can

Replace broken parts

Patch up the holes

Not easy to do repairs

when spinning out of control 

As we struggle to accept

we gotta work around

these stubborn defects

that define

flawed imperfections

Friday, August 14, 2015

Garden of Hedonism

Walk into the light

Follow the music trail

Join the party

Pour yourself a brew

or two

or three 

Hook up
with an eager dance partner

or two

or three

Cancel your staid morality

Take your vice
wherever you can find it

Be the flawed creatures
we were made to be

Submit to the primal urges
that flow naturally
from your body 

Come the foggy 
morning after
confess your recycled sins
to the scraggly man
collecting plastic souls

Gargle residue guilt

and spit out

pointless regrets

Leave the absolution

to the boring saints

sitting home alone

every Saturday night

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Truth Booster

I suffer from
a chronic case
of Conjecture Dysfunction

Symptoms include

Limp speculation

Incessant postulation 

and hyper hypothetical consternation 

The pondering condition
causes a self induced paralysis
from rampant over analysis

but this hesitancy

need not be fatal

just have to stimulate
my decision gland 

and elevate 

internal conversation 

with the healing power

of doubt busting facts

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Knight Fall

In the news today... 

The Noble Knight of Dudley
who gained fame
during the Middle Ages
taming dragons
was arrested early this morn
in Ye Olde Skid Row
for wench solicitation
and possession
of illegal potions

The disheveled
former front man
of the defunct Chivalry Gang 
now reeks of grog
and unrequited regrets

A modern day victim

of mythological obsolescence

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Romance Math

When the sum
of our differences
is multiplied by
equitable compromise

plus mutual respect

minus selfish needs

divided by two

this equates

to a love
that is greater

than the sum
of our individual parts

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Ignition Medicine

Candle light
burning bright

Candle light
shines the night

with a steeple shadow cast
for as long as the wick lasts

Every flame
needs an assist
to maintain its flicker

So it goes

for me and you

as I ingest

my magic pill of blue

Friday, August 7, 2015

Mr Ordinary

I was not put on this Earth
to make large sums of money

or savor even a taste of fame

I am
the sum
of my limitations

An interchangeable
fully anonymous
cog in the wheel

Nothing special going on here

Not going change my circumstance

My course is locked in and set

This is not a self pity rap

Just the facts

of an average life

I am at peace with