Monday, June 27, 2016

The High Cost of Nothing

The commissar of commerce
took a high level confab
with the czar of finance
to discuss the collapse
of public confidence

After weeks of statistical chatter
and thorough graph analysis
neither one of the experts
could figure out
what the Hell was the matter

So finally the President deemed
a blue ribbon task force be convened
to determine once and for all
the cause and effect of this economic fall

Of course this being
a production of government
meant millions would be spent
in fruitless pursuit of where our money went

Two years after the charade began
they produced a 600 page document
which no one would ever read
lest their eyes bleed
and their hearts break
thinking about the abject waste
of the pot calling the kettle black 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Bouquets of Hypocrisy

The high crime of hypocrisy

finds me publicly charged

I offer up the defense
that we all have moments
when our reactive actions
run contrary to previous pious proclamations

That person we imagine we are
gets jarred then blurred 
beyond recognition
by the realities of hard circumstance

Leaving us guilty hypocrites
with egg on our faces
as we are led away in handcuffs
for a long stint in repercussion prison

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Speaking Up

Good morning God

Hope things are well on your end

Things sure could be better down here

but of course you already know that

being a super natural being and all

Of course we must own up to our faults

since you graciously gave us free will

but we can't seem to stop fucking up lately

Perhaps we're just in a slump

though we been trending down for quite awhile

So call this a prayer S.O.S if you must

We sure as Hell could use your help

to get back on the straight and narrow path

and hopefully make you proud of us someday

Friday, June 17, 2016

Walking The Flat Line

The man from Zero
is impervious to pain

This makes him torture proof
from the daily agonies of life

He can never feel loss
cause he has nothing to lose

No emotions to befuddle and confuse

No hurt can penetrate his nothingness 

No flashing signs of life inside the void

Now there are those
who pity this empty existence

So why do I envy him so?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

See No Evil

Breathe through your mouth
as to not smell the stink

Power down your brain
so you don't overthink

and keep those eyes shut tight
to block out our daily blight

Embrace denial

For avoidance
of truth we deem ugly
is the new reality 
of the 21st Century

Monday, June 13, 2016

Messed Up

Reached without looking
and spilled my drink
as I cursed fate
which I blamed
for the error puddle
I did create

This mistake left a stain
on the world
that will remain
if I don't take the time
to do clean up
instead of waiting
for Nature to evaporate
the mess of the century

OK, maybe I exaggerate
though I do know
in many less enlightened cultures
a woman would be obligated
to mop up the tragedy
this clumsy male created

but alas, I live in modern times
where the girls are perfectly free
to ignore my needs and me

Now where does my queen keep the mop?

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Friend Power

When those you love
feel the sting of defeat
like we all sometimes do
and their world
is bleeding loser's blue
love them even more

Because the pit of self doubt
is where we need friends
to help lift us out
and get our sorry asses
back in the game

Fire Storming

The raging inferno
we thought was out of range
is now dancing in our back yard

Our once mighty firewall
now lays tattered and charred
as the raging fire devours
the diminishing perimeter

Leaving us soon to be
victims of this tragedy
nowhere left to run

All because we procastinated

and stayed too long

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Day In The Strife

The alarm clock tolls
earlier than I need

Out of bed I roll
with all my aches 
and creaky joints
that scream out middle age 

I feel old

Thread bare and worn

Way too much time spent
on self induced detours
that took me 
to my home here in nonessential 

Not enough minutes left
for a course alteration
to offset the accumulation  
of time wasting trips 

Missing out on all the things
I should have done 
and could have been
when I was young
and full of potential

The die is cast
in the sins of the past
saddled down
with all these
useless regrets

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Father Out

Daddy dear
never here

road trip

in absentia

just a voice
on the line

Novelty fades
over time

tossed aside

Saint Mom
how much
he loved us

from the
hymn book of
economic necessity

We grew up
because we had to

Moved out

and started
our own
shattered families

home now

Died alone

in his
hotel bed

the maid
found him dead

Gonna bury
our ghost Dad today 

along with all
his lost

Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Greatest

During turbulent times
he was our dancing magnet

A new kind of athlete
who did so polarize
young and old

This transcendent soul
the powers that be
tried to bury

but eventually
the champ beat them all
inside the ring and out

til there was no doubt
this man was exactly
as self advertised

Float like a butterfly

Sting like a bee

The greatest force in sports history 

Rest in peace

Muhammad Ali