Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pause Missiles

Come dance with me

on an egg shell stage

For our whirlwind tour
of superficiality 

played out daily

to a sold out house
of virtual ghosts

Just shine those lights bright

and keep away the dim

Together we share
a mutual terror
when silence falls between us

Those awkward
hard to forestall
chatter lulls

that force us to face

our relationship fragility

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fly In Web

Sweet viral girl
pops up on my screen
like a sweaty dream

She reeks of spam
and other devious worms 

as she entices me 
with an innocent invitation
to click her easy access link

My rational head properly warns
that if I take her bait
havoc will be my fate

Logic implores 
this lonely boy
to practice safe text

but as always

desire rules the day

Of course
now I pay the price

with an infected device

and a broken heart

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mr Cruise Control

I'm not a big adventure guy anymore

Performed all that derring do before

Crash and burned so many times
pushing that envelope to the max
as I flew right off the tracks

These scars I carry today
an ugly testimony
that failure is part of life

Not that I let regrets
weigh me down
as long as I remain a member
of the above ground crowd

but somewhere along the way
maturity somehow found me

So I just wanna chill these days

recline in my rocking chair
and do the vegetate thing 

Go ahead and label me a bore
cause I'm not a player anymore

at least I got memories to keep me warm

Now go forth and do the same  

Friday, July 17, 2015

A Leper's Tale


this warning label 
I am required to wear
by the powers that be
weighs heavy 

All their top witch doctors agree

A more toxic individual 
they have never seen

People therefore avoid me
like a plague infested rat

It use to really hurt
to be ostracized like that
by my judgmental society

but somebody

has to play the role

of designated village freak

Truth be told

I rather enjoy the privacy

that being an outcast affords me 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Canned Propaganda

Throughout history
the slick masters
of media manipulation
create demand
throughout the land 
by planting the seeds
of popular opinion

The formula
of consolidating power
is elementary

spoon feed the masses
the glossy causes 
they think they need

Spark them emotionally 

and they will rally
around the banner fervently

Cause in the end

the sheep want to be led

without the burden
of thinking

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Head Ache

In an isolated
corner of Passion Street

my lips probe the source
of my raging desire

Hands sliding and caressing

seeking to find her button

waiting for that joyous moan

the arch of the back

slight buckling of the knees


that gives me the proceed sign

If I move too fast
and prematurely unleash
my raging beast

she will surely recoil
and cast me into
the blue ball pit

where all prior

failed Lotharios reside 

Failed cast offs

classified as shallow guys

who only sought
to penetrate her
luscious thighs

Which of course
is an accurate assessment
of ALL members
of my perpetually in heat gender

So I had to spend hours
plying her with 
inhibition reducing drinks

enduring her feminine
up and down
pop culture blabber

All to arrive at this
do or die moment

on the cusp of blissful lust 

she directs this passion play

as she gives me a naughty smile

and fiddles with her bra snap

that cries out for release

So is it coming off

or staying on?

Are we done with 
this fucking foreplay???

God I hope she's not
another Satanic tease

sent down to torture
me and my in heat breed

and drive us all

to the hooker side of town

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Cold Flame Down

The other day
an old man passed away

They say
he was a cold warrior
from yesterday

All his passions had been spent

screaming about the red threat

Fighting those godless commies
who sought world domination
were his obsession

When communism fell

he rejoiced as did we all

but with their extinction
his purpose died too

Never fully recovering
from the wall coming down

This fallen refugee
of history

we bury today

with all the other lost warriors

of yesterday     


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Regulated Happiness

Glorious leader

has decreed

we have forfeited
the right to dream

No allowance for fantasy
in our state
of mass conformity

The people must be content

So says the law of the land

Any deviation from the plan
will be met with utmost violence

To those who choose
not to celebrate 
the glory we demand

they will be forever damned
and sent to a mental hospital
for an attitude reprogram


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Indie Production

Long ago
in the sweltering sauna
where we began

In a darkened room

secret plans

conspirators gather

plotting their treason
against the mother
who bore them

risking everything
for an ideal
never before tried

A document is produced

cutting tyranny's cord 

Bells ring

a new nation
on that steamy
July day

when the world was forever
turned upside down

Friday, July 3, 2015

Prime Choice

So here we are...

at the fork in the road

seeking the proper path 
to that off the map 
destination called happiness 

Everything is optional

Choices to be made

Everyone is disposable

All recycled material

You and I

The Earth

The constellations in the sky

Spinning constantly

The stuff of dreams

No matter where we be

I need you there with me

Faith and Evidence

Seeing is believing
here in this skeptical age

Proof positive is require
before commitment is made

Can't sell a concept sight unseen

Google now a prerequisite of belief

So how to wow the disciples of today?   

Seems all the good miracles
were used up in antiquity

Well before the age
of modern communications

There's no analytic way
to verify
biblical feats that defy belief

No one can quantify

how the Miracle Man
changed water to wine

Cured the sickly

Beat death

For you see

Miracle Man had a plan

to wow the masses

so they would buy in
and listen to his far out speeches 

Peace and love

Faith in that dream

straight to the heart
of God and man

Centuries later

this is why
the J Man is still a star

Not for the stunts
forever unproven

but for the message
of hope conveyed

This is his greatest miracle

that still resonates 

in these jaded times