Monday, July 28, 2014

Disco Tracks

Once upon a time

back in the
70's to be precise

Party girls all glittery

feeling liberated sexually

gave it up so easily

to the boys
dressed fruity

struggling with
masculine ambiguity

the coke flowed freely
to the disco beat soundtrack

Party nation

regaling the night 
with self gratification

The age of excess
would run it's course 

and give birth

to the
Me Generation

Word Up

After you click
or poke
the button
labeled send

A little piece of you

now belongs
to the Universe

Your words splattered
on the public register

You never know who
will read you
under the microscope
of interpretation

Perceptions of
a mass audience
you will never meet

Most will breeze by
or delete you entirely

A few
may choose
to interact

Investing their time

for a worth while exchange

of humanity

on the great

interactive stage 

These exchanges

Millions every day

fly over
cultural walls

Someday the barriers

of ignorance will fall

Shattered by knowledge

Online friendships forged

Cause you can't
very well kill
your online buddies

and to think


begins and ends
with flying words

We all have the power
at our finger tips

Make the most
of this amazing gift

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Paper Mache Sword Play

They say

in their infinite wisdom
of convenient cliches
Love conquers all

Can love beat disease?

Make cancer cells dissolve

with a heartfelt hug?

How about cruelty?

Or crushing infidelity?

Does love possess

super hero qualities?

I wish it did

What a better

world this would be
As often
seems to be the case

The truth does

not cooperate
with our dreams

For you see

Love is

a delicate flower

A beautiful

cotton candy treat


the mythical power

poetic dreamers
wish it to be

Negative Fidelity

Negative Fidelity

She's in my heart
she's of my soul
she's in my loins

she's of my  dreams

always in
my line of sight

her body I desire
those lips I crave

flip of her hair
twirled seductively
nervous laugh
I know she wants me 

she's always on my mind
always in my dreams

steamy sensuality
real life fantasy 

she's all I need
all I ever want

if only

we weren't
so damn

to different

if only

we weren't
so damn


Friday, July 25, 2014

Star Envy

Here in the land of the free

liberty, democracy, equality

The spotlight shines
on the cultural elite

Blessed be the wealthy
for they
have inherited the Earth

All doors open
for the famous few

Fawned over by their
sycophant minions

Fighting over themselves
to hear

what their idols have to say

what they wear

what shampoo applied
to their shiny hair

and yet

tis not their fault

our inflated celebrities

and their glitter cult
of hypocrisy 

All playing their parts
in the side show of life

The cycle of hype

serves to distract 

from our
desperately ordinary lives

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cyber Sucklings

Slave to tech
always checks
lower right corner
of life line screen
to verify time 
Every day
wears a number
cause the machine
says so
We wear labels too
Stored on micro chips
that dance on the head of a pin
Data base self perceptions
Quantify our trends analytically 
Our preferences grouped
with other like thinking blips
So the great machine
can tell us what we need
and feed our cyber dependency 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Liquid Erosion

drip...drip ..drip...





in it's content

It never ever

changes the beat


It's not insanity

I fear anymore

It's the apathy

The monotony

suffocating the soul

Smothering hope

with relentless efficiency

Chemical vacation trips

once my sanctuary

now my prison

Time has eroded

those walls too

In the end

death is the only way

to conquer apathy


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Star Dusters

Fame is a narcotic
a blinding white star

A foolish illusion
to validate who we are

All the accolades
from the hyped up
praise machine

Inflate the ego
beyond recognition

and yet...

at the end of the day

when the grease paint comes off

the mirror confirms

we are who we are

You can fool the world
with your fairy tale facade

but you can’t fool yourself

because deep down

our core is unmoved

by the trappings of fame

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Working Ass

Working late
yet again
in my office prison

The walls 
of my cubicle existence
closing in

Such the

dedicated cog
in the wheel be I

Trying to impress
my masters
who are
home right now
with their families

Looking down
on busy
worker bee me

Another foolish
worn down mule
misplaced life priorities

Shiny Pills

Research scientists
at the 

Institute for Humanity

working diligently

on finding a cure
intolerance and bigotry

conclude finally

the solution

to ignorant thought pollution

is education

to the demons
we fear

The light of truth

is always the antidote

to darkness


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Writing By Numbers

Here I rot on a rock of shame
convicted fourteen years past
on trumped up charges quite lame
My ignorance defense went nowhere fast

The word judge would not be swayed
that I knew not proper rhyming schemes
Quaint ancient rules that MUST be obeyed
Structure rebels are deemed obscene

To my last breath I will debate
the merits of substance over style
I'd rather you ponder what I create
than count the syllables I compile     

Or even these jive sonnet line calculations 
as I petulantly perform my penance probation

Soul Support

Went to the redemption center
to drop off my pile of regrets

The long haired hippie behind the counter
asked me if needed a little help

I insisted I could handle the load myself

As I am the proudly independent type

He seemed a tad put off by my refusal
with a look of profound disappointment

So he gently asked me again if I needed him

“Jesus Christ!” I said, “Please leave me be!”

With that he bowed his head and proclaimed

“Thou knowth who I be and yet ye reject me?”

Then he faded transparent and vanished
and my dark soul filled with white light

The redemption center is now my cathedral

Where I gladly seek the support I once spurned

In our lame little world of woe
We need all the crutches we can find

Monday, July 14, 2014

Escape To Goose Island

Pretty pink princess
with her poofy puffy dress
blowing in the glittery breeze

Side saddle riding
her white unicorn
through rolling fields
of cotton candy clover

Off to the ball
at the castle in the clouds

Where her dashing
young prince awaits

First dance tonight
for the perfect pair

Not a care in the world

Deep inside
her comfortable
fairy tale

No bills past due

No storms blowing through
for the pretty pink princess

living her pretty pink fantasy

Heavily medicated 

Chemically insulated

from her darkest nightmares

that lie outside
her fortress walls

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Indian Summer In July

Summer time always brings the heat
All the young girls dressed like a warm breeze

The shapely skin review on full display
A visual feast for the males of the species

This is where things sort of get creepy
at least inside my gray head anyways                       
For here I am in the Autumn of my life
but I just can’t help but internally lust

at girls young enough to be my daughter
and secretly fantasize like all guys do

Such a bad case of the guilts have I
with all my pornographic intents

I self soothe with my rationalizations
for my look but don't touch frustrations

Come late night
forbidden steam will be released

The days will grow shorter soon enough
all the remains will be sweaty memories

as Miss Scantily Clad sashays my way
oblivious to the turmoil inside me

Or is she really that naive?
This existence one big tease   

Can’t dance when I want to anymore    
It really hurts being middle age inappropriate L

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Staying On Point

The desperate man
with nothing to lose

is a dangerously
motivated man


the complacent
with nothing to prove 

will eventually be
over run



Destruction comes
in many forms

Never take
your hand
off the throttle 

Pity Fully Me

Gonna walk

right off this planet   

into the setting sun

Like a moth

dive bombing

into a bug zapper

A spark lighting up

the summer twilight    
Fried me

I fall to Earth

with all the other

incinerated pests

Swept away

by the wind

Don’t wanna be a memory

or an amusing story

Just wish to be forgotten

Totally disposable

Sometimes I feel lost,  
stumbling through the haze

Trying so hard

to break

this string of bad days 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fossil Dance

Final days
of our existence

History will record
that we did not survive

Forever and ever
has finally arrived

The doors are closing

on our long running show

Everyone is to blame
when we became
do or die

we collectively
a loss of
a will

Worn down 
by the responsibility
of acting responsibly

We succumbed finally
to the force
of extinction

that eventually
snuffs all species

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happening Street

This thing we thought was inevitable
Just ain’t happening

All the fears we’ve been fermenting
Just ain’t happening

All the scenarios we conjured up
  Just ain't happening

Things happen for a reason,
Yeah right …

Good, bad, and indifferent
A roll of the bouncing dice

There be no logic in play here
So we have to adapt on the fly

Dance with happenstance
And embrace our randomness

Friday, July 4, 2014

Refraction Attraction

She be deliciously evil

So selfish and vain

Always pissed off

about all things inane

She's a pest
who just has to get her way

People ask me
why I stay
with such a volatile creature

All I know
is that I love her

for reasons
I can't explain


she is

with her
unfiltered honesty

all I wish
I could be

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Waste Not Want Not

Once I’ve reached my expiration date

and am no longer serviceable

Deposit me in a hefty bag,

the kind with the drawstrings

Drag me out to the street
for some curbside pickup

Maybe I can be recycled

or used for fertilizer

We need to  be productive

So I won’t be offended

if my carcass is thrown out

Because I’ll be very dead

Which is a much bigger problem