Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mules and Unicorns

Mules and Unicorns

These rainbows
we chase

yellow brick
roads pursued

be we

never seeing

the light

not thinking 

it through

What would

we ever do

if we 


what we sought?

Dreamers dream

we can not reside
in the 
real world

where harsh
reality crushes

Death Dance

Death Dance

In my comatose
state of grave

soothed by the

green line
mountain range

I have
for the
first time

in my life

found perspective

no longer worried
about money

or job insecurity

most basic fear

my only battle
now is breathing

heart beat weakens

serious whispering

tears all around

in and out I fade

voices more muted

mystery priest hovers over me
chanting Latin incantations

I chuckle at the final hypocrisy

faint click of a knob

tingly surge as I convulse
last gasp of my lungs



blinding bright light

Death came
as expected

but not a frightening

horrific visage at all

just a serene
gentle presence

bathed in the light

the angel 
takes my 
trembling hand

and in a soft voice
whispers in my ear

"Well done my son"

and with that

a feeling of peaceful
bliss uplifts me

my new friend and I
ascend out of this
world and
merge with the light 

I am not in pain anymore

I am not afraid

I am at peace

See you soon

Friday, November 29, 2013

Thy Own Selfie

Thy Own Selfie

Here in that 
grand chasm
between my ears

where fear
ignorance reside

I seek to bridge
my knowledge gaps

find the meaning
my life lacks

Use to seek


the highs
could not be

lies rarely


I find myself
right back
from whence
I began

trying to live
with this
ignorant enigma
I do not understand

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Social Net

Social Net

Caterpillar Caterpillar

snug as a bug

wrapped in cocoon

serenely conceived

but don't always believe
what your eyes perceive

cause within the pod

going on

Time advances

butterfly struggles


to a fresh life

flies out
it's spent shell

to share it's
splendor with
the world


We all reside
in the public domain

whether we want
to or not

for we all

need be

sharing our
unique beauty

with all the
other butterflies
of humanity 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Souls Out

Piercing the darkness on a gloomy night
Weary pilgrims are drawn to the light       

All ye faithful flock to beacon bright
To worship at the alter of this sacred site

Baby Santa lies away in a manger
Swaddled in consumer currency

Surrounded by merry elves and reindeer
All doing their part for our economy

The doors swing open at midnight
The assembled masses storm in

Seeking the salvation this sale brings
Prices so low they seem like a sin

The Fallen Angel proclaims to all,  
 “Welcome to my Bargain Nativity!”

Christmas may be the domain of God,
But Black Friday belongs to me!”

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Trade Off

Trade Off

We got rules

so many rules

we make more
every day

of behavior
we MUST obey

No way you say?

Freedom of choice?

The individual
holds sway

Anarchy today?

be that way


what If 

we all
do our
own thing

and my thing
don't mesh
with your thing?


is everything
in a free

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Accidently Me

Accidently Me

Late night drive

homeward bound
from second job

round curve
traversed many
times before

patch of ice unseen

skidding terror trip  
into stone wall I careen

Happened in a flash

my little car crash

sirens awaken me

bright lights 

scurry scurry

neck restraint

gently put my
limp body on gurney

slow motion surreal

worried faces of angels
they can not conceal

I am on the edge
of tragedy 

feeling sort of paralyzed

this could be a coma

maybe even death

but I'm not quite ready

to die just yet

so I have to fight
to survive

to see
the morning

and my worried

Self Sale

Self Sale

Very mad at myself today,
Disappointed I should say

Peer pressure got the best of me
Turned me into what I don’t want to be

A suck up sycophant with no pride
Simply going along for the ride
So now I find myself in this bad place       
A cartoon man wearing a fake smiley face

Friday, November 22, 2013

Fundamentalist Tempest

Fundamentalist Tempest

Ideology theology

high volume
morality screams

crusading down
the holy war path

bashing the infidels

burning the heathens 

Muslim extremists
Christian zealots

a plague on them  

corrupting religious
principles they

Why can't they see

through their holier 
than thou eyes

that we all
pray to the
same God

that we all
are his flawed

that we all
find salvation

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Power of Light

Power of Light

The world is shrinking

blurring boundaries

global community 

social media the key 

for you see

when all countries are linked

playing games 

as people of the world all communicate

ignorance and prejudice

the cornerstones of hate

will crumble

The world is evolving

The Haters have had their day

they know their 

time is expiring

demons of darkness
had a good run

they know they are done

as their legions contract

the dark siders will implode 

and ultimately
turn on each other

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bitter Spit

Bitter Spit

sore du jour

served up
on a platter
of regret

chew it up

spit it out

life will always

dish distress
a little more

We can take it

pain can be contained

feigned indifference
defense mechanisms

denial on a stick

Purge the hurt

blast it away

Grab a plate

and enjoy
the buffet !!!


Monday, November 18, 2013

Sparklers in the Rain

Sparklers in the Rain 

... and the Gods




original tech icon

stole flame

gave man a chance
to advance

Fire changed everything

warmth and
comfort from 
our cold reality
That glow of security
which illuminates the dread of night

Fire changed everything

searing heat

forging swords

weapons of

fast destruction

tearing our flesh

pillage and burn

charred remains

funeral pyre

Fire changed everything

for better for worse

a blessing and a curse

In many ways

fire is like love

the flames which consume

beautiful creation

blazing devastation 

inferno of human history

we the bastard offspring

the sparkling legacy

of Prometheus and Aphrodite

terrifying contradictions

our splendid addictions

we can't live without

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Daze Trip

Daze Trip

Hi!! Ho!!

Hi!! Ho!!

off we go

to Sodom Town

to satisfy
our bodily cravings

bring your roll of green

pluck a flower obscene 

drop a nickel or dime

ingest victimless crimes

Street corner
chemistry professor

peddles pixie dust

smiles by the gram

guaranteed flight

pretty colors

warm buzz

sirens blare

flashing lights

hospital bound

get repaired

pump out the poison

a parting souvenir

from the killer klowns

of Sodom Town


Peace In Our Rhyme

Peace In Our Rhyme

Another day

another battle

our tedious

chipping away
at our sanity

Is this the way
it has to be?

Let's settle up

stop tearing each other down

don't want to fight anymore

don't want to love either

Let's just coexist

like the mountains

and sea

The natural order

of respectful




Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rebel Lost

Rebel Lost

James Dean

leather clad

sex symbol 

troubled teen

cultural comet

burning bright


did his own thing
when few did

blew away

live fast
die young

rebel without
a seatbelt


How many 
reading my words

have ever heard

of James Dean?

the legend

the man


I fail to understand

that the heroes
of my youth

have been displaced

by silicon based

cyber attention seeking

pseudo sham celebrities  

I wonder if
my forgotten idol

would be
the sensation


Fleshy Wounds

Fleshy Wounds

Peaceful night

in Crystal Kingdom

sirens shatter
evening serenity 

turmoil in the

whooshing doors
slide open

King Carl

into ER

nervous doctors


steel tweezers

commence to

remove sharp
of glass from
the royal booty

Happy ending!

His majestic buttocks
pulls through

a royal commission

to get to the bottom
of the tragedy

final report states

that Crystal Castle

to protect 

his highness'
royal ass

need lose 

that throne

of glass