Sunday, August 31, 2014

Play Ground Time

Party crew
out and about
doing the club scene

The high flying vanguard
of the elite glitterocracy

prancing about

with their loose morality
and flashy ways

their Budweisers
while they may

Cause they know
sparkle loses
it's luster
over time

Better accumulate
memories today

before last call

blasts them all 

back to monotony

Liberty Me

Morality police

Leave me be!

Please don't presume
to smother me
under your pious hypocrisy

Don't deny me
my pleasures unbound

Your protective shield
is not required

Tis my life

My soul

Not yours

Maybe I'll have
to pay for my sins
at checkout time

but not today

and certainly

not to you

Saturday, August 30, 2014

View Points

When you adjust
your angle of vision
to rearrange your view

Perceptions change

Sight lines rearranged

A whole new world
of endless possibilities
opens up to you

So apply
a little geometry
to the scenery

a new equation

and see
where these
fresh answers lead 

The Determinator

The man with the gun
pointed squarely at your head
wins all arguments

Friday, August 29, 2014

Carpe Diem

Summer time heat

Young girls dressed
like a warm breeze

Shapely skin review
on parade

A visual feast
for us males
of the species

and this is where
get sort of creepy
inside my gray head

for here I am

in the Autumn of my life

just can’t deny my
internally lusting

at girls young enough
to be my daughter

So awkward

being middle age

Summer yields
to the inevitable

Sun now flies
low on the

Late Autumn wind
blows cold
as the days
lose their luster

The cycle of the seasons
keeping score

we all know
what Nature
has in store

we know
our time
is waning

we know
the season
of death

and we know

the celebration
of next Spring

we will be


Fly By Night

High in the irreverent sky

a flock of inebriated loons
flying out of formation

It's just one of those nights
beneath neon star light

Inhibitions are suspended

Consequences revoked

So many rules to disobey

Free styling all the way

Under the daiquiri moon

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sticky Reality

Divinity can be found

in a spider

spinning it's silky web

Hell can be found

in a fly's
death struggle
to escape

this same cathedral

is in the eyes
of the beholder

Truth custom fit
to the perceptions
we wear

Even when

they hurt

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Fiends You Keep

Prior to descent
into your
personal pit
of calamity

the dire

of emulating

and jamming
with his

Havoc residue

a byproduct
of running
with a

The price
for your vice
will be your soul

So consider

the friends
you choose

they can lead
you down 
wrong way paths
you don't
wanna go

Monday, August 25, 2014

Heroes To Go

More and more

the line blurs

between the
wrong place
wrong time
of the latest
tragedy du jour

and the true heroes
who voluntarily
charge in
to stand in harms way

We want so badly
to elevate
and celebrate
those who perish sadly

even when undeserved
and over the top

Maybe we identify
more with the victims
than the true heroes 

Good perspective
so hard to find
these days

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fight Night

Bomb of betrayal
dropped on my head

Shattered love's shield

Fractured my heart

You left me for dead

but hatred
brought me back

Round One 
goes to you

as I lay bloodied
against the ropes

but I know

your energy
has been all spent

Pay back for me
with interest
in Round Two

Next time
you choose
to brawl
with a man
who has nothing to lose

Put him away
with your first
sucker punch blow

or he will rise up

and pummel you
to a pulp

with his 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Heart Paddling

Back in our
younger days

when we were

loose and free

radical socialists

were we

of eradicating poverty

Spreading the wealth
was our theme

Now we're middle aged
consumer citizens

Fully mortgaged
and drowning in debt

about high taxes
and the welfare state

Trying desperately
to hold on
to what little we've got

and yet

the chasm
of economic disparity
has never been deeper

The case for equality
we once embraced
has never been greater

Perhaps it's not too late

for middle of the road us

to get radicalized again

Step Into The Darkness

The village elders are assembled
at the cemetery outside of town

Stale refreshments are served
on this once hallowed ground

of the gun toting hosts of this dance

The Progress Squad

Who are charged with the task
to force the vanquished to face the facts
about a transition opportunity

A once in a lifetime chance
to exit this weary existence
with a shred of dignity intact

Fake negotiations have been tried 

Coercive means will now be applied

Even staler pronouncements are made
by the revolutionary captain

Informing the chained prisoners

That they are no longer part of the plan

They are the scapegoats of yesterday

Charred wreckage to be cleared

Arrangements have been made

Just sign on the bloody line

Shovels and coffins will be supplied

To bury the obsolete generation

as if they were never here  

Friday, August 22, 2014

Mirror Prayer

the stain glass canopy

the holy types say
in their pious
sanctimonious way
that Jesus died 
for our sins

Twas a real bloody show

He then rose from the dead

It was in all the papers

but seriously

Who asked him 
to take
the rise and fall
for Daddy's
flawed creation?

It wasn't us for sure

and the prophets say
in their ominous way
the sequel

when he returns
at the precipice
of the Apocalypse
to save the day

will be even more
spectacular than
the first act 

What the Hell?

We flawed beings

historically a constantly
disappointing species

need to take ownership
of our transgressions

Deal with the consequences

Do not depend on a bail out
of divine intervention

Stand on our own two feet

and not be so reliant

on a power out there

that for all we know

may no longer care

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Angel Droppings

The pie in the sky crew

making the rounds
with their graphs and trends 

Up to no good again

Preaching process improvements

to a skeptical auditorium

who know full well

the task of implementation

of the impressive presentation

will fall on their 




Matters not
to the soon to be
departed dreamer crew

for they

will never stop soaring

Cause if they ever did

their wings
would be soiled

here on Earth

where we
mud dwellers toil

Smell The Roses

 I have so much to do

So many hard duties

but I ain't in the mood
to play good little soldier boy

Never in the mood anymore

Just not a happening guy

Been stained by too many lies 

Won't be in the mood tomorrow

This is not procrastination 

This is inertia revolution

Time to dig in

Break the chains of obligation

I'll accept the consequences
of the push back reaction

and take back my life

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Jump in The Lake

Let's go to the Lake!!

That forgotten
once popular place
where nobody goes

Cause it's not wifi
and has not
been built up
with rubberized playgrounds
to keep the tiny terrors
temporarily amused

Let's go to the Lake !!

Before Winter storms in
and freezes out
our dreams

We can shed our
child labor made threads

and dive into
the chilled
unprotected waters

Violating twenty or so
town ordinances
unlicensed frolic

Take a chance with me
to experience life

After our forbidden
underwater dance

we can stumble out of
our collective wetness
and collapse
together into a pile of dirty
dry leaves

Two naughty smiles
as we succumb
to the moment

Beneath trees 
we use to climb
before we feared falling

Where we can make 
natural love

When we are done

we quietly put 
our clothes on

and return 

to our
uptight civilization 

Pesticide Genocide

I squished an ant

that had the audacity

to crawl across my floor

My son

asked me why

I squashed a bug

that had done no offense

except cross my path

in a place

it knew not

was culturally inappropriate

His query took me aback

because I had never

properly analyzed

an action

I had mindlessly performed

a million times before 

Was I power tripping

as if

I was a vengeful God

terminating a life

I deemed inferior?

Guess I could 

always fall back

on the ten commandments

Judeo Christian tradition


that the mini sinner

had broken into my home

to steal my crumbs

Truth is

I cold bloodily murdered

my victim

for no other reason

than this was how I

was brainwashed 

from early childhood

that we

as the dominant s

have the right

to dominate

and even

exterminate those

we feel

are beneath us

Then I realized

after humanity

in the name

of religion

politics or


trendy hate device

finally squashes

and squishes

itself off the globe

the lowly bugs

who for now

scurry beneath our feet

will survive our

self carnage

and inherit the Earth

They shall have

the last laugh

on their