Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sky Driving

Sky Driving

Riding the flat line highway
into the heart of the horizon

I am mesmerized

by the twilight sky

Cotton clouds
with halos red

Fiery swirl

Hellish curl

Pure alluring beauty

Hypnotic tapestry
laid out before me

I zone out
and crash into
an innocent tree

Luckily I survived


now I know

to never

dream and drive

Wall Creatures

Wall Creatures

Let's have MY people

meet YOUR people

at the designated place

Where OUR people
will interface
and formulate a plan
against THEM
who have no people

We gotta stick together
and unite ourselves

Put aside our differences

Because if we don't

those we fear

will succeed in
becoming part
of us 

and the purity
of our exclusivity
will be forever

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Newton Knew

Newton Knew

Without gravity
to keep us in place
we'd all float away

into the vast expanse
of space

Yet another

of the immense
galaxy of things
we take for granted

We should all
take a moment
from our ingratitude
and thank gravity for
keeping us

The force is always
with oblivious us

Friday, March 28, 2014

Pleased To Meet You

Pleased To Meet You

Welcome to Hell 

Before we begin
our orientation

please allow me
to clarify your situation

Some of you may feel
you've gotten a raw deal

All a tragic misunderstanding


trust me

Your current 
infernal position
has been well earned

The sins 
over a lifetime
of misdeeds galore
must be paid for

I am your Daddy

Your soul warden 

So settle in
my forlorn children 

We own your
sorry asses
for all eternity

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

No Crying In Free Fall

No Crying In Free Fall

Buster is tough as nails 
A real manly sort of man  
Does not acknowledge his pain        
No display of weakness allowed

And yet he hurts like we all do        
Being hard does not make you immune

From the down side he internalizes
Like an emotional black hole

Takes so much energy to hold it all in
Trapped in the prison of his macho facade

People respect him for being so strong  
They have no clue how weak and scared he is  

Through The Wormhole

Through The Wormhole

In my current non connectivity 
static state of locked out panic

I scroll through the thickets

Click on a link 
that looks promising


I am flung to a dark place

where my ignorance haunts me

Taunted by the cyber scrolls

of software coding nerds

Using terms of control

in that mystical language

of the 21st Century Nouveau riche

So here I am

way off the grid

I have never been so confused

I have never been so lost 

Gonna turn off

all my devices

Get back my life

Totally unplugged

Monday, March 24, 2014

Face Time

Face Time

We are all 
somebody's history

Faded pages in a 
dusty scrapbook

Being scanned by eyes
not yet born

As they sit around
and ponder

who we were
in the family tree

and vigorously debate

if we mattered 

Multiply Times

Multiply Times

Men need women

Women need men

Been that way
since time began

A physical necessity

A shared 

reality of biology

For our species
to carry on
we have to 
get it on

but so much
more is required

since we have
evolved from animals

A relationship
must be laid

Courtship games 
to be played

Social institutions
set the rules

The boundaries
of conformity

keep us in line

to perform the
procreation duties

we were designed 
to administer 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ignoramus Us

Ignoramus Us 

Cyber blasting
down the 
super highway

Clicking my

free time away

Whizzing on by
current events

The pain of humanity
passing before my eyes

Tragedy condensed
to a flat scene
on my high fidelity
mini screen

Sensory overload

Numbness of the soul 

The desperate struggles

of the world
fall on blind eyes

As I play my 
empty word games
on phony social media

Deaf to the desperate prayers 
of a world in flames

Is anybody real
still out there?

Behind Sad Eyes

Behind Sad Eyes

Veiled Burka Girl
shrouded in misery

Seeks a better life
in the 21st Century

Unfortunately she
lives in a medieval

A fiefdom where her
gender is bottom tier 

A culture frozen
in antiquity  

Run by scruffy
power tripping
cave men 

Burka Girl
launches a 
desperate plan

Takes her future
into her own hands

Cuts her hair short

Loses the veil

of anonymity

Fakes being

a member
of the dominant gender

So she
as a fake he

can enter school
and get an education

but her femininity
can not be restrained

Mullah man

outs her and
foils the plan

She is dragged out
into the street and

stoned to death

The mob is satisfied

Another bloody trophy
for the terror brigade

Corrupting the spirit
of religion daily

Echos of original sin

in the land of 

the bearded Satans

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Murky Mirror Man

Murky Mirror Man

How ironic

that I have become

all the things
I use to mock
and revile

when I was young
and naive

Not the way
envisioned I would be

Such is the high price
of conformity

Always settling
for the comfortable
low risk position

A member of 
the obscure
anonymous median

Part of
the muddling majority

Mired in our
stagnant mediocrity  

The nightmare
of settling and
our dreams

Good Solder

Good Solder

This spiritual bond
that we have forged

in the fire of desire

is way too strong
to be broken

by random circumstance

though our link

forever under duress
from raging storms

must evolve and bend

Never yielding
to our current
inflexible realities

Thursday, March 20, 2014

So Stoic

So Stoic

I wish I could cry

Not a wailing
convulsing sob

just a little misty eyed

I wish I could cry

about anything

a little moisture
for anyone

I wish I could shed a tear

for the tragedy
that is humanity

It's not that
don't care

I'm not an
insensitive guy

I just can't ever
seem to cry

Why are my
tear ducts
so dry?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014



When you feel that surge
blasting from your core

That wonderful burst
which tingles

from head to toe

Let it go

Like lava 
from a volcano

Release the flow

Creative juices on fire

which inspires 

Get it all down

Transcribe the inspiration

Ride the wave
as long as you can

Cause all highs

eventually go low

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tree Toppers

Tree Toppers


the way too cool

for our own good

beautiful people

of the realm

smugly proclaim

the fashionable divinity
of whatever absurdity
we choose to cram down
your sheep throats


are forever

trending up

as you cheer us on

though we

know damn well

you pray for the day

we fall

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Hard Way

The Hard Way

These hard lessons

we learn

the hard way

from this

hard life

will hardly matter

if we do not

make the hard choices

of us

Hard love?

Of course

Love is always hard

Hate is so much easier

Destruction requires
just a sledge hammer
and some force

which destroys
whatever it strikes

Construction is hard

It requires a plan
and patience applied

Hard work for sure


a good kind of hard

which hardens our resolve
and makes us stronger

The Enforcers

The Enforcers


We got em

Old and new

Posted everywhere

So ignorance

while bliss

is no excuse

We enforce

the structure
society is built on

the boundaries

that define how
far we can go

We control

all parameters
defined and codified

Crushing those
who choose
not to comply

Those who dare
to freestyle
outside our walls

Will be shot 
in their aspirations 

Just do as we say

and you won't
get hurt

We reject

your lame protestations


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sponge Man

Sponge Man

Some men
get women
all hot and excited

Some men
make women swoon

and get all weak
in the knees

All a matter of biology

Chemical attraction action

I use to look at those 
fortunate specimens
with a great deal of envy 

Cause a heat generating missile
I shall never ever be

tis my physical reality

the cards I was dealt genetically

Now I embrace who
and what I be

I am a female balm

I calm girls down

when they are angry

I make them smile
through the tears

A human sounding board

Absorbing the hurts

My blessing

My curse

Tick Tock Monster

Tick Tock Monster

Time matters


Mileposts in quick sand

We gotta keep moving

or we sink 
to the bottom

That awful place

you can't
climb out of

So we gotta push back

don't get steamrolled
by daily monotony

don't succumb
to the lure of inertia

Do you understand?

Can you comprehend
the power of our foe?

The clock that owns
us surely knows

We are locked

in a life and death battle

with a force

that rules the day

and all eternity

Time matters 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014



I know this is 
a question cliche

but I gotta
raise it 

Suppose they 
gave a war
and nobody came?

What if the pawns
refused to play?

Just picked up 
their war sticks
and went home
to their families

Let the other side
keep their ideology

What would the
generals and
politicians do?

With their empty speeches

Weapons without targets

The tools of war made obsolete

A generation
who only knew
global peace

Wouldn't that be sweet?






tools of

Letters arranged
in such a way
carry language
across our divides

Thought burps

we release


inner feelings

emotions suppressed 

Words contain
the power of

They can destroy nations

They can heal old wounds

Words are the currency
of all mankind

The script of humanity

So don't waste
or abuse
the gift